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December Angels 2013

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Re: December Angels 2013

Hi Petal. I'm still waiting. Hopefully I'll get my balancing uplift in the Spring. No date yet. Waiting patiently as ever!

Re: December Angels 2013

Hi Angels. I logged in today for the first time in ages and was so sad to hear the news about Sarahmummy. Thoughts and prayers go to the family as they must still be devastated. 


I hope life has returned to some semblance of normality for the rest of us lucky ones even if we have had to adjust in many ways since treatment. What about your op, SJB?


Best wishes to all. Petal x

Re: December Angels 2013

Hi all,


I'm so sorry to hear of Sarah's passing and I know she will be missed by many users who got to know her well. Please pass on our condolences to her family from Breast Cancer Care.


News such as this can come as a shock, so if you need someone to talk to do not hesitate to call our helpline.


Take care all,




Re: December Angels 2013

That's heartbreaking news................


Poor Sarahmummy and her family.  Absolutely devastating. There are no words at times like this........


Treasure life everyone, it's news like this that really makes you appreciate what you have. 


I hope you are all keeping well and enjoying the summer. 


Jules xxx

Re: December Angels 2013

Wyn, Petal and anyone else who may drop in...I need to let you know that we found out on Facebook yesterday that Sarahmummy passed away on April 7th. She had been told she had about 12 months left at the beginning of the year, but I guess that didn't go to plan. I'm really sorry to be the one to tell you, but I couldn't leave you not knowing. Our Facebook group are all devastated. We hadn't heard from her since March, but I assumed she no longer wanted to waste time with social media as every day was precious. However one of us sent her a personal message and her husband replied with the news.

I hope you are coping as best you can. I recovered from the internal complications but am still waiting for news of my next op.

Re: December Angels 2013

Hi Petal and SJB,


Nice to see your posts, sorry to hear you are still going through problems.

I dont visit often nowadays but like to check every now and again to see if any of the angels have posted.


My SIL was diagnosed with BC exactly on my third anniversary ( couldnt beleive it). fortunately it was caught early and she did not require chemo so her treatment was done very swiftly and she is now recovering well.

Glad I was there to offer support as I know how frightening this journey can be and I suppose it helped knowing that I got through it.

To my shock I have also recently been diagnosed with diabetes (life sucks sometimes) although its not serious enough to be medicated and I am making adjustments to my lifestyle and diet, I would not be surprised if chemo had a part to play in the onset as I have heard that before.


On a happier note I am keeping myself busy with work and love looking after my grandson who is 2yrs and 8mths now and he is a wee character.

Hope everyone else is doing well and taking care of themselves


hugsSmiley Very Happy

Wyn x

Re: December Angels 2013

Oh you poor thing, that wasn't expected and you certainly have suffered. It sounds horrendous and I do hope you feel much better soon and that all goes to plan from now on. We are still here anytime you feel the need.

Personally, I am pleased that my mammogram was clear again but I still struggle with painful oedema in the breast. The lymphoedema in my arm is much better these days but I always have to watch how much I tackle and the arthritis in my hands is not so good. I guess we are all a bit scarred in different ways but I can't help wondering about Sarahmummy. Is there any news?

Are there any other Angels out there? How is everyone?


Re: December Angels 2013

Have we all gone our separate ways now? I just popped in to say hello.

My reconstruction developed complications this year. I went back to East Grinstead for a check up in April. They sent me down for an ultrasound scan because I had a hard lump in my tummy, under the navel. The registrar that saw me that day said it was a haematoma - a build up of blood from the blood vessel they took a section from for my new boob. He said it was leaking and that when they did the next op, to uplift and reduce my old boob, they would have to open my tummy up again to repair it. He used a syringe and drained 240ml of fluid, and made an appointment for me to return in a month's time. This really upset me. It took ages to recover last time and I really didn't want another tummy op to recover from!

But when I went back in March, I saw a different registrar, again I had an ultrasound scan. And he said it was a seroma, and explained that after being stitched up, some of my internal flesh hadn't healed and was dying inside me, so my body was surrounding it with fluid full of antibodies to prevent infection. I was feeling really washed out as if I had anaemia, and he said that was exactly how I should feel with that going on inside me. Nothing to prescribe to help, I just had to let nature take it's course. Again he syringed it and got 210ml of fluid from the lump. I went home confused and frustrated. I felt like death warmed up but I had a full time job to do. I was running on empty..

