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Chemo JAN 2017

Re: Chemo JAN 2017

Sorry that should say if you were ok on FEC you hopefully will also be ok on Tax.

Re: Chemo JAN 2017

Ebim I don't mind at all. Hope our posts can help you and your OH. I think if you were ok on FEC you will also be ok on FEC. I have so far found Tax much easier. Just done my first gcsf injection! Scotty how did it go today? Hope everyone has a good weekend. R x

Re: Chemo JAN 2017


did anyone mind that I had repeated some of your posts to my OH?   

I have been so very very lucky with side effects with the FEC that I am concerned about going into Tax.

and his response, I think based on my reactions so far, has been not to worry.  And I thought some of your posts would prepare him a little better, as they have done me.


Re: Chemo JAN 2017

Hi Teddies

And the gold stars for bravery go to Mooney & Jackie.   Mooney I hope you are out of there soon, but agree it will be good to rest and Jackie, having had all your problems and now your big reveal you really are a true Kojak warrior!.

Mooney - how is the PICC line settling in, I had a few teething probs with mine and they are getting in some Duoderm for my next flush as I seem to have an allergic reaction now. 

Other catchups: My OH also says I do to much in the good week -  got the Tea & Chemo book and its entertaining and got good advice - Laxido being one of them (does anyone know how long it takes to work?) - the other was that each time she went for chemo she was given a side effect check chart and this my third FEC was the first time I had seen one, but I did get the Laxido and some sachets for mouth problems.  So very helpful.

Many thanks to our good scouts with their sound advice on Tax - My first one not for a couple of weeks yet but so good to know what we may have to be prepared for....I read the bit about 3 days in bed to my OH - his response "nothing new there then!!"  But he took onboard your words, so thanks for that too.

Love and very big hugs to the brave Taxers,


Re: Chemo JAN 2017

Scotty good luck today!! Hope all goes well.

Re: Chemo JAN 2017

Thanks robin xx

Re: Chemo JAN 2017

Thank you Nicky and good advice from your sister. Today has been ok as steroids still keeping me wired. Took last ones today so maybe getting the fatigue next. Have to wait and see.
Mooney hope you are getting better and stronger and not too miserable in hospital.
Scotty good luck for tomorrow and first Tax. Love R x

Re: Chemo JAN 2017

Hi Ladies

Mooney, I was in hospital for a week after my MX as I got an infection so I can empathise with how you feel. You do feel like you are cut off from the outside world (and the quality of the food only adds to the prison like feel!) Try to rest and fingers crossed you will soon be home.

I haven't mentioned this before but my sister is a consultant oncologist, not in the area of breast cancer, but I am very lucky to have her to sound off questions too. She can only give me general advice about chemo but the thing she goes on about most is you have to take it easy. She advises me that following chemo although it is not always easy the best thing to do is nothing. Just rest and let your body accept and deal with the drugs. Even on good days she tells me not too over do it. For my 1st round I didn't really stick to that advice and I struggled but this time I shut myself off for 6 days and am still taking it pretty easy, bring more accepting of help with the kids and accepting home cooked meals from friends and I think I feel so much better for it as it takes the pressure off.
I know this can't prevent all the infections and delays but I guess what I am trying to say is learning to accept that it is okay to do nothing even on the good days is important.

Robin it is so reassuring to read how you are getting on, thank you for your insights.

Jackie, good for you for showing who you are. Am sure the heat in Spain makes hats and wigs more uncomfortable.

Take care everyone
Nicky xxx

Re: Chemo JAN 2017

Jackie, your post made me giggle, picturing you sticking 2 fingers up at cancer and telling folks to do one! You are a warrior indeed! I am not so brave!
Robin, well done on braving the tax! Like Jackie, when I have it, the side effects are delayed and the first time I was unprepared when they hit. So, just giving you a heads up, but I sincerely hope that you sail through. Each time I've had tax, my side effects kick it the day after the infusion, ie today for you - in the afternoon, and the fog and fatigue overwhelm me and I have to sleep. (Not sure I'm classed as a younger girl Jackie - I'm 45, but the fatigue floors me too). My first time I battled on - big mistake! I've found that giving in to it leads to a faster recovery. It lasts for about 3 days with me and I barely get out of bed in that time, but then it lifts and life quickly starts to resume. The tax joint pains usually kick in for me the 2 nd day - ie tomorrow for you Robin - so have some painkillers on standby just in case they strike. Hopefully they won't. The painkillers I had the first cycle didn't do it for me so I rang the chemo line and got naproxen which have done the job the last 2 cycles.
I have my final tax of 4 next week, then I will be asking advice from you all about EC!!!!

