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Diagnosed invasive breast cancer πŸ˜’


Re: Diagnosed invasive breast cancer πŸ˜’

Hi roobie45
Cert not nice when your finally diagnosed,i was glad my middle son came and toom most in, last wk was just a blurr for me,frm diagnosis to having my mastectomy, im now healing great,but again the waiting game of results from the lumps,and the lymphnodes taken,weds cnt come soon enough, wishing you all the best for monday,an sending hugs,let know how goes. Ally xx

Re: Diagnosed invasive breast cancer πŸ˜’

Hi, I've just been told also. You try and prepare yourself but nothing can stop the sheer panic and dread...Good luck for Thursday as I'm in on Monday. Xx

Re: Diagnosed invasive breast cancer πŸ˜’

Hi thanks all,I had my mastectomy last Thursday,and surprised myself,doing really well,doc couldn't believe how well I was few hrs after surgery,I was out same evening,been taking things easy ,mostly sleeping,my drain was the pain more than the op,but thankfully was taken out yesterday 😊,I'm def more positive than the hrs after being diagnosed,just need Wednesday 21st to hurry up get my treatment plan an results.as I told my family it can take what ever body part,but cnt take my positivity an strength to fight it head on πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ thanks guys comments an advice much appreciated x x

Re: Diagnosed invasive breast cancer πŸ˜’

Hi Alley


Hang in there. I didn't have a mastectomy but what I found the hardest was dealing with the C word. I have finished my treatment and was signed off from oncology on my birthday! There are some hideous days to come but they won't be the surgery or the physical bits. Let the doctors take care of your body - they really are amazing. Find something to occupy your mind. How about watching all the "Back to the Future" films back to back and seeing if you can spot any continuity errors? Yes, I really am that sad! 


You can't imagine it now, but you won't always feel like this. I phoned my Dr and asked him how long I would feel so lost. He said, 'I honestly can't tell you but I can guarantee that it won't be forever.' That was quite nice to hear at that point. I'm obviously easily pleased, but you'll find that the oddest things take your attention, and every minute your thinking about something else you're not thinking about C. We used to make really inappropriate jokes about what might have to happen (this was before results), but it kept us laughing in between the panic. 


6 months down the line and it doesn't actually feel like it was real. I wonder whether I'm burying my head. But so what if I am? 6 months ago I could never have imagined that I would be this side of it all. But I am and we will ALL get there.


I'm not very good at following the threads, and I forget who everyone is. So if I don't manage to speak to you before, the very best of luck for the op, and sit back and relax. What is it everyone says? BE KIND TO YOURSELF!




Re: Diagnosed invasive breast cancer πŸ˜’

Hi Alley

I am one of the ones having a mastectomy next week.

The diagnosis is a shock, the tears and your vulnerability are as well. 

You probably feel 'well' in yourself as well which makes it worse.

On here is the best place to admit to stuff - admit you sobbed your heart out for no apparent reason - one of my times was in the bra section of a big store!!

And say if you wake with tears, you may not tell the rest of family when you feel a wreck but we are all here for that and at different times all feel it and share and usually find a humur along the way

Join in - we are good cyber shoulders to cry on



Re: Diagnosed invasive breast cancer πŸ˜’

It's devastating news but you will get through this, this forum is great for hints and tips as well as somewhere to let off steam. I had my mastectomy on 4th dec I also had implant and reduction to the other boob. I was petrified but it was nowhere as bad as I thought it would be. Pain is minimal but do take painkiller regularly as offered. Just paracetomol from day 2 was sufficient for me. Mobility is an issue for the first 2 to 3 weeks. You will need help as you can't lift anything. I personally struggled to lift a plate at first. Listen to your body it will tell you when you can't do something. Everyone is different in how they heal and react. If you want to cry then do, there is no shame in allowing yourself to let those emotions out. Tears are in place of the words we can't find to express our emotions and are cleansing. The scariest bit is probably right now as you come to terms with your diagnosis. The kids will adapt because they have an amazing capacity to deal with life. Lots of hugs and cuddles. I wish you well on this journey none of us planned to go on. X

Re: Diagnosed invasive breast cancer πŸ˜’

Alley I had a mastectomy at the beginning of December. It really wasn't as bad as I had anticipated. Some of the area will be numb and that actually makes it easier. Take it easy, but keep up the exercises you will be told about, they really do help. I found if I sat too long I was stiff so move around every so often. Take the painkillers regularly too. Enjoy some daytime TV!! Sending you a big hug.