I went back again last Friday and now it seems to be clearing up and I'm feeling better at last. It has been hard going though. No date yet for my next op. It's all so slow. I just want it to be over, but I can see I'll be going into 2018 with the work still unfinished. The next op after this one will be nipple reconstruction. They'll never get both done in one year, will they.

Re: December Angels 2013

Hi Ladies,


Hope you are all well and getting excited about Christmas approaching.

SJB glad to hear you are on the mend and back to work.


I recently had my annual check up and mammogram and glad to say all is well 3yrs on although still have the  aches and pains that I now accept as the new norm for me as I can be full of energy one week and then exausted the next haha I need to find a balance.



Take care everyone

Wyn x


Re: December Angels 2013

Hello all. Yes, I started my phased return to work after 7 weeks and slowly built my hours up. I'm doing about 30 hours this week then finally returning to full-time next week!

My new boob has healed up beautifully and my tummy has settled down now. Still not doing any heavy lifting, to be safe. I do still get quite tired. I remember how long it took after my radiotherapy to get back to normal, so I know it takes time. Just want to be normal again though.

Can't wait to get my other boob lifted next year. Something to really look forward to!

How's everyone else?

Re: December Angels 2013

Hi Angels. How is everyone? Are you back at work SJB? And have you seen anyone about your lymphoedema Barbie?
Good luck with all the Christmas shopping. Stay well. Petal x

Re: December Angels 2013

Hi Petal. It'll be 5 weeks tomorrow since I got my new boob. All going well now. Going out for walks every day, slowly going further and further. Can manage about half a mile now! Lol. Went to see my boss yesterday and plan to have a slow return to work starting in a couple of weeks. So I'll be doing two four hpur shifts week commencing 10th Oct. One on the tuesday and one on the thursday, then see what I can manage the following week, etc. Need to get back to normality!

Re: December Angels 2013

Hi Angels


It is that time of year again when a lot of us have the anniversary of our fateful mammogram and diagnosis and it is hard to think that was three years ago now. How is everyone coping? I'm sure we all have different legacies from our cancer and various treatments. SJB how is the convalescence going?


What about the possible lymphoedema, Barbie? Mine in my arm is at last subsiding but my boob, ribs and underarm are permanently painful and it has affected me quite a lot over the last couple of years. I do hope anyone who suspects that they may be getting it will see a doctor promptly as it can happen suddenly and at any stage, even months afterwards and early treatment is vital. Sorry that sounds like a lecture but I do wonder how aware everyone is about it.


Has anyone done anything exciting lately or been away anywhere nice?

Best wishes to one and all. Petal x

Re: December Angels 2013

Sarah I am so sorry to hear your news. You are a very strong lady and I have no doubt you will keep fighting. I pray that you accept the weekly taxol and that it is effective. Please don't give up hope. Sending you some positive thoughts. Big hugs xxxx



Re: December Angels 2013

Hi Sarah,

I really feel for you and your family for what you have endured and echo everything that has been said,

Your strengh, courage and determination has got you this far and your family will be so proud of you so you keep fighting girl and I am sure all the december angels will be holding your hand and supporting you every step of the way.


sending lots of love and hugs

Wyn x 


Re: December Angels 2013

Oh Sarah my heart goes out to you. I can't even imagine what you must have been going through. Thank you so much for sharing this with us, when you've so much else going on in your life. Only you can make the decisions you're going to have to make. I hope there will be people on these forums who can bring their own experiences & perhaps help you to decide. Love & big hugs to you and your family ❤️ X

Re: December Angels 2013

Dear Sarahmummy


Words are totally inadequate but thank you so much for being so brave and posting on the thread. 


We are all thinking of you and praying for you.  


Love and hugs, Jules xxxxx

Re: December Angels 2013

Hi Sarahmummy
Words fail me in this situation except to say you are in many people's hearts and minds and we send you the very best wishes whatever you decide. You have been so very strong and I for one will be sending you positive vibes. Much love, Petal x

