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Contraception and risk of breast cancer


Re: Contraception and risk of breast cancer

Thanks Tricia x

Re: Contraception and risk of breast cancer



I used the copper based coil for many years without any problems and i was very happy with it.  Didnt fee; it being put in and only had a slight twinge when it was taken out and replaced after about 5 years.


So i would recommend this as once its fitted you only need to check the strings are in place before sex and then you can forget about it and my periods where light,


Hope this helps. Tricia


Contraception and risk of breast cancer

Hi everyone

I'm completely new to this forum but would really like some advice.

My mum has had secondary BC and a mastectomy (although not a hereditary strain), I've taken it upon myself to get checked out and have been told that I'm in the 'moderate' risk group. And at the age of 43 have been told that I can be screened for BC due to this factor.

I'm worried about contraception now, having been on the mini pill (only for 3 months), but asked the specialist nurse about it who said that any hormone based contraception significantly increases the risk of BC, and already being in classed as a 'moderate' risk is making me concerned.

Does anyone have any experience of the 'copper' based coil, as it seems to be the only form of female contraception that's not loaded with hormones.

I'd be grateful for any advice.

Thanks for reading.

Tara x