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December Angels 2013

Re: December Angels 2013

Thank you Joanne1973 x

Re: December Angels 2013

Thank you Bellablue1x

Re: December Angels 2013

Hi SJB I was in a big room with other people but didnt have any problem. I felt very comfortable talking to my friend and nurse. When I finished my treatment I did my makeup and went home.  

Re: December Angels 2013

Hi Petal good luck with the oncologist tomorrow things do change I thought my surgery part was finished after lumpectomy but that changed, need to have more after chemotherapy. So don't worry it does happen. I am in at 1.30 for my first chemo session a but nervous but know I have to do it so trying to be positive.
I had a look around on Tuesday where I would be having treatment, i thought it was a bit somber, they had curtains you could pull across if you wanted privacy I am going to have first session today intend to bring a book but sure I won't read I'll be looking around wondering what's happening to other people!! They said the chem only takes 15/20 minutes to go through the rest of the time is preparation. Good luck.

Re: December Angels 2013

When I had my pre-assessment yesterday, I was shown round the room where I will have the chemo. It's an open room with some 12 or 15 people all sitting there with their chemo feeds attached to them.


Is this what you are all facing? I only ask, because I don't think anyone else in there was under 70, and they all looked msierable as sin. I felt like I needed todo a song and dance to cheer them all up or something. Can't see conversation being very lively in there...


I had previously thought I'd be in a private room, with a friend or family member for company, and we could have a chat and stuff, but you almost feel bad about making any noise at all in there. Cat Indifferent

Re: December Angels 2013

Hi Petal88, hope all goes well with the oncologists. I think a lot of people find the goalposts change, bc seems to be such a complex and varied thing from person to person, but it is important that they know exactly what they are dealing with.  Let us know how you get on. Hopefully things won't change too much for you from now on and you can start to focus.

I start chemo tomorrow, EC followed by docetaxel, (post surgery) and am sick with nerves today! Just trying to keep busy so the house will be spotless yet again!

I also find the people that give encouragement on here very supportive so thanks to them.

Sending you lots of good wishes 

J x


Re: December Angels 2013

Will be thinking of you and keen to hear how it went when you are up to it. I start on the 18th but am nervous today as I see the oncologist and so far the goalposts have changed each time I see a consultant. I was told I had a mucinous (in mucous) tumour that was small and hadn't spread, then I had a 2nd biopsy and was told there may be 2 tumours and last week, after a 3rd biopsy and a metal coil inserted, I was told it has spread under my arm and I need a CT scan and it is higher grade than they thought. It doesn't fill me with confidence. I am now to have chemo before my op. This waiting time is dreadful but I take comfort from this forum. Thanks to all who encourage and good luck to everyone.

Re: December Angels 2013

Good luck Marion3. I will be thinking of you luv jacx

Re: December Angels 2013

Well done SEtareh. Sending everyone who is starting soon lots of hugs. Luv jacx

Re: December Angels 2013

Well done setareh, make sure you rest when you need to.

Big hugs


Re: December Angels 2013

Good luck and welcome Lilyboo.
A x

Re: December Angels 2013

Good luck Marion 3.
A x

Re: December Angels 2013

SJB, meant to say mine is not a LIMBO product. I have thrown away the box now, but it looks like one on Amazon called 'Brownmed SEAL-TIGHT Protector PICC/Dressing Protector'. It works very well. I have skinny arms and have size small.
A x

Re: December Angels 2013

Well done Setareh nice to have your friend cook a meal for you. I am having my first chemo session tomorrow I hope it will be ok. Big help having support here.
Good luck to everyone xx

Re: December Angels 2013

Hi SJB, sorry thing have got a bit mixed up for you, but I am sure the chemo will happen soon enough, my second is on 27th between Xmas and new yea, so maybe you will start then.

I have one of those blue rubber sleeves. The hospital gave it to me. It works very well for me. It is tight so a little uncomfortable but fine for a quick shower. It needs to be tight, to create a seal.

A x

Re: December Angels 2013

Well done Setareh, hope you don't get too many side effects. One down!
A x

Re: December Angels 2013

Hi had my first chemo today. Everything was ok. Used the cold cap and had no problem, just a bit heavy. My friend cooked chicken and rice for me but I couldn't eat that but loved the salad. No problem with eating cold food 🙂

I feel a bit dizzy now. 

Hope you're all are doing well

Take care xoxox

Re: December Angels 2013

What a day I've had! I thought I could relax and catch my breath after going to the Oncology Department yesterday. But at 9.30 this morning, the phone rang, and it was the Cancer Centre at my local hospital asking if I could go for my pre-assessment this afternoon at 2pm.


