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Re: Deflated

So sorry to hear those margins weren’t clear Rabbit. It was the same for me, they had to have a second go but second time round was much easier than the first physically. Mentally, you feel you haven’t moved on but you have, hun. Very common to find out the tumour size is not accurate either.  They can’t be 100% accurate till that path report. These are all parts of the jigsaw they have to put together before they go in to KICK ITS ASS. Hang in there. Lots of us hugging you x x 


Re: Deflated

Sorry to hear this rabbit28, it horrible when the goal posts move. You will feel more in control once you have your treatment plan in place. You just sort of roll with it from then on. Chemo affects people in many different ways and there are people who feel very few ill effects.
I can whole heartedly recommend the chemo monthly threads you can get loads of tips advice and support there and there are laughs to be had too.
Best wishes with your treatment xx

Re: Deflated

Hi rabbit, just wanted to say I had my first chemo ten days ago and I've felt tired and not had much energy, but otherwise it's not been too bad. Thinking of you xx

Sue C
Community Champion

Re: Deflated

Hi rabbit

Sorry to read that your results are not what you hoped for. All the information can be overwhelming and its natural to feel low. 

Don't be too afraid of chemo. It won't be as bad as you think. I found for me, the surgery was much more traumatic than chemo.

Once you get a starting date, pop over to the Going through treatment section and the monthly chemo threads. All the ladies are very supportive and you can talk to others going through the same as you.

Sending a hug xx



I has good news after my lumpectomy in that I was advised the BC had not spread to the lymph nodes other than micro metastasies which they ignore.  I've just had my follow up with the consultant following the op and he has advised the margins were not clear, the cancer is now grade 3 not grade 2 and the tumour was 30mm not 20mm. So all in all he advised I will need another op but not until after the chemo.  Waiting now for heart scan and date to see oncologist.  Dreading the chemo and just want it out of the way. xx