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Re: Cosmetics

Hi, there is an app called Think Dirty (think dirty - shop clean) which scores products for their ingredients.

it used a traffic light system to identify the good and the bad.

i believe it also has a scanner so you can scan before you buy and also check out the products you already have in your bathroom cupboard!

Apparently it was set up originally by a lady who was diagnosed with breast cancer. 


Tropic is a good product range for very low scores on this app though I haven't used any yet.

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Re: Cosmetics

Hi Naza, if you've been on the Look Good, Feel Good course then all the make up given to you is paraban free. My goodies included No. 7, Bare Minerals, Liz Earle, Clarins.

 You need to check that the essential oils being used for massage are also suitable for you. I had a pedicure recently and my beautician changed the foot scrub for me. Some of them have plastics and metals in. Same with shampoos. I'm sticking with Simple range which is what my hospital used, and the Aveeno range which they gave me. Enjoy your girly shop. Heaven! X


Re: Cosmetics

Hi Naza, there is life after bc I promise!


I also switched as much as possible to paraben free things and am currently using PUR mineral cosmetics (available in M and S). It's not the cheapest but I feel happier knowing I'm not putting so many nasties on my skin. I also use Sanex Zero bodywash, Bodyshop paraben free shampoo and conditioner and Green People moisturisers. I always check the ingredients before I buy a new brand just to be sure. I'm sure there are other nasties in some of them but at least I've managed to cut out one of them for the time being! Good luck and please let us know if you find any amazing paraben free products! 


Mchelle xx



Hi lovely ladies,
I hope you dont mind me posting here. Im half way through my radiation. Its not bad at all and the radio people are super nice and understanding. I might even start to believe that there is a life after bc. I devided to give myself a fresh start and booked hair and massage appointment 😉. Im also going for girly cosmetic shoping so my question is what high street paraben free cosmetics specially make up do you use? Xxx