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Contraception confusion!


Re: Contraception confusion!

Hi ejc01,

Not sure if i can be of any help , but will give u my tuppence worth.i too am in similar situation ,recently diagnosed with bc , had surgery and treatment to start next week i think.I have had mirena coil for past 10 years ,delighted with same,but ,now oncologist advised me to think about removing it as i am both er pos and prog pos and it does emit small amts of progesterone.Your team are probably giving u good advice to go ahead with mirena coil as your b c is er pos only not progesterone. I now have to decide what to do not many options ,vasectomy for hubby (not happy about that) tubal ligation or condoms .I am not too happy re condoms .All these decisions,never ever realised how much two little but powerful words BREAST CANCER could turn your whole world upside down. I hope I haven't made you more confused. Good luck  with your decision.




Contraception confusion!

Hi everyone, I am 35 years old and had ER+ BC and this was successfully removed back in September 2013.  I have just completed my 6th chemo cycle (woohoo!) and when I recently saw my oncologist, he touched briefly on the subject on contraception.  I'm due to start rads next month and tamoxifen from April.


He jokingly mentioned a vasectomy for my partner but also the Mirena coil. I didn't really think anymore about it as we have been managing with condoms just fine.  However, unfortunately one split and after freaking out a bit I was told by the chemo team to get the morning after pill but that I might want to consider talking to someone about a better longer term contraceptive method.


The nurse at the family planning clinic was very helpful and did give me some info about the coil (IUD) and suggested the non hormonal copper ones might be an option.  Anyway after reading a bit about it, I decided to give my BCN a call about it.  She suggested the Mirena coil which has just progesterone in it and therefore is effective in that it will make my periods a lot better as these have actually been a lot heavier during chemo.  She said that the team are all happy for me to use this though I have some doubts due to some of the stuff I've been reading on the internet.  Apparently a lot of women are told they need to have the Mirena coil removed when being diagnosed due to the hormones in it.


I'm really confused as to what the best option is to go with.   I want to believe that my treatment team know what they're doing but I'm scared by some of the horror stories I've read and don't want to tempt fate in inviting the beast back.  Can anyone tell me their experiences or provide advice on this?


Thanks xx