So after Facebooking, texting and ringing round, I found a friend who could take me at short notice, and off we went at 1pm.


Just got back in at 4.30! Feel totally washed out again.


They wanted to give me my first chemo session next Tuesday, the 17th, in the afternoon, but I had literally just recevied in the post an appointment for a bone scan at 1040 Tuesday morning. The two can't happen on the same day, so the chemo is off, but whether they still do it next week or after Christmas, as I was told yesterday, I won't know until tomorrow, because the nurse now needs to communicate with the Oncologist to check.


Now waiting on another phone call tomorrow.


Oh, and my veins aren't prominent enough so I will have to have a "permanent line in" inserted before the first session. I need to look on the web in a bit and order myself a LIMBO (plastic waterproof sleeve to keep it dry when washing) - anyone else got one of these, or have any advice about the line in at all?


That's all for now. Need to sit down and relax!

Re: December Angels 2013

Hi Lilyboo and welcome to the BCC forums
Along with the support and shared experiences here please feel free to call our helpliners for further practical and emotional support on 0808 800 6000, weekdays 9-5 and Sat 10-2.

Here's a link to the BCC 'Treatments' section of the site where you will find lots more information and further support ideas which I hope you will find helpful:


Take care
Lucy BCC

Re: December Angels 2013

I guess we can never quite prepare ourselves enough for the day it actually happens...I check on mine every day thinking is today the day it starts to fall out....hope you are ok.

Today, day 8 post #1, I feel quite well, have been out shopping at M&S. My friend and I arrived and I was feeling a bit weak so we had an early lunch and that did the trick. Managed a couple of hours and now got my feet up for an hour before the school pickup. Good to feel normal.
A x

Re: December Angels 2013

Hi Angels,

I am new to this forum and start my chemo tomorrow.  Its certainly been the roller coaster many of you talk about. I had no lumps that I could feel, and as usual felt really well. I went for a routine mammogram 15th October, recalled and here I am I had a ultrasound guided WLE and sentinel node biopsy proceeding to axillary clearance.  The tumor was only 12mm but ER positive, PR positive and HER2 positive 3+. and 2 of the nodes where positive.  It seems they got good clearance.  So I am doing my best to be very positive as this is all about reducing the chance of a relapse.  So tomorrow is my 1st chemo of 6 every 3 weeks, I really just want to get it over and done with, then 30 sessions of radiotherapy, and herceptin for a year and tamoxifen for a heck of a lot longer!!

So there it is, and I so identify with it being like its all happening to someone else. 

My husband has been fantastic, he has been looking after my horses before and after work for me, the dog is happy to have constant company, and daughter and friends all very supportive.  Just feel its hard sometimes trying to always be upbeat for everyone.  So that they feel OK!! 

So had my hair cut really short today and plan to give the cold cap a try.

Just feeling so apprehensive so good luck to you angels starting this treatment and no doubt I will be searching for your comments on what helped you get through this.

Take care x

Re: December Angels 2013

My hair is falling out!


I know I was expecting it but its still hard to deal with. Feel quite shaky and trying to occupy myself with distractions but just keep pulling on it. Its only loose hairs at the moment and not clumps so not feeling up to 'the big shave' yet. 


Sorry to hear about your Picc problems and the delay in chemo, Kaz, but at least you'll hopefully get to enjoy Christmas. 


Satareh - good luck for tomorrow (and anyone else starting chemo in the next few days)


Tara x 

Re: December Angels 2013

Wishing all you angels starting chemo this week lots and lots luck, and sending lots of good wishes.


All of you lovely angels that have taken that first step I hope you are resting up and recovering.


I'm tying myself in knots before Friday, my headscarves and stuff have arrived this morning and I just can't bring myself to open the pack! Just want Friday to come and be over with! 


Lots of love and big hugs to you supportive ladies


Re: December Angels 2013

Forgot to say, It's grade 3. unless the scans turn up anything else of course, but grade 3 is where I thought I was at.

Re: December Angels 2013

|Hello again everyone. Sorry i didn't come online after my oncologists appoinment yesterday, but I was absolutely knackered. We had some dinner when we got home and i went to bed at 6. Was asleep soon after 7!


Slept right through till 4am, so a really good night's sleep.


It went really well yesterday. I now feel much more confident about what lies before me. 


I don't need dose-sense chemo. It'll be FEC-T on 3-weekly cycles. As for time-scales, I should get appointments to have my CT scan and bone scan both in the next 10 days or so, but on separate occasions. They may not have the results of those until after my first FEC dose, but not to worry. They'll review them with me when they can.


