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Chemo of mastectomy first


Re: Chemo of mastectomy first

Yes Poook, I had pre op chemo, in an effort to shrink the tumour, exactly as Sue has mentioned.


it often does work and if a mastectomy can be avoided, that could be good news!


yes, do ask the team why, as Sue suggests, but if you go down that route, then you can be fairly confident that the cancer is being tackled. I know the feeling of just wanting it gone, but there are advantages to shrinking the tumour first.


lots of love,



Sue H-S
Community Champion

Re: Chemo of mastectomy first

Hi Pcook

The choice of chemo first then surgery - or surgery and then chemo - will very much depend on your individual diagnosis. I.e. type of cancer, stage and grade and whether there is suspected lymph node involvement. Chemo tends to be given first to try and shrink a tumour or tumours to have a better surgical outcome. I.e. it can help to avoid a mastectomy and if a lumpectomy is intended - the area, which needs to be reduced can be smaller. Shrinking the cancer with chemotherapy may also mean that you can have radiotherapy to a smaller area of your body, should that be required.
Your treatment team has the best outcome for you in their mind - so it might be an idea to ask them, why this is their choice, so they can explain it in more detail. 


Sue xxx


Chemo of mastectomy first

Recently diagnosed with breast cancer still to have CT scan to clear rest of my body. I've been advised to have chemo first then surgery. But people I know who have been through the journey had surgery then chemo. I feel I just want my boobs gone then have the chemo. Anyone have any advice or data on the subject. Thanks in advanced x