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Diet and exercise for tnbc


Re: Diet and exercise for tnbc

Hi Sue

I didn't see the article but had heard about diet and exercise. I have lost a stone in weight since diagnosis and on a low fat and low carb diet. The exercise will start in earnest once I get over the mastectomies surgery

It's good to know we can also help ourselves beat this thing !!

Thanks for posting , I'm going to look up the article

Sam x

Diet and exercise for tnbc

Hi girls, I don't know if any of you saw the article in the Times this Saturday. It was saying that a result of a 20 year study stating that losing 7 pounds was 'extraordinarily important for at least 10,000 women in Britain who develop the aggressive type of cancer...most striking among women with cancers which are hard to beat because they lack the biological targets used by many modern drugs'. Think thats us tncb girls!

It went on to say 'the risk of dying fell by 69% at 10 years and 54% at up to 20 according to data presented at the San Antonio Breast Cancer symposium. It cuts the levels of cancer causing hormones such as insulin. The artical said that a low fat diet and weight loss could be as effective as many drugs researchers found.

I started my low fat diet and exercise in earnest yesterday

Love to all my tnbc sisters Sue xx