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Chemosensitivity Assay / test

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Re: Chemosensitivity Assay / test

we live in USA - Dallas, texas.

my wife has metastatic breast caner. It is rare eventhough it is breast cancer it has neuroendocrine features - with er/pr/her negative. we did no. of chemo tests - caris (targetnow), foundation medicene, oncopath. We did get good results which chemo therphy will be effive for my wife tumor.


she is taking chemo(s); but not working well.


hence..I know there is lot of research done in europe.


what is chemo assay test popular or widely used in Europe/NZ/Austrilia?


i read about - biofus & RGCC.


is there any better or popular based on existing tumor tissue or blood sample?

between biofocus and RGCC - any one of them good or better or bad?


Please help to share your experience and comments PLEASE.



Re: Chemosensitivity Assay / test


Thank you for your prompt response. Been in contact with the Royal Marsden and told it is not offered as a routine treatment procedure there. Got some info from RGCC-Europe they offer chemotests not sure how reliable they are. I understood they send blood samples to Greece with the results back in 3 weeks. has anyone done or used them before? would it be acceptable by UK oncologists?



Re: Chemosensitivity Assay / test

Hi mery
Welcome to the site :).
With regards to the RAD51 genetic test you could try contactIng the Cancer Genetic outpatient clinic at the Royal Marsden. St Mary's in Manchester test for both RAD51 and A207. You will need your oncology to refer you and they may only be done privately but I'm not sure.
Good luck LS XX

Chemosensitivity Assay / test

Hi all,
Since Jan. I've been on endocrine Zoladex/tamox. therapy which apparently is not working /LBC ER+, HER2 neg. Now being prepared for neoadjuvant EC + Taxol chemotherapy.
1. Has anyone done Chemosensitivity Assay test before starting the chemo?
2. RAD51 and / or A207 gene tests. Are these tests available at all in the UK?
3. Where these tests can be done?
any help would be much appreciated.