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Chemo Buddy

Community Champion

Re: Chemo Buddy

I think if it is your first time I would take someone with you. After all, you don't know how you will react. I certainly wouldn't have felt like driving after mine. I'm very happy to have someone with me who can navigate cups of tea, and help wheel the blessed structure to the bathroom with me! I never used to be so feeble ! X

Sue C
Community Champion

Re: Chemo Buddy

Hi Kerry

I always had my mum with me for moral support! Also, you may feel a little tired afterwards, so you might not want to drive.

I suggest you join the monthly chemo threads so you can talk to others going through the same as you.

Best wishes xx


Chemo Buddy

Hi All,


I have my first chemo next Monday.  I was planning on going alone but a few friends have suggested I should take someone with me.  What did everyone else do, will I need somebody tagging along or will I be totally fine on my own?