I was hormone-receptor positive (I think that's what you say) so I will be on the hormone treatment for at least 5 years after all this to inhibit my oestrogen production.


They still don't have one test result back from the biopsies, so there's one other drug they don't know if i need yet or not. I forget what it was called, but you lot probably know what I haven't mentioned yet. i'll know the name when I see it.


As for when i will be starting chemo, they have said my first session will be between Christmas and New Year, so I can enjoy Christmas with my family. That was nice of them. So I'm not in any imminent danger and a week or so's delay won't make any difference in the long run.


That's about it, I think. I'm going to see mky GP (well, one of them, not someone I know) to ask for some medication and see about getting a  flu jab. Getting my hair cut short next week. Is there anything else, other than bying a digital thermometer etc, that I should think about before I start chemo?

Re: December Angels 2013

Hi statehood, bit late in the night but millions of good luck for tomorrow. I start mine Thursday .... Wishing you strength and please let me know how u get on. Sarah x

Re: December Angels 2013

Hi hope all ok after scan x

Re: December Angels 2013

Hi, we'll done. U did the cold cap and are ok? Let me know how you are. Well done u. Sarah x

Re: December Angels 2013

Hello u sorry for late reply but I hope your okay but many many thanks for insight into your first chemo ......so don't know how I will be so gives an insight x not sure about doctor coming with injections so will ask my ladies when I go for my first session on Thursday as I am out in the sticks and don't have doctors on call. Take care and stay strong x
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Re: December Angels 2013

FEC 1 took 1 hour
Only cold sensation running up my arm from the anti sickness
Just feel like I've got a massive hangover
Oh yes I also have a cold head!

Re: December Angels 2013

Hi Seterah good luck tomorrow. I will be thinking of everyone,

I had my heart scan today, so if all is well I will start on the 18th of this month!
Luv n hugs to all jac x

Re: December Angels 2013

Good luck for tomorrow Setareh, hope it goes well.

My PICC was also unsuccessful Kaz16 so I had the central line inserted 2/12/13 immediately before the chemo. Preparation took ages but insertion was quick n painless. I did find the local anaesthetic painfull but it was over quickly & there was a lovely lady there to hold my hand. Wounds ached that night but been ok since. My problem was the crappy dressings the district nurses put on on their 1st visit. They came off & were like paper. The ones they put on this Monday were fine tho& are waterproof if shower with care.

Today is FEC-T number 1 day 9 and I have felt more tired today. Have a cold starting but intend to steam with menthol each day til the bugger goes away! Drinking lots of water each day but mouth is dry & chalky & things don't taste right. Feel really bloated & stomach looks massive- not sure if it was as big as this before chemo & maybe I didn't notice coz there was a great big boob in the way!!!!

Managed to find an outfit for my works Xmas meal on Friday & my friend has done me some nice shellac nails so feeling positive..........chemo nurse says they have to be off before the 'T' cycle starts in February tho.....

Keep positive ladies, love n hugs x

Re: December Angels 2013

Hi angels, I'm having my first chemo tomorrow! 

Re: December Angels 2013

Good evening every body
Hope you are all OK and coping even if it means taking every day as it comes which I think is so important when going through all of this.
I need to take some of my own advice on this roller coaster. I went to have my PIC line inserted today but the nurse was not successful as my veins are very curly inside my body ! I will go back on Friday and they will use an X-ray to insert the line. Then I saw the oncologist who decided that the infection in my seroma needed another week of antibiotics so no chemo for me tomorrow . Not sure if I will be a December Angel after all more like a January Jumper ! Ah well at least I will enjoy Xmas a bit more , more waiting but nothing I can do about unfortunately we can't get off this roller coaster just hang on tight ! X K

Re: December Angels 2013

Good luck tomorrow.
A x

Re: December Angels 2013

Might try some of that Glandisane...apparently snored like a trooper last night! Remember something similar when I was pregnant many moons ago!

Thanks for sharing.
A x

Re: December Angels 2013

Thanks Gilly for your comments about the sickness and your kind thoughts. I am definitely going to be asking for something stronger for the nausea when I see oncologist next Monday. I even feel nauseous at the thought of the nausea from last time!! xx

Re: December Angels 2013

Hi A and Tracy


My mouth is also very dry and I am constantly thirsty, especially at night. My District Nurse suggested getting some 'Glandisane' from the GP. Apparently its an artificial saliva which is meant to help (maybe our saliva glands have been killed off?). It comes in 3 flavours - plain (which she said is disgusting) and mint or lemon.


