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Cough and cold medicines during chemo


Re: Cough and cold medicines during chemo

Hi Libralady

I've had three colds in fairly quick succession since starting chemo and was told I was OK to take over-the-counter remedies. If in doubt I would certainly give your onc dept a ring for advice.

I also developed a persistent dry cough so called in to a walk-in centre to get it checked out. All was OK and nothing to worry about but the doctor there recommended codeine linctus to shift it and said that it shouldn't cause any problems with my chemo drugs. I did notice on the leaflet that you should seek medical advice if taking domperidone anti-emetics. Thankfully I haven't been suffering with nausea so haven't needed to take the tablets at the same time as the cough linctus. My onc nurse also told me that the linctus might affect my sleep patterns, which I'm already suffering with due to the steroids (dexamethasone) so trying to avoid taking those together too.

Good luck, it's a veritable mine field trying to work out what to do for the best!

Emma x


Re: Cough and cold medicines during chemo


Why don't you give the chemo unit a ring. They should be able to advise you.



Re: Cough and cold medicines during chemo

If you have now fin chemo I don't see why not but why don't u ask gp in case u need anti b as if your bringing up anything it might be a inf Laura


Cough and cold medicines during chemo

Hi all

I just had my last dose of chemo a week today, came down with a cold and a cough over easter.

I was wondering whether its ok to take a simple cough medicine to help break up the phelgm on my chest, its not severe but id like to shift it. I have a couple in my meds cabinet for genrally family use, a benilyn and covornia. Did anyone else use a cough med during chemo. My temp is normal.

Many thanks