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Disappointed with recon.


Re: Disappointed with recon.

so sorry about your dilema!! i had bi lasteral with immediate reconstruction nov 08....lots of blow ups and inflations..few months down the line been told nothing more can be done with these..surgeon isnt happy-could fit another boob between the new ones i have... its a long road decision making ..just make sure u r mentally ready before u do anything...i havent decided yet!
huge hugs xxx


Re: Disappointed with recon.

Dear Debbie,
I am so sorry to hear of your problem and I really hope it will settle with a little time. You are not alone to go through this- I had very similar to you- mx, then 18 mths later had prophalactic mx and bilateral recon with becker expanders . Straight away there was a problem- one on the treated side was gravitating to my armpit where it stayed! Very painful, then became mishapen and smaller than the other side. They had to come out (2yrs later) and PS wanted to replace with shaped implants but I decided that I'd had enough and just wanted them removed- couldn't cope with going through op after op as I was sure the problem wouldn't solve.
That was 6 mths ago. I am now completely flat chested and I must say, the journey psychologically has not been easy and I'm not saying that this is the route for you. I am now glad I had this done as I am now free from pain, discomfort and the fear of having to have more and more surgery. The PSs are very convincing that all will be well (and thankfully most cases are fine and women are happy ) but recon does and can go wrong for others.
I am now in a good place, getting on with bilateral prostheses which are actually the same size! As I say , this may not be the way for you and I hope you get some answers as to why its not worked and if anything can be done. Remember, things are changing all the time and I'm sure they will perfect a technique that is problem free! We go through enough crap without all this!
I wish you all the very best of luck Debbie and am sending big hugs- I know how dissappointing it is when things don't work out the way we hope or are led to believe but remember- you are not on your own- sadly there are plenty of similar stories.


Re: Disappointed with recon.

hi Debbie

No experience of the reconstruction you had (mine was LD flap and implant) but I do know what it is to live with an unsatisfactory reconstruction. Now I think of it as a superior mastectomy scar rather than a breast and it helps with the disappointment. Really hope that something can be done to improve your result.


Jane x


Disappointed with recon.

Hi I have just had reconstructive surgery again. I had a mastectomy 2 years ago and had a becker implant put in and then opted for a second mastectomy a year later and had a second becker implant. At the time of my second mastectomy they redid my recon on my right side as it had not gone right. Unfortunately neither side healed right again with dips and creases all over the place and so I have just been in again for the replacement of my implants with shaped implants and slightly larger ones than the becker as I was barely a B cup having been a natural C / D cup before my mastectomy. The bandages came off last week and I am really disappointed because I am completely different shapes on each breast and in clothes it looks like I have one big and one small breast.

Has anyone else had anything like this? and can any one make any suggestions I hate to think that I will have to got through recon again as this has been my 5th op in total. I am 37 and my husband left me during all of this and all though I am not in another relationship yet it is really knocking my self esteem.

Thanks Debbie