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DIEP Flap op


Re: DIEP Flap op

Hiya Jane

Welcome to this place no one wants to be. You'll find a whole tribe of us DIEPettes here,  mostly pleased with the results but it is a Big procedure and does take a bit of getting over. I'm 6 weeks post MX/DIEP for scattered DCIS.I'm glad I had the immediate recon and I've got pretty much what the PS said I'd get, it's good clothed but not brilliant unclothed, for a number of reasons that probably won't apply to you.

There are quite a few women posting on this site having or having had DIEPs so you should get more replies.

Hope all goes well with you, if you want you can search out my posts for more details, jillybee and lizred are 2 other posters who come to mind.

Don't be terrified, it's not exactly a breeze but it's doable, and most of us have had really good care, you'll do it!  Ask me anything and I'll do what I can to answer, Caroluna


DIEP Flap op


I'm new to this forum. I elected to have risk reducing surgery last year at the age of 54 and had my ovaries and fallopian tubes removed. Unfortunately (and also fortunately! ) a tumour had already started to grow at the end of one of the tubes. It was a microscopic 2mm & was discovered in the biopsy. Six cycles of chemo followed & the gene test which proved positive for BRCA1. 

I have since been placed on the waiting list for double mastectomy with Diep flap reconstruction at Whiston. The thing is, the thought of it terrifies me but so does the thought of breast cancer and further chemo. 

Has anyone had this op? Are you happy with the results, cosmetic or otherwise ? 

I feel damned if I do, damned if I don't at the moment Smiley Sad