Re: Chemo JAN 2017

Oh - one thing I forgot to mention to all you new Tax-ers.
I may be completely different but I find that the Tax lulls me into a false sense of security.
I may be fine for a few days after the infusion, but then on day 4 or 5, something really poleaxes me.
My biggest and ongoing gripe is the fatigue.
It's ever present.
I'm retired so I can just rest away to my heart's content.
You younger girls may not be affected in the same way of course.
Whatever - we will all get through and by summer chemo will be a distant memory.

Re: Chemo JAN 2017

Mooney I do feel for you. Get as much rest as you can and maybe use this enforced prison time to catch up on all the books you want to read. Please don't feel lonely. We are all there with you.
Jackie, the Spanish sun sounds a great tonic and well done for baring all. Well nearly all, you know what I mean.
Well, still no side effects but I imagine that's the steroids warding them off. I will pay for that with insomnia later. The steroid crash might reveal a different story. All I can say is I have no nausea and am eating normally so Tax is already one hundred per cent better than FEC in my opinion. I just dont feel like I've been 'chemo'ed today which is something I never would have said on a FEC day. But it's early days of course so I won't get complacent. Will be interested to hear others' experience as we continue this march. I still view us as an army marching together. Appropriate for international women's day maybe.
I finished reading Tea and Chemo today. It's very good, I recommend it.
Oh and thanks for your congratulations but I don't think I deserve them! All I did today was passively let the nurses insert a PICC line and drugs into me!
Sleep well all. R x

Re: Chemo JAN 2017

PS Jackie- what a star. Baring all for international women's day and all of us 🤗

Re: Chemo JAN 2017

Well done Robin chemo buddy and now scout for Tax. We wait to hear your report.Little things please us don't they. I was in a room yesterday without a window and a friend bought a little pot of daffodils. It really cheered me up and brightened the room. Anyway today changed wards and have a window Yeay! But was told my little daffodil plant was an infection control hazard and would have to go!
Those times when you feel normal you want to bottle them up to see you through the dark days. Walks and pub lunches are wonderful episodes of normality to keep us going through duvet days of grot and homes under the hammer!
As am in side room with only exorbitant WiFi I don't see many people and have too much time on my hands. Plus my husband has threatened to confine me to barracks when I get home as he thinks I do too much in my good week.Sigh.x
And don't start me on hospital food who wants Boston beans or beef stew when you feel sick? yuk.
Right moan over- sorry all, just don't know when I am going to get out of here it's like being in prison.
love and hugs to all

Re: Chemo JAN 2017

Hello fellow warriors from a very warm and sunny Spain.

Gaynor, welcome to our merry band.

Although I'm not on FEC-t (I'm just TC) my first round was definitely the worst.

My onc gave me Emend the second time and it virtually eliminated the nausea.

I start taking paracetamol on day 1 to be on top of the joint pains, and top up with Clarityn if necessary.

We all know how you feel, but you WILL get through this.

Mooney - I am SO sorry to hear you are in hospital. I know only too well how this feels - that neutropenia is a bugger. I'm hoping my GCSF injections will make me strong for my next cycle.

Ali - hope your 4th cycle went well.

Lou - Spring makes us all feel so much better doesn't it?

Today, as it is so warm here in Spain, and my 14th wedding anniversary, we went out for lunch with my beautiful daughter who is here for 4 days.


Now, I loathe and detest all of my hats, same with scarves, and the wigs make me really hot.

In honour of International Women's Day, and #BeBoldForChange I went out in my bald moth eaten state.

I also went half flat chested (no prosthesis) having decided that today the world could see me, as I am, with no filters.

I did get one or two stares, but it was worth it.

I'm feeling quite bolshy at the moment, sticking 2 fingers up at this cancer, and figure that if I can cope with how I look, why should I dress up and pretend I have 2 perky boobs, and flowing locks?

