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Considering an oophorectomy


Re: Considering an oophorectomy

Hi MiniDriver! I had mastectomy April 2016. Path results showed bit of cancer on sentinel node, so had some nodes taken out two weeks later. Didn’t need chemo or radio but put on daily anastrazole and monthly zolodex injections. February 2017 had oopherectomy. Don’t need zolodex now. My joints are still pretty stiff and I get hip and knee pain. Totter downstairs in the morning clutching bannister! Don’t know if I’d have been worse if I’d stayed on zolodex, but I think oopherectomy was right choice for me. Debbie x

Re: Considering an oophorectomy

Hi MiniDriver,



I'm sorry you haven't yet received a reply to your post - hopefully you will receive a response from one of our forum members soon. If you do need any extra support or would like to ask our nurses a question you might want to give our Helpline a ring on 0808 800 6000 (the opening hours are Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm, Late opening Wednesday 9am-7pm, Saturday, 9am-1pm) or post in the Ask Our Nurses section of the forum. 


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Considering an oophorectomy

Hi all,

I was diagnosed with ER+ lobular BC last May, had a bilateral MX in June and the 8 x chemo's & 15 radiotherapy sessions. I am now on monthly Zoladex injections + daily Exemestane tablets since January 22nd. I have not felt too bad on this hormone treatment apart from experiencing constant leg pains and aches and extreme joint stiffness (I am 44 but feel like 77 right now).

My On did mention this combo is pretty hard core and most of his patients don't stick with it but because 33 out of 37 lymph nodes were cancerous, he is throwing everything at me. He did mention ovary removal as an option to consider but he wanted to get me started on the therapy to begin with.

Now I feeling these side effects I feel convinced that the oophorectomy is the right choice. I have no plans to have more kids (have 2 girls ages 12 & 10).

Interested in hearing opinions please lovely ladies!

Thanks in advance