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Delayed LD reconstruction after failed immediate DIEP


Re: Delayed LD reconstruction after failed immediate DIEP

Thank Anna. I decided not to have any reconstrction this year and have a year off, enjoying life without appointements and feeling poorly !


Re: Delayed LD reconstruction after failed immediate DIEP

Hi Sarah


Sorry that you havent had any replies yet.  There are many conversations on the Forum about reconstruction.  One you may find particularly helpful is here.


Best wishes
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Delayed LD reconstruction after failed immediate DIEP

Hello .

Im interested to hear of other women’s experiences . I had a bilateral mastectomy last September with immediate DIEP flap reconstruction. I was immensely pleased with the results, however one side ‘failed’ due a plumbing issue and had to be taken out, leaving the skin ready for reconstruction.

At at the time I really wanted to crack on  and have the reconstruction, as soon as possible so I could move on,  however now I have my appointment tomorrow  plan for LD reconstrction , I’m not sure .

I’ve just got my life back and part of me wants to enjoy a long period of time in good health , free of appointments , able to plan nice times with family and friends  , before what seems like starting all over again . I’d just started in a fantastic new job a week before diagnoses , and have been luckily enough to be able to pick up where I left off . 


The other part of me is keen to crack on  and have it all over and done with . My partner says he can't relax until I'm all finished. 

My post is a bit rambling , but I’m really interested to find out when people had a second reconstruction following a failed first one,   when did you have it , what did you have and do you wish you had it earlier or later ? Where you pleased with the results ?