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Confused :-(


Re: Confused :-(

Thank you Lucy. I will give the helpline a ring and that link was very helpful xx

Re: Confused :-(

Hello Christine,

Thank you so much for replying.
That makes sense now about why my Mum has to have an mri scan. I'm hoping its the smaller of the two!
I keep thinking what if the anastrazole doesn't work and by the time she goes back it has spread but I think, I hope I am just being paranoid.
My Mum does have a nurse she can ring and the nurse also said about writing some questions down because she was so overwhelmed yesterday but I don't know if she will to be honest because she wants to pretend its not happening until she has to have the treatment. My Mum did say though that she feels better taking these tablets knowing it is keeping the cancer under control.
I may give the helpline a ring at some point aswell. I don't want to sound selfish because its not me who has cancer but I feel like I am living in a nightmare right now and keep hoping I will wake up soon 😞
Again, thank you for replying.
Happy Christmas xx

Re: Confused :-(

Hi Bumblegirl
Please do feel free to call our helpline as Chritine has kindly suggested, they will be able to talk you through the queries and concerns you have about your Mum's treatment plan, lines open during the week 9-5 and Saturday 10-2 on 0808 800 6000

Here's a link to the BCC information about anastrazole which you may find helpful:


Take care
Lucy BCC


Re: Confused :-(

Hi bumblegirl,
I am sorry your mum has been diagnosed with BC. So much to take in isn't it? For your mum and for you and the rest of the family.

Mammograms and ultrasound scans provide different views of what is hiding in our breasts - and some tumours may show up in one type of scan but not the other, so this may well explain why the measurements for your mum's tumour show up differently on her scans. An MRI should give a better picture. It will help the surgeon figure out how to operate so all the tumour is removed in one go. (My tumour never even showed on a mammogram)

The anastrozole is a 'hormone tablets' part of your mum's treatment. The ER8/8 part of her diagnosis means that her tumour thrives when it can feed on oestrogen. The anastrozole stops her body from producing oestrogen, so the idea is that the tumour stops thriving. Whether that means it grows slower, or stops growing, in your mum's case I don't think anyone can tell. There is probably a good leaflet on anastrozole on this website - search for aromatise inhibitor, of which anastrozole is one type. It has been shown to be a very effective drug :-).

I am sorry about all the confusion and worries you are having, with things being not quite as straightforward as they may have seemed before. I hope once your mums MRI results are back and they have agreed a treatment plan, things will get a little easier for you all. It sounds like her surgeon is being thorough - and so he should be 🙂 your mum deserves the very best.

Does your mum have a breast care nurse whom she can call if she has any questions? She may be able to tell her a little bit more about lumpectomy and scars, and mastectomy and reconstruction. The breast care nurses often will be able to show some pictures of what the results could look like. This may help her decide what to do.

Also, from my own experience, it is very wise to take a little notebook to each meeting with any doctor, and write down any questions your mum may have before the meeting, and note down what was said at it straight after the meeting. So nothing gets forgotten. Waiting rooms tend to turn our brains to mush, and breast clinic waiting times can be lengthy...

About the armpits - it sounds like the consultant has not felt any problems with the lymph nodes. That is good news. If he had felt something then the likelihood of there being cancerous cells in the lymph nodes would be high. He may still need to do more checks to be sure there is no problem. He will want to make sure he is not missing anything in helping your mum to get rid of the cancer.

You are not on your own, nor is your mum. There are lots of lovely ladies here to help, and answer any questions. Also, have you tried the helpline? They are fantastic.

Wishing you both the very best, and hope the treatment goes smoothly, and you may enjoy a little bit of Christmas together 🙂


Re: Confused :-(

Forgot to add one brilliant thing is we asked him outright if he could get rid of this and he said he knows he can with the right treatment xx

Confused :-(

Hello everyone,


As I posted last week my Mum has been diagnosed with 'Grade 3 Invasive Carcinoma with some ductal and some lobular features associated with in situ carcinoma. B5b. ER & PR 8/8. HER-2 NEGATIVE' in the doctors terms.
Today we met with my Mums consultant and breast surgeon. Theres just some things I'm confused about and worried about. We assumed it would be straight forward but the consultant said they need to do an MRI because the  mammogram and ultrasound are showing the tumour is different measurements. One shows it as 15mm whilst the other shows it as 30mm (not sure which). Is this common? If it is only 15mm then why would it show up as 30mm on the other one??
He also said the MRI will double check its not in any other places in her breast. He did say though that her armpit is clear which is a good thing. Does that mean the cancer is not in the lymph nodes?
My Mum is to wait for the appointment for her MRI which should be very soon and then she will get the results from the MRI on the 7th january. In the meantime he has put her on Anastrozole. Does this stop the tumour growing or just slow the growth down?
I'm also very annoyed with the doctors from last week as he told my Mum that the type of cancer she has is slow growing and non aggressive but the consultant today said grade 3 is fast growing and can be aggressive!!
He also said that if my Mum wanted she could choose to have a masectomy (and he would do a reconstruction at the same time) as a lumpectomy will likely leave her with a big dip as the tumour is in quite deep where there isnt much breast tissue. She said she would think about this but the only risk to just having a lumpectomy is being left with a big scar which she said she thinks she would rather. Then after the op she will have radiotherapy and be on hormone tablets.
Sorry I have waffled on. I'm just so confused and thought we would have this over and done with but now it seems even more complicated 😞