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DCIS diagnosed recently - need mastectomy.


Re: DCIS diagnosed recently - need mastectomy.

Thanks JoJo

Again............ all helpful information which I will bear in mind.

Good luck - I hope that everything with you is ok now.



Re: DCIS diagnosed recently - need mastectomy.

Hi Jac, in October 2013 I had a bilateral mx with immediate reconstruction ( strattice and implant) due to invasive lobular cancer. I didn't need a double but opted for this for peace of mind. I went into hospital on the Monday, operation in the afternoon and came home on the Wednesday lunchtime. I originally had 3 drains in each breast (6) but 2 were removed before I came home. I won't lie, it was hard going with 4 drains (2 in each breast) but mainly because they're attached to you in pockets velcroed onto bra. You'll need really baggy tops to hide them. Because I had strattice my oncologist wouldn't remove drains unless there was less than 10ml fluid over 24 hours as this reduces infection and swelling. I was driving again by day 7 but this was delayed as I also had sentinel nodes removed under my 1 arm. I took pain killers for the first week but after that I seemed to manage ok. I was only a B cup before surgery and are still a B cup now. Breast look very much like my own but are harder to touch ( don't move like normal breasts) and are a little further apart (no cleavage). I opted for a nipple saving mastectomy which means everything skin wise is intact and I have 2 7cm scars under each breast (like usual implants). I apply bio oil which will help the scars fade over time. I was advised by my plastic surgeon that the breast can take a while to settle (6 to 12 months) as they do change size over the coming months.

Good luck with your surgery, sending positive thoughts XXX

Re: DCIS diagnosed recently - need mastectomy.

Hi Jac
I had a left mastectomy with LD flap and strattice mesh and an expander implant in July 2012. As I had previously had radiotherapy the surgeon did quite a large skin graft as well. I came home after five night in hospital with two of my three drains still in, and I had someone stay with me for two nights. Just as well, as the first night one of the drain bottles lost vacuum and we had to go back to the hospital in the middle of the night. I had seromas drained each week after the drains came out for four weeks, and bizarrely during this time fluid would leak out of the entry point of my donor site drain, so needed to wear old tops and t-shirts! It took nine weeks to heal, but I suspect I'm quite a bit older than you. Driving was quite hard, I had a manual then and it really made my arm ache, but I drive mostly in town. Anyway in August 2013 i had the expander replaced by a permanent implant and its all settling down nicely. A week ago I had what I hope will be the final op, a reduction and uplift on the 'good' side.
It's a long process, and you will need as much help as you can muster at first.
All the best with your op - it will be worth it!


Re: DCIS diagnosed recently - need mastectomy.

Hi Jac1966 and welcome to the BCC forums

Along with the support here please feel free to call our helpliners to talk through your queries on 0808 800 6000, lines are open weekdays 9-5 and Saturday 10-2

You may find the following links helpful to the BCC 'DCIS' and 'Reconstruction' information helpful:



Take care
Lucy BCC


Re: DCIS diagnosed recently - need mastectomy.

Hi Fresia


Thank you for your reply to my posting.


Thanks for the good advise regarding implants - I'll bear in mind that their position might alter slightly as they settle in (it's useful little tips like this which really help).


I hope that everything goes well with your treatment.


Best wishes





Re: DCIS diagnosed recently - need mastectomy.

Hi Mac1966


Sorry to read of your diagnosis but sure you will get plenty of support and helpful advice from the lovely ladies on this forum.


I can't offer any advice on any type of reconstruction but I did have implants as a personal choice last year,  I was 45 at the time, unfortunately the right one was removed shortly after being inserted due to being diagnosed with BC & the left one has been removed today to allow a biopsy of two lumps that I found end of last year.


I was more than happy with the implants prior to the problems occurring, they can take a while to settle into their final position and at first you might find them a little high and find yourself not too impressed with the appearance of them but this gradually changes over the first few months and they take on a more natural look.


I wish you luck with your treatment & hope you get the advice and guidance to help you make the right decision.


Hugs Fresia


DCIS diagnosed recently - need mastectomy.



I'm very new to all this - today is the first time I've found this website, and am hoping that the advice from people who are either going through the same thing as myself - or have already been through it might be of some help.  I'm 47 years old and have 2 children (girls) aged 13 and 11 and a husband.


My story so far...


In November  I went to my GP concerned about a lump in my left breast - was sent for a mammogram where they assured me that my 'lump' was merely one of a number of cysts that I have in both breasts.    However - the mammogram showed 2 areas of calcification in my right breast which turned out to be DCIS.   Due to the size and location of these, a mastectomy was recommended and I was advised that I would have a tissue expander inserted at this time, with reconstruction at a later date.


I decided to see a consultant in another hospital (not so much for a second opinion - but the other hospital have a dedicated plastic surgery department so I was keen to hear their recommendations for reconstruction.    The 2nd hospital decided to do their own mammograms and scans and discovered that I actually have calcification in the left breast as well - (I had a biopsy on this one on Monday and wait to hear if it is also DCIS) - I am expecting that it will be.


My new surgeon has advised that if it is DCIS I will need a double mastectomy.   He has advised that he will do an immediate reconstruction, going straight to implant, and i will then have the time to make a decision whether I want to keep the implant or go for 'flap' type reconstruction.


I must admit - my initial reaction was that an implant would be my chosen option, but am very keen to look at the pros and cons for all available options.


Any advice at all regarding the mastectomy - recovery - reconstruction options etc (ANYTHING AT ALL) - would be VERY welcome.


To anyone reading this... I wish you all the best as you're obviously on this forum for the same reason as myself and I hope that everything goes well for you.  xx