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Chemotherapy in transplant patient...am I crazy?


Re: Chemotherapy in transplant patient...am I crazy?

Hi Ann,


Thank you for letting me know you don't think I'm crazy!  Apparently the chemo Dr didn't either as they have decided to go ahead with the chemo treatment.  I know it's going to be very hard to go through, but I am actually relieved at this decision.


I feel so much more at ease now, just because I KNOW the way forward, the not knowing was driving me nuts.  Now I can plan for the future and how to cope with things during treatment.  Work can plan around my not being there and life will go on! Smiley Wink


So, treatment will start in approximately 3-4 weeks!  A long road ahead!


Best wishes


Millie xx

Community Champion

Re: Chemotherapy in transplant patient...am I crazy?

Hi Sturtmoor,
I didn’t need chemo, so cannot comment on that, but crikey, I certainly don’t think you’re crazy at all!
With a fairly unique dilemma like yours, you will make a decision which is best for you, as ultimately it’s how you feel about it all.
Wishing you well with your decision.
ann x

Chemotherapy in transplant patient...am I crazy?

Hi all,


My cancer was Grade 3, Stage 2B and size 2.2 cm.  My oncotype score was 23 (right in the middle of the 'grey area' between doing Chemo or not doing chemo.


I am also a double transplant patient (Kidney & Pancreas - 10 years now).  As a transplant patient I am more suceptible to getting cancer, and also if I do get it - it is likely to spread more quickly due to my already immunosupressed system (so the organs don't reject).


I was told from the start I would need Radiotherapy and possibly hormone therapy (if it was the oestrogen marker - which it was), and after they knew the grade & stage etc, they were sending it off for the oncotype test to determine whether I would need Chemo or not.  So - results back, still no definitive answer!


My own thoughts on this are that - I am 45 years old, still fairly healthy, my tranplanted organs have not had any particular issues (thankfully) and at this point are not too near the time when we would expect them to fail.  My cancer was aggressive, and although the tiny cells in my lymph nodes were not enough to count as being there... in my mind... they were still there!


I had already told my oncologist (before the results were known) that if there was any question, to do the Chemo, I reiterated this to her at my appointment yesterday when I was told the results of the Onoctype test.  I think, for me, I would rather blast my system - try to ensure any cancer cells that may even be thinking about developing are killed off now, while I am young and healthy enough to cope with it, rather than not do it and risk something coming back sooner rather than later.


I could tell from the discussion that the Dr wanted to do it, but the transplant is making them hesitate, as understandably, they do not want to mess that up!!  There is very little reseach I can do on statistics for transplant patients having Chemo, but what I can find it looks quite successful.


I am hoping to get a decision by the end of this week, or early next week, but I guess I am asking... am I crazy to feel the way I do about this?  I know that Chemo is going to be hell, but, I have to look at the long term risks... my family agrees with me, but none of them have been in this sort of situation, so any opinions, from those that may know better, would be very much appreciated.


Thanks Smiley Wink