I feel my mouth is getting a bit sore in places too and the nurse recommended 'Nystatin' which is good for oral thrush or mouth irritation. 


I had a glass of red wine last night which went down a treat. Got to bring some normality back into my life!


Hope you are both ok today. 


I went for a nice walk on the beach today with partner, dogs, a flask of tea and a stack of mince pies. So good to be able to eat again!



Re: December Angels 2013

Hi A, like you I get a very dry mouth at night and need to take a glass of water to bed. Glad to read you're feeling better though, things start to go back into perspective once the nausea settles down (don't think the steroids help).


Good luck to all you ladies starting your chemo this month - remember this is doable (please mind me it's doable when I feel like pants after the 20th Dec when my next FEC is due).


Take care


Tracy XXX

Re: December Angels 2013

Very good luck today SJB! Let us know how you get on.

Also good luck to anyone starting their chemo this week.

Am finally feeling a lot better. Even managed to go out to get my nails done, though it feels like I've done a whole days shopping! No nausea now, a little bit of acid tummy. Mouth feels a little weird, but not too bad. At night I have a very dry mouth and have to take sips of water through the night to lubricate. Anyone else had anything similar?

A x

Re: Anyone starting chemo in December?

Morning Petal 88


As SJB said stick around, when you start your Chemo this forum will be an invaluable support.Smiley Happy


You say that it has taken a while to get a clear diagnosis,  this must be difficult for you and i hope you can get some clarity and a plan for treatment soon.


Anything at all that concerns you just ask on the forum, there will always be somebody who has had that worry.  I have been reassured on many occasions as lots of the members have a huge amount of knowledge.  You can also talk to trained Professionals on the Helpline.


Thinking of you.  Take Care.  Gilly x  

Re: Anyone starting chemo in December?

Morning Sue


Thinking of you today for your appointment.  With partners it is difficult, mine hasn't talked about having read any of the leaflets and i haven't seen him reading any but i know from conversations he now understands about grade / staging / side effects etc so the reality is he has probably been looking on internet.  When he says it hardly affected his mates Mum, the chances are she was protecting her Son from the reality (whether her Son is 2 or 42 he is still her baby). Also your oh will probably be wanting it to have a minimal affect on you. 


You will know from posts on this thread that Chemo affects people differently but it is doable with support.  


I had Chemo before surgery 13 months ago and you are so right that you will have questions to ask today, i often forgot things as i was so anxious so i wrote everything down and then kept ringing to bc nurses to clarify things and they were great.


Hope you are able to get all the answers you need today and a start date for you Chemo so you can get on with the treatment.


Take Care    Gilly x    

Re: Anyone starting chemo in December?

Well, that's how it's going to be for me as well, so there's certainly more than one of us. I see my oncologist today, and anticipate hitting the chemo (or does the chemo hit me? lol) before Christmas.


There are some nice people here. Stick around. Woman Happy

Re: Anyone starting chemo in December?

Hi, how's it going? I'm joining the club next week and feeling sick at the thought of it and haven't had any treatment yet! I have had problems getting diagnosed which still aren't resolved but am going to have chemo before an operation. Anyone else out there had it that way round?

Re: December Angels 2013

I fell alseep worrying about today's appointment with my oncologist and woke up still dreaming about it! good night's sleep though. Slept right through till 4am.


My husband still hasn't read any of the booklets we were given, although I've read them all except the pathology report one, as I haven't got one of those yet, so it didn't feel relevant.


He was telling me that his mate's mum has had breast cancer, and had chemo, and it barely affected her. I tried to warn him that I need to ask some tough questions today, and unless I have misunderstood, my chemo is going to be pretty intense. I don't think he gets that yet at all.


It's hard to help your partner come to terms with stuff that you're struggling with yourself. So, 2.30 this afternoon I find out what's what. Wish me luck?

Re: December Angels 2013

Hi Angels, just wondering how you are all fairing this week?

I'm pretty organised now, just a few appts this week before d-day on Friday. I'm pretty nervous about having it but know it won't be as bad as I'm expecting. Just feel really sick already and have a fuzzy head, must be the anxiety.

Sending you lots of love for this week


Re: December Angels 2013

Thank you Gilly. I've had a good night's sleep. Yesterday evening when I read through all this and also chatted with my friends on Facebook, it was all very positive.


My name is Sue, by the way. I meant to say yesterday, but forgot.

Re: December Angels 2013

Evening Girls.


Just visiting your thread to see how you are all fairing with the Chemo.  Tracy and Tara sorry that you are both suffering from side effects and you must speak with your onc's about the sickness as there are so many Anti Sickness meds around that you really don't need to be sick like this.  Thinking of you both as you go onto your 2nd FEC, it'll all be over before you know it.