I cannot imagine wearing anything on my head in a couple of months when the temps will rocket to the 30s - so if folk don't like me as I am - they can do one!



Re: Chemo JAN 2017

Hi Teddies, 

yes a huge well done to Robin our number 1 scout.  Good luck to Scotty and others having their first Tax this week.  The nurse today for my FEC 3 said my next session which is a Tax one, would take an hour with an extra 30 minutes for pre med of piriton.  But the medications are all different so it will be interesting to see how long it does take us.

Mooney was gutted to read your post, such a shock.....hope you home and feeling a bit better now.

Nicky it's so good to do the simple things and get so much pleasure from them.  We all have down times but the ups seem so much more meaningful now.  It was suggested a "Jar of Joy" might help me at my down times.  Your lovely walk could be your first entry into the JJ, mine was a walk on the beach.  Then when feeling down you take out a reminder of a good time, I know it's a little "American" but it may be of help.

Gaynor without the support of the lovely ladies on this forum my life would have been so different.  Stay with us and get to know us or the advice to join the February forum is excellent, it's the going through it together that helps. Bad times and good.  

Love and hugs to all, Ebimx

Re: Chemo JAN 2017

Well done Robin! Glad you've gone first. Welcome to the PICC club I've had mine since the beginning and have never had a problem with it. It feels a bit odd at first but it's amazing how quickly you get used to it. I bought an attractive blue plastic sleeve from Superdrug to cover it when in the shower. Makes life easier. I have the g-csf jabs. I'm needle phobic and cope with them so they can't be that bad! OH does them and they don't hurt. You can get achy bones as a SE and some people swear by taking Claritin - the hayfever tablet. If you come across any good tips fromthe T part let us know! Are you having herceptin too? Sorry can't remember

Re: Chemo JAN 2017

Gaynor just to reassure you. My first FEC was terrible. Much worse than 2 or 3. But I asked for stronger anti sickness drugs after first one and was given Emend. Do tell your team what you're going through. I'm sorry to hear you've got an infection too as that obviously isn't helping. R x

Re: Chemo JAN 2017

Ok everyone first report from the scouting party. I've had my first Tax! More about that later.
But first I want to say, poor you Mooney my erstwhile chemo buddy. You really have had a tough time. I'm thinking of you all the time and wishing you well. Keep us updated.
And Gaynor welcome to the thread. Although you are enquiring about first cycles so you will have to scroll right back to the start of this thread if you can bear to as we all had our first doses of the well named FEC in January. You may want to follow the February or March starters threads as well depending when you started, as then you will all be going through the cycles together and you can share first hand info.
Well I was sent to venous access (the pop star) this morning as my veins are in such bad shape after three cycles of FEC. But even with the ultrasound they couldn't find a decent vein. I'm beginning to think our bodies or at least our veins are just not designed for chemo. Anyway they inserted a PICC line. So that's me. I've joined the PICC club. It means at least all the doses of Tax are sorted now. No more cannulas.
The ladies on the unit with me just now were having the usual terrible time getting cannulated so I'm quite relieved it's all sorted.
On to the Tax. Well I only had it this morning so too early to comment on side effects. Feeling normal at the moment. I think the steroids help with energy levels. Usual steroid induced insomnia last night though - I started steroids yesterday.
Earlier this week I was feeling anxious depressed and tearful about it all but am back on an even keel now. I think.
I've been sent home with a massive pack of medications and dressings. I start my GCSF injections on Friday. District nurse coming to look at PICC line tomorrow apparently. It all feels rather complicated.
Glad you are all keeping your spirits up and managing to do some normal activities.
Good luck to rest of scouting party and others having treatment at whatever stage this week.
Hugs to all the teddies. This one is more bald than moth eaten these days. R x

Re: Chemo JAN 2017

Hi Gaynor, nice to hear from you.

Probably I have been lucky as no major side effects. The first cycle felt the worse as I lost my hair on week 2. Although I knew it was going to happen, it really upset me and I felt very low.

Starting to feel more tired over the last 2 weeks but not much else.

I hope you get rid of your infection and start to feel better soon

Lou xx

Re: Chemo JAN 2017

Lou was your 1st cycle the worst?