Re: December Angels 2013

Hi everyone Sarah here. Long time no visit. I can see that sjb cut and paste a facebook message I wrote. I wish I had known as I would of had the decency to log in and respond to your well wishes. It is great to read your all cancer free albeit with hurdles to jump and ongoing concerns with some things xxx rather than a secondhand update I thought I'd say hi myself. Obviously we are all coming up to three years of this blimmin situation. I have now had two big operations , involving a free flap from my tummy as all my Breast skin had to go to. This time last year it was still primary in breast area so east grins trad removed the lot! I had great recovery but the cancer appeared again in the skin near my neck in January just along the scar line. The biopsy confirmed what it was and the scan showed spots in my lung and chest lymph involvement , so it was feb this year I moved into the incurable group. I have tried two lots of chemo both ones that are for long term quality of life vs the hard hit cure. Both haven't worked and I found out last week that the second hadn't so devastated. All year feels wasted and I am pretty weak now as its lung, thyroid, chest, skin, armpits, around heart......pretty large tumours. It's time now. Royal marsden want me to try taxol on a weekly basis to see if this can control its growth .....really, weekly ... I have till Friday to decide .... I have to say I will probably give it a go but if the side effects are bad ....what's the point with no quality of life and not being able to do mum things. I spend to much time in bed now xxx well that's me, I have had 55 radiotherapy and 35 chemo sessions with 6 different drugs ..... The body getting tired now! Xx please I hope you don't mind this message, I haven't messaged coz I don't want to put doom and gloom but I felt updates should come from me and was overdue lovely ladies xxxxx 

Re: December Angels 2013

That sounds alarming SJB but great to hear all is well now. Hopefully all plain sailing from now on.

How did you get on Barbie? I was referred to a lymphoedema clinic to be checked rather than the surgeon so I will be interested to hear what the outcome was.

Alledgedly unrelated ( but I do wonder after reading online about long term side effects of some chemo, especially the type I had ) I have spent several hours in the eye hospital this weekend and it appears I have Vitreous Detachment but luckily not a torn or detached retina. It could be down to my age apparently.....

Best wishes to everyone. Petal x

Re: December Angels 2013

Hi all. Had a bit of a setback on Monday. A gush of blood started erupting from the stitches at the top of my new breast, so my husband rushed me back to the hospital at East Grinstead, and I ended up staying there until Thursday. There was a pocket of old blood sewn up inside my new breast which had gone septic and just pushed it's way out. Very unpleasant at the time. All fine now, and I'm back home and on anti-biotics. Never a dull moment, eh?

Re: December Angels 2013

Hi ladies


Great to hear everyone is doing well especially SJB and her new assets!


finally spoke to my GP about the suspected lymphadema in my arm and I have an appointment on Wednesday with breast surgeon. It still feels achy especially when using the mouse on the computer and when driving but it hasn't worsened. 


Hope everyone has a good weekend x





Re: December Angels 2013

Hi Ladies, 


Great news SJB that you have finally had your recon. Delighted things seem to have gone well and I hope you are recovering well at home. 


Hopefully all plain sailing from now on for you!!!!


Lovely to hear you everyone is getting on. I'm doing fine - had to have surgery to remove an ingrown toemail 6 weeks ago (an issue with chemo destroying my nail) but all done now so pleased that's out of the way. 


I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying this lovely weather. 


Hugs to all, Jules xxx

Re: December Angels 2013

Good to hear all is progressing well SJB. You must be so relieved it has finally all happened. Good luck with the recovery and enjoy the rest!

Barbie what happened with your arm? I hope all is well for you too,

Everybody else ok? Long may the lovely weather last.

Re: December Angels 2013

Hello ladies. I finally had my DIEP flap reconstruction on Thursday. I'm still in hospital, the Queen Victoria Hospital in East Grinstead. I am hoping to go home tomorrow.
This has been such a long time coming, but I am ecstatic with the results. I have a beautiful new breast and a nice tight tummy. It's amazing what they can do.
There were a few hiccups along the way, but it seems that their main problem lies in administration and communication. Their patient care has been superb.

Hope you're all enjoying the Bank Holiday weekend. I'm looking forward to a 6 week minimum rest from work!

Re: December Angels 2013

Hi Barbie. Good news about the lumps, that waiting time is horrible, isn't it?


I would definitely ask either the GP or Breast Care nurse to refer you to the lymphoedema clinic where they will take measurements all the way up both arms and compare them, which tells them how much fluid is there. I have had lymphoedema in my right arm and breast for a long time now and it started slowly with an increase in size and no other symptoms. Hopefully they can say it is ok but the sooner you are seen the sooner they can do something about it if necessary. It is my right arm as well so it may be awkward (presuming you are right handed?) but try using your left hand for as many tasks as possible and certainly don't lift or carry anything heavy with your right hand, not even putting a handbag **bleep** that shoulder! I don't want to scare you but it is vital you know one way or the other because you may need to wear a compression sleeve and they are special ones that are on prescription. Please don't just wait and see, it may take a while to get an appointment.