Re: Diagnosed invasive breast cancer πŸ˜’

Hi lovely,  thats very sucky. Xxx

Im 3 weeks past mastectomy and its honestly ok. Tired more than anything,  discomfort is minimal, it gets you in the arm on that side rather than the chest. Means no lifting,  even the kettle in that first couple of weeks. I got very constipated from the drugs...kiwi fruit drinks.. t.m.i Im starting to get burning sensation as bits are healing but its heaps better than when I nearly broke my leg falling on asphalt.  Heaps. 

I was terrified before mine, but it was Exactly as my surgeon said.  I also thought id feel hideous,  but was so pleased to be alive its only bothered me a couple of times.

You will be shown stretches to keep your arm mobile,  I came home a couple of days later, but surprisingly most are sent home the next day. 

Theres a thread on what to take to hospital,  button up pjs and chap stick were my favourites.

Its a devastating diagnosis, we're all here for each other and we all understand as our wheels fall off too. 

This bit of waiting is excruitiating.  

Im 45, my girls are 10 and 11. They're actually calmer about it than most adults. 

The brave face is exhausting,  here you dont need to wear it. 

Much love,  xxxx


Re: Diagnosed invasive breast cancer πŸ˜’

So sorry for your bad news and its not surprising you feel a bit low, but hang in there. The mastectomy is really not as bad as you think it will be in advance. I had mine in August and node clearance and I am fully healed and back at work (I had chemo first and rads after...) with pretty much full movement back. Yes it sucks not having a breast, but thats better than cancer. It might be worth you seeing your GP if you find you are very low - they can give you something to help in the short-term.

Re: Diagnosed invasive breast cancer πŸ˜’

Hi alleyg xxx first sending a virtual hug *you WILL get through this * - I was duagnosed with lobular cancer at start of December - I am having a double masectomy next monday ( so this time next week the surgery will be over ) x there are a few of us who will be in recovery at the same time x I think so many of us do the brave face esp with children ( I'm 45 and children are 15,15 and 19) but it sounds like you've been through a lot already. There is some info about masectomy in going through surgery tab ( under treatment) on forum - also a helpful what to take into hospital thread x much depends on reconstruction etc - I have delayed as need to concentrate on getting rid of the cancer first xxx many gentle hugs again feel free to pm me if you have any specific questions just prior to ur operation x sarah

Re: Diagnosed invasive breast cancer πŸ˜’

Hi Alley
I am sorry to read your news, I am sure your fellow users will be along soon with support and they will understand just how you are feeling, please don't forget you are welcome to call and talk things through with our helpliners too

Here's a link to information about what to expect regarding surgery along with further support ideas for you whilst you await replies:


Take care
Lucy BCC

Diagnosed invasive breast cancer πŸ˜’

I'm just numb,after 6wks of tests an a core biopsy,finally went in for my results tday as xmas was delay,to be told Invasive breast cancer,to be going in on Thursday morning for a mastectomy 😞 ,I'm just numb,everyone's being great and I'm trying to be strong for my boys who have already seen their mum go through 1 crippling bone disease an fighting it for 12 yrs that's left me in pain 24/7 in my body to now this on top,I just don't know how much fight I've got left anymore,just brave face on at min ,when I'm crippling on the inside,just hope anyone can give me some insight to what I'm to expect before,during or after a mastectomy,much appreciate thanks x x