Re: Chemo JAN 2017

Hello. Never used a forum before and not sure what I'm doing tbh. I have had 1 round of chemo Fec part of Fec T and it's been way worse than I expected. Really worried that I am not going to be brace enough to have the next lot in just over a week I have a kidney infection at the mo and antibiotics making me feel sick

Re: Chemo JAN 2017

Hi Nicky, certainly the spring days are helping me too!

Your pub lunch and walk sounds really lovely - such a simple/normal thing to do and I find now that I really appreciate those things so much more.

I have been to see onc. today and bloods are good for tomorrow's cycle 4 of FEC. Came away from the hospital overjoyed the next cycle is going ahead. How this damn C changes my thoughts - never dreamed I could get excited about a chem session.

You are absolutely right - that feeling would be good to bottle. On the good days in my cycle I almost feel a fraud when I feel so well. Really lovely to know you can see beyond the BC.


Take care - Lou xx


Re: Chemo JAN 2017

Hi Ladies


Just been reading the thread...Mooney you poor thing, i really hope you to start to recover soon, it is so hard trying to avoid all the bugs at this time of year. I was sleeping in the spare room last week to avoid my OH's nasty cold and touch wood i seems to have worked. i imagine it is very frustrating and disappointing to have treatment delayed as we all just want it finished but stay strong and sending you lots of love. 


Good luck Scotty and everyone else who has treatments this week. Will be thinking of you all.


Ebin - i thought i was top of the shop for number of injections on 7! But 10 is very impressive. I also have to get my OH to give them to me..something he seems to enjoy in a strange way!


Yesterday was a beautiful sunny Spring day here so i went for a 4 mile walk in the countryside with my OH folowed by a tasty pub lunch. It was such a lovely day and for the first time since the start of this journey I felt really happy and positive and could look beyond the BC. It really was the opposite to how i was feeling last week lieing on the sofa recovering for FEC 3. i wish we could bottle up that feeling and use it as medicine to get us through the tough times!


Anyway, my thoughts are with you all.


love nicky xxx

Re: Chemo JAN 2017

Scotty you have shown your not a scaredy cat.You can do anything! Lots of luck. x

Re: Chemo JAN 2017

Oh Mooney what rotten luck. Hopefully they have you on some fluids and you'll start to feel better soon. If it's any consolation when I had to delay one of my cycles the onc told me a delay of even up to a few weeks is neither here nor there in the grand scheme of things. Far better to be strong and recovered and have your body ready for it.
Scotty - good luck with the T will be thinking of you!!
And Ali hope EC goes well today - last one for you woohoo!!!
Blue thanks for asking about ankle - its getting better but still using a walking stick if out. With my turban it's quite a look 😂
Egg x

Re: Chemo JAN 2017

Christ the scaredy cat is going first!! Just not looking forward to the length of time. 6 hours!! Son has been busy downloading stuff onto iPad for me. I'll keep you updated x

Re: Chemo JAN 2017


Chin up chuck. Hope you get home asap. Sending you lots of love.


Looks like Scotty is our scouting party for T - all the best Scotty, keep your virtual buds updated when you can.

Slowski X

Re: Chemo JAN 2017

Yep picked up some bug from my husband! we think. Nothing to do with SE's. My oncologist says it's because of the chemo thats made it so bad as you don't have the same immunity. I can tell you it was crap. Literally. But feel a bit better today. Thankyou for your lovely comments. xxx

Re: Chemo JAN 2017

Bloody hell, Mooney. That's really crap. (Sorry, that was an unintentional pun). 


I hope you get out out today and feel ok. 


I'm off for my fourth EC. Looking forward to hearing from those of you venturing into the unknown. We've all got your backs.


Ali xxx

Re: Chemo JAN 2017

Christ mooney . You've been dealt a rubbish hand in terms of SE. Did you pick up a bug? I've got bloods tomorrow for a Friday start if all goes well. Sending you lots of love ❤️

Re: Chemo JAN 2017

Morning all you lovely ladies
I was supposed to have my first Tax yesterday but unfortunately am in hospital with diarrhoea and vomiting and neutropaenic. Chemo delayed by one or two weeks. Am feeling a bit better today but it depends what stool sample ( odd word for poo! ) and bloods say. Hopefully home tomorrow.
Love your quote Jackie
Hope everyone OK and good luck to everyone this week, Robin and Scotty and Slowski I thought I was going to beat a trail with the T this week being first, but I pass that on to you. Good luck and hugs to all. xxxx

Re: Chemo JAN 2017

Thinking of those of you switching to T this week. I hope it's not as bad as you feared. Do let us know how you're getting on when you feel able.
Hope your ankle is feeling better now egg?!!