We we will be thinking of you SJB so do keep us listed on your progress. Kinky knickers!!


I was pleased to be told my neck scan was ok and I have just had my checkup with oncology. I see the surgical team again in January and possibly annually afterwards but I am now finished with oncology as they no longer keep tabs for 5 years.


Anyone else out there? Still doing ok?

Petal x

Re: December Angels 2013

Hi Barbie. 


Sorry, I don't know about your arm, but if it isn't troubling you, I shouldn't think it's anything to worry about.


I had my pre-assessment ready for my reconstruction yesterday. I've waited so long, and now it's less than 4 weeks away. Seems unreal!


it's going to be uncomfortable for a while...gotta wear tight fitting support bra, tummy supporting knickers (that come right up to your boobs) and support stockings for weeks afterwards!!! Basically all the time except when showering. Anyway, I'll keep you all updated on how it goes. My big day is Thursday 25th August.

Re: December Angels 2013

Hello angels


this thread is very quiet these days which is a good sign that everyone is moving on.


how is everyone doing?


i'm good, had an ultrasound a few weeks ago on two lumps one on back and the other on leg. Both were confirmed to be fatty lumps. Thank goodness, it was such a relief. 


Can I ask about early signs of lymphadeama, my right are feels ok, a little discomfort at times but it is bigger than my other arm. It doesn't look swollen or red I'm just aware that it is different to the other side. I'm assuming this is normal after the axillary clearance however would be good to compare.


big hugs

Re: December Angels 2013

Hi ladies, hope you are all well

So Sorry to hear of Sarahmummy's news, my thoughts and prayers are with her .fingers crossed her new treatment will work.


Sending hugs

Wyn x


Re: December Angels 2013

Thanks SJB for updating us on sarahmummy; such terrible news. 


Thinking of her and praying for her.   


Jules x 

Re: December Angels 2013

Certainly will and please tell her she is in our thoughts and prayers.

Re: December Angels 2013

Hello everyone. I've just caught up on everyone's news. I think most of us are doing pretty well under the circumstances. Sarahmummy updated us on Facebook today, and it's not good I'm sorry to say:

Hello. How are u? Sorry I have been quiet. Things are pretty bad. Cancer now spread...lung, thyroid, chest, back....multiple tumours. Last treatment not worked. Starting a new chemo wed. So hair loss....just had enough. After this if this doesn't Co trolley it I give up I am just do tired and in so much pain. Xxx sorry to give bad news but that's why I don't contact much coz I don't want to bring you down xxx

Can we all pray that this new chemo controls those tumours for her?


Re: December Angels 2013


Good news with the scan petal you must be relieved. Also fab to hear the lymphodeama is going down. Not so good about the cat but I hope the next one settles in better.

Have a good weekend folks

Re: December Angels 2013

Hi Everybody. Apologies for the silence and thanks for the enquiries. I have finally had my neck scan, on both sides as the glands are still inclined to swell and settle, and luckily they "did not find anything of concern".
Not such good news on the cat front as I sadly had to return her to the RSPCA. For three weeks I had tried to reassure her but she wan't just nervous, as they had said, but actually totally scared witless by anything and everything including her own reflection, any sounds at all, even of birds calling outside, and when she stopped eating I couldn't cope any more. I was distraught for ages but am now about to adopt a friendly little one year old cat from the Cats Protection.
I had good news from the lymphoedema nurse yesterday that my arm swelling has gone right down and I may not need to wear the compression sleeve all the time now. There is light at the end of the tunnel and haven't we all made good progress even with the various ailments that crop up now and then? I do hope you are much more comfortable now Wyn. Barbie you sound in good spirits and a new baby in the family is always a good tonic.
SJB, any news about Sarahmummy? I wish she could have some good news.
Barbie please let us know when you have your ultrasounds. My next checkup is oncology in July and after that the surgeon in January.
Petal x

Re: December Angels 2013

How's the cat doing petal?

Re: December Angels 2013

Hi girls


yes my cough and cold has finally gone!


ooh wyn abscesses are very painful, I hope you are on the mend 🤒


Hows things with yr scan petal, any news?


i don't know how everyone else feels but I am finally moving on with my life and it feels great. Still worry about C coming back but not so much anymore. Feeling very positive about things although I'm waiting for an apt for ultrasound as I have a lump on my back just at the bottom of my shoulder blade and another on my leg. It's probably nothing but cant help but wonder what if! 


