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Re: Clarification....

Hi bettymoo


While you're waiting for some replies to your post, I've attached a link to the "Moving forward" section of the site.  I hope you might find it helpful.




Very best wishes



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Hi All, just got a question about what happens now!!


I finished chemo (6 rounds, FEC & FEC-T) on June 26th, then had a month off all drugs (apart from Zoladex, which I finished in July and still no periods as of yet...).   I then had a single mx on August 1st and from then until 16th September, I was off work and recovering. I then started radiotherapy (15 rounds) on Sept 17th, finishing on Oct 8th and went back to work on Oct 13th.


I've started having physio as the skin underneath my scar has gone tight, but I've carried on using the aqueos cream as recommended by radiotherapy.


 I'm not due in to see my onc. until Dec. 23rd to discuss everything. But my main question is - how do they know it has definetly gone? Do they get me in for more scans or do they do blood tests? Every little twinge I'm getting at the moment, I'm thinking "Is this more"? So it'd be nice to put my mind at ease if I can - and also, is it normal to go that long without seeing the onc. (last time I saw him was just before I started radiotherapy so back in October)!


Also, as I haven't my re-con yet, is this when I'll get to discuss it or will that be another appointment?


Thanks everyone!!