Re: Chemo JAN 2017

Gosh Ebim 10 gcsf jabs. Well done you! I struggle with my 5! But you are nearly hitting the halfway mark with treatment.
Hope this week's cycle goes well and also for all others doing theirs this week.
Egg x

Re: Chemo JAN 2017

Hi Egg

I have 3 FEC and then 3 docetaxol, which is a bit scary.  I have been really lucky with only a few SE's.

I am given 10 gcsf jabs each session, which wimp that I am have to get my OH to do for me! 

It seems there are so many variations on our treatments which maybe down to the different hospital trusts and oncologists.  

A friend of mine sent a card which said "Just keep going love!"  and thats what I try to do.

As you did when you had to delay your treatment.

Its really what we are all trying to do. Heart  




Re: Chemo JAN 2017

Hi everyone,
Hope you are all doing well - we're getting there!!
I just wanted to share some info that my hospital told me in case it is of use. Of course, this info was given in relation to me and all our diagnoses and treatments differ.
I asked why I'm on EC and not FEC and they told me that the F part was dropped as the toxic side effects of Fluorouracil were thought to outweigh any cancer fighting benefit. I am having 4x EC though, rather than 3 rounds.

I also asked about the side effects of Taxol vs EC. I will be having a lower dose on a weekly basis rather than every 3 weeks as this should be easier to tolerate. They told me I should find it easier than EC as there should be no nausea. Tiredness will increase with each round and as I'll be visiting the hospital every week but the oncologist said that EC will be the hardest stage in my whole treatment.

I then asked why we change to T, does it attack the cells in different way? The nurse told me they used to just give FEC for 6-8 rounds but as women were finding it hard to tolerate, some pulled out of chemo completely, so changing to T made it easier to tolerate due to the change in SEs. I didn't verify that last piece of info with my oncologist but will ask him next time.

It would be great to hear of any of you have extra info about this or have been told something different.

Hope you're all having a great weekend and not suffering too much xxx

Re: Chemo JAN 2017

Hi Ebim
I use Claritin when I take my gcsf jabs. I didn't with my first jab and the bony pain was excrutiating. Whether that was because I was already neutropenic and unwell I don't know, but subsequent jabs I have taken it an hour before and it hasn't been as bad. Not sure if it's the same sort of mechanism of action for the T part. Good luck for FEC3 next week. Do you have 3 or 4 FEC to do?
Egg x

Re: Chemo JAN 2017

Hello fellow warriors,

Sorry not to reply to everyone individually - shattered all the time.

I've only had Tax, and C, so maybe I can help on the SEs. I've had 3 now, so half way through.

In terms of immediate SE's the first cyycle was definitely the worst.

The only anti sickness med was Ondansetron given by IV immediately before the chemo infusion, together with an antihistamine and steroid.

I had nothing to take home, so post cycle 1 was hard due to nausea.

I expected joint pain, so started taking paracetamol beforehand.

Loss of appetite and nasty taste in mouth.

The very worst though is the awful fatigue - so bad for a few days that it was an effort to tun over in bed.


Cycle 2 the oncologist gave me Emend intravenously and I had NO nausea at all.

Still had the joint pain, night sweats, skin rashes, and the awful fatigue.

However this cycle was when the abcess appeared as my white cell count had gone down to almost nothing.

Cycle 3 has been much better. No nausea, some joint pain, but STILL the constant fatigue.

I'm always up early, around 6am, and by midday I'm done in and have to sleep/rest for the rest of the day.

However, I am doing more in general - walking my 8 dogs first thing in the morning, which I haven't done for months, and little things around the house - but I do have a cleaner who comes in for 2 hours twice a week to give it a better clean.


I guess what I'm saying overall is that Tax is VERY doable - not pleasant but nowhere near as bad as I feared.

I think my SEs seem to be much less than you ladies on FEC-T, so don't worry.

We can ALL do this.