Hasn't the weather been fab this week!! I've had a few days off work and spent most of it tidying the garden, looks great, even put fairy lights up to finish it off. Not to mention topping up my tan.


Its strange how different hospitals have different follow up schedules. I am still being followed up by oncology and breast surgeon. Both of which I've seen recently and see breast surgeon in 6 months and onc in 12 months. 


Had some good news today my nephew and his girlfriend had a baby girl today, can't wait to go and meet her. 🍼 It has come as a surprise as she didn't know she was expecting.


nite all X 



Re: December Angels 2013

Hi Ladies,


How are you all doing, petal hope everything has gone well at your scan, Barbie good to hear you enjoyed your holiday and hopefully your cough etc has cleared up.


I have been on antibiotics for last two months now for abcesses and they seem to be helping.

I was at oncology appoint this morning and they have now discharged me but will continue to attend breast clinic on a yearly basis.

Feel as though I am now getting my life back Smiley Very Happy


Hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine and feeling ok


Sending hugs

Wyn x

Re: December Angels 2013

Hi Everyone.
Still waiting for neck scan and still getting swollen glands on and off but trying not to worry. I think they are only going to scan one side of my neck as that is what was affected when I saw the surgeon but now I have a sore gland on the other side. Just another two weeks to wait.
Wyn how are you now? Abscesses sound very painful so I hope the tablets are working.
Are you happier now Barbie? And how is life treating you, SJB?
At times I think I must be mad trying to reassure a petrified cat that she is safe now but it is rewarding when she finally emerges from the sanctuary of her bed to come up to me and not flinch or run if I move. Cuddles are still a long way off unfortunately but she will let me stroke her now. It's all a lot harder than I had imagined it would be and I am keeping fingers crossed she isn't too damaged by whatever happened to her.
I'll let you know when I get scan results.
Petal x

Re: December Angels 2013

Hi petal, how long have you been waiting for the scan? I hope yr not too anxious about it.

Aw a new pet, it will be lovely for you to give her lots of cuddles.

My cold/cough is improving thankfully. X

Re: December Angels 2013

Hi Barbie. I'm glad you enjoyed your holiday and I'm sorry to hear you feel low now. Silly people not wanting you for the job but maybe something better will turn up. Their loss. There are lots of viruses about at the moment, combined with hayfever for many, but it's good news about your checkup with the surgeon. I am still waiting for the scan of the glands in my neck and still getting swollen glands but maybe that is to do with mild hayfever.

I have given myself a lovely distraction from health issues as I have recently adopted a little rescue cat. I haven't had a cat for years but have always liked them and this little one has been through a lot of trauma, not least in having had her tail amputated. It is going to be a very slow process gaining her trust but every day sees improvement. 🐱

I hope you feel better soon, Barbie, and SJB you must be counting the weeks now! 😀


Re: December Angels 2013

Hi guys


im back from my holidays, had a fantastic time in Spain. Lots of sunbathing, g&t's and girly fun. Reality has resumed with a visit to see breast surgeon, all was fine phew. Also I had an interview before my hols for a promotion at work and I have just found out I was unsuccessful. Quite disappointed about it but it is what it is.

Now I feel like poop, 😷🤕🤒 coughing, tight chest, mouth ulcers and feel run down.... Is this the post holiday blues!! Maybe I need a holiday to recover from the one I just had.


How is everyone else doing? Well I hope 😀


SJB it's great news about yr recon date, I'm so pleased for you. 👏


Hugs to all x



Re: December Angels 2013

Good news SJB at least you now have a date to focus on and be prepared for the op and as you say you will be fighting fit by christmas and that is not too far away going by the rate this year passing lol.


Take care everyone

Wyn x

Re: December Angels 2013

Oh Wyn, that sounds yuck.  Well, I finally have a date for my reconstruction. Got everything crossed that it all goes to plan. I am due to check in to the Queen Victoria Hospital in East Grinstead on August 25th. The op will be carried out that day, and takes at least 8 hours. No visitors for 24 hours afterwards, but should be able to go home after 4 days. Then 6-12 weeks off work for recovery. Should be fighting fit again before Christmas, which will be 3 years after my diagnosis!

Re: December Angels 2013

HI Ladies,


Great news Barbie, it's the waiting room thats the worst isn't it.

