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Chemo or surgery first


Re: Chemo or surgery first

You sound very level headed and in control. I had surgery first at the recommendation of surgeon and oncologist because tumour was too large and even with chemo wouldn't have shrunk enough to save my breast. I think you know your body and how you will react. If I had my time again I would have them both removed!

I don't know if that helps but listen to what you want as well as medical advice and don't be afraid to put your foot down

Good luck


Chemo or surgery first



I was diagosed Friday and told that I would have to have ct scan, chemo, surgery and radiotherapy alos that the oncologist would gibe me more information. Dependant on whether I went on chemo trial would deped whether I could have surgery or chemo firsts but I would be allowed to decided. Went to apt today and saw chemo dr first who assumed I had had all the information, had taleked to the surgeon and had had all the scans necessary. He then went on to talk about the chemo. I explained that as I had ME (chronic fatigue syndrome) which was relatively under control at minute I would prefer to have surgery first. ME makes me exhausted and non funtioning. I explained that when I had biopsies Monday I had to spend Wed and Thurs i bed. I just thought it would make mores sense especially if Chemo makes you tired and suppresses immunity ( aother side effect of ME). I am i good health at minute and will recover better from surgery. Anyway that sempt to completely throw him snad ended up waitig for surgeon..I again explained reasons and effects of ME. He went to speak to chemo bloke. Now I have to wait for CT scans which can be a two week rate. I have a feeling that I will still end up with chemo first as it makes surgery easier. Has anybody else gone through this