Lots of love and prayers for anyone with SEs this week, and for those starting a different regime. 16649474_10154198329686722_686825263243998992_n.jpg



Re: Chemo JAN 2017

Hi Lou 

I am FEC-T,  FEC number 3 next wednesday.  My eyes are streaming and got the same tap for a nose!

Have probs with eyes and had appointment with the eye man on Friday, he suggested artificial tears without preservatives, then you can use them as often as necessary and also the Eye Bag Company who produce masks that when heated and applied disolve the greasy film in the eyes.  Have yet to order one, has anyone else used one??

All the ladies who are going onto the T part next week, I was told about the use of Claritin to ease the bone pain.  Sounds crazy as its an antihistimine used to alleviate hay fever.  But there is some evidence that it works.  I googled "Claritin & chemo" and a whole load of stuff came up.  Has anyone heard or tried it?

Great to see Mooney and Ali back on the forum and that you are both holding up.  

Good luck to all next week, especially those doing docetaxol for the first time, will be hoping its not as bad as we all fear it to be.

love Ebimx

Re: Chemo JAN 2017

Hi Lighthouse, thanks for your help. I rang and asked the question and my 6 cycles are all FEC and no T. Feeling OK generally with the FEC and was worried a change in the chemo will make me feel rubbish. Surprised at how tired I feel halfway through.- 3 down, 3 to go.

I have lots of sleep and rest but it makes no difference. Its a real strange feeling - as if my whole body is tired. Have you been tired too? Also very sore watery eyes and my nose runs like a tap - how attractive!!


Love from Lou xx

Re: Chemo JAN 2017

Hi everyone,


So lovely to be back and following how you all are getting on. Sorry for the long silence. It's been a mix of things, mostly just time. I've had my 3rd EC, one more to go next week and then on to T plus Herceptin and Perjeta. I've been fine again this round. Spent a lot of time in Manchester, our house sale went through at last. There's a huge amount to do, we've already made 12 trips to the dump. The seller left all the old furniture in, and it was an HMO, so 5 beds! 


Apart from that, I've been able to see our grandson in between and to get a bit of work done. I'm very lucky. 


Ok, so most of you are going onto T before me. You're the scouting party! I'll make sure I check in, and wish everyone huge luck. Take care, hope you're all doing something nice this weekend.


Ali xxxx

Re: Chemo JAN 2017


Ive been given a double dose of Dex steroids for the day before T1, although I really don't want to take them. I am hoping to discuss this with the team before the next chemo. The steroids scare me!

Re: Chemo JAN 2017

Hi sue - that was the same advice i was given and was also told i would be turned away if i hadn't taken the steroids - or the alternative was iv dose which i really dont want to take! Enjoy your couple of days off! X

Re: Chemo JAN 2017

Hi Ladies,


I was told that the T is more likely to cause reactions than FEC, so to protect us we get steroids the day before, the day of infusion and the day after. That was for the docetaxol on a 3 week cycle. It might be different for those on weekly Taxol.  However, a heads up.......if you are given the steroids make sure to take them - I saw one patient turned away in my unit because they would not risk doing the infusion without steroid cover.


Have a good weekend all (I'm enjoying the 2 days off from daily rads!) 😃



Sue O

Re: Chemo JAN 2017

Hi lou - i am also due to switch to T on my next cycle and when i left the unit after number 3 fec i was given some steroids in my discharge medsthat i need to take the day before i go in for T. We are all different and each hospital will have there own processes but it might be worth a quick call to the unit or your bc nurse to check if u need any meds before turning up. I will see the team the day b4 for bloods and review of side effects of cycle 3 so do get the chance to ask any questions. Not sure if any one else already has also been given steroids prior?
Have a good weekend everyone xx

Re: Chemo JAN 2017

Robin, thanks very much for that. Next Thursday will be cycle 4 (fingers crossed) !

My chemo hs only ever been called FEC but now I know to ask next week. Is it given the same as FEC chemo?

Look forward to hearing how next week goes.


Thanks again - love Lou x

Re: Chemo JAN 2017

Hello Lou.  T is the second part of the treatment if you are on six cycles of FEC-T which a lot of us are.  You have three lots of FEC and then three of T.  T stands for docetaxol, also known as Taxotere.  Hope that helps!  My first dose of T is due next week.  R x

Re: Chemo JAN 2017

Hi Sue, really sorry to sound dumb but what is T? I can see lots of threads about it.

