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Could little lumps in clavicle area just be from respiratory infection?


Re: Could little lumps in clavicle area just be from respiratory infection?

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Could little lumps in clavicle area just be from respiratory infection?

It's ages since I posted on this brilliant forum (the last time was when I was going through chemo in Jan 2013). I have however kept an eye on things when I have been worried about odd lumps and bumps. All OK so far. My question, and current concern, is this. Is it most likely that a cluster of small lumps above and below the centre of my clavicle (collar bone) ie in the very centre of my chest, are swollen lymph nodes from a recent respiratory infection? I would so like to hear that someone else has had lumps like this checked out.

To cut a long story short, I am currently at the start of very special 7-week holiday in Malaysia and Australia and won't be back in UK until late May. My BC history is a 6cm and 2cm grade 2 invasive ductal tumours, mastectomy and lymph node clearance Nov 2012 (3/11 nodes affected) followed by FEC-T chemo and then 5 weeks daily rads. The trouble is I felt lots of tiny little lumps along, above and below my collar bone on the plane flying out to Kuala Lumpur. I forgot that I had just had extra strong antibiotics for a respiratory infection that wouldn't clear after three weeks and panicked. However now I have done some research on reputable websites I think it could well be enlarged nodes which are a hangover from my infection. The advice does seem to be to get it checked out and that is going to involve me finding a private oncologist in Sydney for a check-up/tests/scans whatever is needed. I really hate making a fuss and causing unnecessary worry for anyone so have decided to wait another week and see if the little lumps disappear. It would be great however to hear from anyone who has had swollen lymph nodes in clavicle and hear what the outcome was.