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Re: Cording

Thanks Herewego for your message. The problem seems to be resolving after massaging area. Thanks for the info about the gel. Hope everything is going well for you. Ginny x

Re: Cording

The exercises and physio worked me but I also found that the blue active gel from Amazon really helped. Now 6 weeks post op my nerve pains have long gone, the numbness in the upper arm has greatly reduced and my mobility is almost back to normal. I'm still using the gel twice a day (originally used it several times a day especially before doing the exercises) and my cording only makes appearance if I overuse the arm and rubbing of the gel quickly sorts it out.
Fyi you can't get any of the gel though on your scars xx

Re: Cording

Thank you Rebecca for your reply & I appreciate your useful tips. It seems to be just located in my boob at the moment but I am massaging the area & thankfully no pain at the moment. Many thanks Ginny x

Re: Cording

I had terrible cording after my SNB and then my ANC/mx. The pain can be horrible and gradually creeps down your arm. Exercises were so sore.

I had to have some Physio where she gently applied pressure to the cords in my arm starting at the lowest point and working up. She told me to do the same. Sort of gentle circular movements with firm still pressure to finish. It hurts but it does get better over time. Just remember to work from wrist upwards to help with any fluid buildup from the massage.

I also had a lot of scar tissue and the cords seemed to be trapped in amongst the lumps under my arm. For this she told me to massage the area firmly throughout the day. So I used to press under my arm when I was watching telly, making tea, reading, in the shower, etc. after a few days I felt the scar tissue kind of tear when I rolled over in bed! Bit of pain then relief and movement returned. Took about 3 months to really feel better both times I had it.

Sorry if this is a bit detailed but having had it twice, I feel something of an expert! Good luck and do insist on getting Physio if you find it getting worse or restricting your movement. It really helped me.

Re: Cording

Many thanks for your reply Janet & the two links which were very useful. I'm not in any discomfort & will give my bc nurse a call tomorrow.
Best Wishes Ginny1

Re: Cording

Hi Ginny1


I'm sorry you haven't had any replies to your post yet.


I've attached a link to  one of our booklets which has a paragraph about cording:




There was also a thread in January about this.  I've attached a link in case it is of some help while you are waiting for replies:




Very best wishes



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I am 4 weeks post op lumpectomy & sentinel node biopsy ( clear margins & clear node thankfully). I noticed today when I raised my right arm I have a long line of indentation which feels cord like on the outer aspect of my Breast opposite to wound. I've read up on Mondor's cording which seems to settle after a few weeks. Wondered if anyone else has had this & any tips. I'll give my bc nurse a ring on
Monday. Thanks Ginny