I am half way through FEC treatment and after that I will have radiotherapy and herceptin injections. Wondering if there is something else to deal with which I have not been told about!


Many thanks xx

Re: Chemo JAN 2017

Dear All
Good to read about the T and what to expect. Have one more cycle of EC to go and then will start along with perjeta and herceptin so have heard that this can be an all day affair on first cycle, as you have the drugs one by one to make sure no allergic reaction to each thing. The one thing chemo nurse did say was try and schedule a morning appointment as it will likely take most of the day.
On another note - for the first time since starting Chemo had a burst of steroid energy on day 1 yesterday and decided to do hoovering/cleaning at 8am. On way to washing machine turned ankle really badly, heard an enormous crack, couldn't put any weight on it. Iced it and a dr friend of mine advised going to get it checked as if there was even a small fracture I wouldn't be able to do the gcsf jabs. So off to a&e for a 3 hour stint (even though I showed my yellow card!). Luckily no break but I do now have an enormous bandage and a walking stick of all things! Just to add to the look of the bald head😖Am finding the walking stick quite handy though for hooking things closer to me when I need them - like the coffee table and younger son (very skinny)😂
That will teach me - next time I will stay in bed!!
Egg x

Re: Chemo JAN 2017

Hi Ladies,


From the October thread, a few tips about the T cycles. Like you all, I was very apprehensive about the T. However, it wasn't too bad but is very different from the FEC. 


The good bits are that it does not affect he veins like FEC, there is no nausea and less GI disturbance, plus if having T alone, the visits are much shorter.


Personally, the T made me much more tired than the FEC but I looked better, so friends and family didn't always realise how fatigued I felt. It was also the first time I'd had G-CSF injections, as my hospital doesn't use them routinely for FEC cycles. I had a lot of bone pain in the first cycle from the 5 injections and complained to the chemo team. They reduced the number to 3 for the next cycles and that conquered the pain and my leukocyte so were still OK.


So, a few tips....my pharmacist suggested taking one paracetamol and One co-codamol to control the bone pain. That way you get a full dose of paracetamol but only half the dose of codeine, which means less constipation.


Feet need a lot if moisturising because the skin peels off and heels can split if not cared for. I managed to avoid a split by moisturising twice daily but lots of skin peeled off (a but like sunburn).  A couple off good creams were CCS cream and Norwegian heel balm.


I also had mouth ulcers for the first time on T. So mouth hygiene is critical. I could not have Difflam due to an allergy and my chemo nurse gave me Gelclair but suggested applying it directly to the ulcer which seemed to work like a dream.


The good news was that my hair started growing back on T. Conversely, eyebrows and eyelashes immediately fell out!


Towards the end of each cycle my eyes ran permanently and so much that it made the skin around them sore, so having some eye drops to hand would be good.


The worst part for me was definitely the fatigue. These cycles were when I realised why they say that fatigue is cumulative. By cycle 6 I really couldn't be bothered with anything and on that last cycle it lasted until about 40 days after the infusion, so be gentle and very patient with yourselves. I'm afraid more episodes of Homes under the Hammer and  Escape to the Country may be inevitable!!


I do have peripheral neuropathy in fingers and toes - the feet are the worst and are still bad 6 weeks after finishing cycle 6. My fingernails are discoloured and lifting a little from the nail beds but I haven't lost any yet....


All in all, the T cycles were nothing like as bad as I feared, so I hope it will be the same for you.


Good Luck 🍀💕



Sue O


Re: Chemo JAN 2017

Mooney, Robin, Scotty and Slowski.......please be reassured a little, but T hasn't been that bad for me. Yes, it's awful for a few days - aches (very bad at first but now controlled on medication since cycle 1), fatigue, diarrhoea and generally feeling out of it, but by day 5 I'm coming around and socialising again by day 7/8. I've had no nail issues as yet, or neuropathy and am still managing to work in week 2-3 of the cycle. I am actually as worried of switching to EC as you all are about switching to T! Because reading everyones posts about EC side effects, I think T is as manageable if not more? And the unknown and how it will affect us is one of the biggest fears, at least it is for me.
On another note, I'm still having aching in my lump since T3 last week. Has anyone else experienced that? I'm hoping it's a good sign.......?