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Comparing Lincoln to Nottingham


Re: Comparing Lincoln to Nottingham

Hello Tomato
If its any help to you I was treated at Lincoln County last year.
I was dx after a routinge mammo in Jan 2011 went to clinic at County and had biopsey ultrasound fine needle . Had op Mar 21st ..right wire marked wide local excision and axillary samppling, followed by 15 rads. I now take Letrozole for five years.
Speaking as I find I can say the treatment was brilliant, the staff where all very kind and helpful and the surgeon .......not sure if I am allowed to fully name him..so I will call him Mr M (if you go to Lincoln you will know who I mean) was very good at explaining the procedures and ansering any questions either me or hubby had.
The hospital was always very clean and tidy only downside is lack of parking near the breat unit.....its a bit of a hike through all the corridors .
It was a bit of a trail from where we live over an hours journeyeach way but they have been good with follow up onc apps as I now go to Boston only 15 miles.
I am due my 1 year check up in May fingers crossed evry thing is ok

hope this helps and best wishes to you xxxxx Ju

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Comparing Lincoln to Nottingham

Hi, I am about to attend a clinic at Lincoln County Hospital following a biopsy. They seem convinced it is cancer and have outlined treatment. I have tried to find out as much as I can about the hospital but cannot find out anything about how good the hospital is. I lived in Nottingham for over 10 years and heard nothing but positive news about treatment there. Does anyone know how to find out about local hospitals - searching the normal websites just seems to throw out how clean or friendly they are not about the clinical side which is what I need to know at the moment.
Best wishes.