Petal it sounds positive that they are not concerned about your swelling so fingers crossed it's all fine too.

Glad you both enjoyed the Easter break, we all need a wee bit of cheering up sometimes, hope you have a lovely holiday Barbie.

My holiday was great, just what I needed, lovely hotel,good food,mostly sunny, great strolls on beach and not forgetting wine and cocktails Smiley HappySmiley Happy now it's back to earth with a bump Smiley Sad.

I am currently on an agressive antibiotics for Hidradenitis suppurtiva which has developed since end of treatment, -( recurring abcesses) under my arm, at first gp was just prescribing standard antibiotics on a regular basis but by chance when I was at the breast clinic in Nov I had a flare up and the breast surgeon mentioned condition, so " as you do" I went home and googled it and discovered the symstoms were the same.

My GP dismissed it before I went on holiday and said it could be down to raised sugar levels however sugar levels came back normal. I since went back after holiday for a second opinion and guess what !!! it is. so I now have to take these for god knows how long ( his words were how long is a piece of string, could be three months or a year or possbly no end to them as there is no cure for this condition just to treat symptoms):smileysad:  dont think that is going to help my immune system.


anyway MOAN OVER but so glad I could share it.


Take care everyone


Re: December Angels 2013

Hi ladies

Just to let you know I saw onc nurse today and the bone scan results were clear. Phew I am soooooo relieved but still a little puzzled by what is causing the pain in my leg. She advised me to see my GP if it persists.

I had a lovely easter petal, my daughter was home from uni so lots of pub lunches etc. Next time I see her will be in Spain in 2 weeks time x

Re: December Angels 2013

Hi Barbie. Good luck with the results. Do let us know what they say.

My sore glands have taken ages to subside and the BCN advised a checkup and the surgical team saw me this week. There is nothing they think suspicious under my arm but because I still keep getting sore glands in the LHS of my neck they are going to scan to check all is ok. They do look after us if we are worried, don't they?

Did everyone enjoy the Easter break? I went to my daughter in Buckinghamshire for ten days which was great and now I am trying to find the energy to cope with all the gardening that suddenly needs doing at home.

Re: December Angels 2013

Hi ladies


Just wondering how is everyone doing???


Wyn I hope you have had a lovely holiday..


I'm loving the light nights now that the clocks have changed and Spring is here.


had my bone scan and go on weds for the results. It's an anxious time especially when the pain is bad today in my hip and leg but hopefully I will get good news. Hope you lot are all symptom free and enjoying life 👍😘 ❤️

Re: December Angels 2013

well done for the positive results on your mammograms ladies.


Petal I hope i's nothing to worry about - no news is good news

Barbie I hope your bone scan is clear also, it's easy to say don't worry but we all do.

I empathise with both of you and sending you cyber hugs


My blood tests were fine, I will just need to get used to these creaking bones and aches haha.

If I have learned one thing on this journey its not to be flippant or complacent as to what I have been through as I know only too well my sister had her 2nd diagnosis on her other breast 18yrs after 1st.

My motto is take each day as it comes and hope its a good one.


PS I have booked a late break to majorca next week as a surprise birthday gift for my OH, That's my excuse anyway and I am sticking to it haha lets hope the sun is shining

Take care

Wyn x




Re: December Angels 2013

My consultant was happy with my physical examination last Friday, and my mammogram went okay on Wednesday. Back when I'd been diagnosed and was first discussing treatment and surgery, I was told that if my cancer came back it was very unlikely to be in the other breast though, so these mammograms feel a little irrelevant to me.


I've picked myself up from the dip I experienced earlier this year. I won't let it (cancer) win. I got my life back, and I intend to live it to the full. Waiting for Surgery dates should not be something that dominates my life.


I hope the mammogram results come back clear for you and the puffiness in your good arm is just due to the flu. Are you all having the flu jab annually since treatment. I have been.

Re: December Angels 2013

We all seem to be going through a difficult time at the moment and I think Wyn summed it up saying "I just want my old life back".
I have good news that my mammogram "didn't show anything of concern" (great!) and the surgical team will see me next January but I still haven't heard about my sore underarm and don't know if I am just being paranoid. I don't have an oncology checkup until July so I think I will give the BCN a ring this week. I just really need to know if I can stop worrying and also if I can resume my daily MLD (manual lymphatic drainage) massage. I feel a bit in limbo despite the good news about the mammogram.
Any results of any tests from anyone else?
Petal x