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Clinical Trials


Re: Clinical Trials

Hi Cookie17


I have edited your post as you mentioned several professionals by name.  As per our terms and conditions, naming professionals is not allowed on the open forum as we have to be careful of any potential libel law.


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Clinical Trials

Since my last diagnosis with Dr  at Royal Berkshire Hospital, they have advised me that they can not do anything more for me treatment wise and that I will need to be referred to Royal Marsden Hospital Clinical Trials in Sutton.  I need to be referred to by Dr  first and then the hospital will contact us to make an initial appointment which is a discussion meeting on my condition and what they may have that I can try.


Since my meeting with Dr , I contacted my former Oncologist Professor  of Charing Cross and Harley Street to let him know what had occurred and he came  back with the words "come and see me". So we have made contact and this is what we will be doing tomorrow in Harley Street is seeing the Professor and discussing his own clinical trials on the matter and see what he has to say.  I have to admit I am a little nervous as I have not seen the Professor in 4 years and then I was quite a poorly young woman all those years ago with a life expectancy then of 6 months!!


Our meeting with Professor  was quick an to the point. Wednesday, the day of our meeting was a long day for us and unexpected. Professor  is very much a whirlwind young Professor excellent in his field. 


He has a colleague Professor who works out of Harley Street and out of Barts Hospital and is also a Professor in Oncology again experienced in his field. Before we knew it, we were at Barts Hospital waiting to be see Professor  and his team.  When called, it was a long session of discussing clinical trials, and what they thought would be best suited for me and other chemotherapy options.  We left with our head spinning with all the information and I was so tired and my back was hurting from being seated for so long. The clinical trial they thought would suit me is called TORCMEK and is in phase 1 stage at the moment.


Anyway we have up until 4 weeks before I have to make a decision and in the meantime we hope we get seen by Royal Marsden to see what they have to offer. It is all very complicated and a lot of involvement.  I just have to find the strength and faith to know what is the best option to take and so I am praying for guidance.


Whilst I am waiting to hear from Royal Marsden, has anyone else been in this position and if so, how did you feel and get on? I am really confused and unsure right now.  Thanks