SJB  sounds like you have got a great support team which is good.   ----  I also had Chemo first in Nov 2012 - Feb 2013 then mx followed by rads.  Will be having reconstruction in 2014 but going back to work after Christmas to get a little normality back into my life and will take time out again for surgery maybe April / May.  Thinking of you this week and hopefully you'll get a date to start treatment soon.


Take Care   Gilly x



Re: December Angels 2013

Phew, after an emotional rollercoaster of a weekend and a whirlwind of letting people know my diagnosis and resigning from local groups and committees so I wasn't wasting my time worrying about things that didn't matter in the scheme of things, I've finally read every post in this thread.


Wow, everyone's story is different.


I have to say, I was totally expecting to be told I had cancer when I went to get the diagnosis on friday, but I just assumed I'd have a quick mastectomy then get the chemo etc afterwards. Having things round the other way confused me, but I understand reasons for it now.


People have mentioned about telling their friends and family etc. Well, nobody except one cousin knew that I was going to the doctor initially. She talked me into it on facebook because she had just had a lump checked out at her local breast clinic and was told it was nothing to worry about. I confessed that I also had a lump and she insisted that i make an appointment, so I did. But when i went along, I was convinced I'd be told that it was hormonal, so I really wasn't prepared at all for the doctor's tone when she said I was an urgent case and about the 14 day referral. It sent me into panic mode.


I left her surgery in tears and drove straight to my best friend's house. I hadn't wanted to talk to her about it as we had just had her sister's funeral the week before. She was 47 and died from a fit. It was very traumatic for all her family and friends. But when the chips were down, that was where I went, and she has been so supportive. I told a couple of other friends that I was waiting for the appointment for the tests, but I didn't say a word to my husband, mum or anyone else in the family. My husband's eldest sister died of cancer at the age of 25 back in the 1980's, and my mum was helping two sisters grieve the loss of loved ones, both from cancer, in the past years or so. It was a pretty raw subject for them all, and I didn't want to alarm anyone.


So my best friend drove me to the hospital for my tests, and came into the room to hear what the consultant had to say at the end of it all. By that time, I had 2 large dressings stuck on my boob and under my arm, and I was feeling incredibly sore. I realised i could not hide this from my husband, so I had to tell him that evening. That was hard. He didn't get home until 8pm, and I had gotten so depressed and stressed waiting for him, that I almost couldn't get the words out. But we got there.


So he went with me for the results last Friday, and he will go with me to meet the oncologist on Tuesday, but after that I'm hoping other friends can go with me, as he is self-employed and simply cannot afford to lose work throughout all of this.


I decided the only way I could tell my friends was to be very public about it, so I unfriended everyone who didn't matter on facebook (over 100 people), and then made a very public announcement to all my best and clostest friends and family in one hit. It went very well, and i have had so much support, they've all been brilliant. My local friends are talking about drawing up a rota to take me to my chemo appointments and sit with me etc, and one friend is even going to knit me a wacky woolen hat with pom poms. Can't wait! One of my friends is a hairdresser, and me and my boys always go round to her to get our hair cut in her kitchen. She is going to cut my hair short next tuesday (17th) so that when it drops out, it will be more managemable. it's shoulder length at the moment. I don't want that cold cap, doesn't sound nice, and I don't mind losing my hair. I don't want a wig either. I'm going to wear bandanas mainly, and various friends are going to buy me different ones for Christmas. Feeling very special at the moment.


I don't have any further dates yet, but I know I soon will. Very keen to get the CT scan and bone scan sorted, and really want to get stuck into the chemo, even if it happens on Christmas Day. Bring it on! I need to kill the cancer that is inside me as soon as possible. 


When I understand better what drugs are to be used in my chemo etc, I'll update you all. So many questions, but I am taking the advice of a friend who has been cured of pancreatic cancer, to jot them all down in a notebook and go through them with the oncologist on tuesday. Good luck to all of you. I dopn't like the name December Angels, but as I was such a latecomer, I won't complain. lol

Re: December Angels 2013

Hi A,

Sorry to hear you've had a rough few days. Like Tara I was sick within 2 hours of the first chemo and had terrible nausea plus headache for the following 3 days but was ok after that. Most people have recommended a drug called Emend which is supposed to work very well for the sickness and nausea. I'll definitely be asking my oncologist about this on the 13th Dec as FEC 2 is due on the 20th . I've not been having any extra injections, glad though as I hate needles.

Take care and hope you feel better ASAP

Tracy XXX