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Do I have Chemotherapy or not?


Re: Do I have Chemotherapy or not?

Hi all

I am so sorry that you are all in this postion re making very significant decisions.  I was in the same place about 10 months ago.

I found that I was given information as and when, I think the professionals try not to overload us and help us digest exactly what is 'on the table' at that time and for many of us chemo is a wild card and appears to spring from nowhere.  

Once I had surgery and knew what was what I went to an OPA with surgeon who had made an appt with the oncologist following on from his consultation which was really helpful as he threw chemo into the mix from what appeared to be the ether. So off to see the Onc who put his cards on the table with all the stats from Predict and we did discuss the Oncotype DX test but it was not being funded at that time. Ironically it was from the very next day....anyway we thoroughly mulled over what info we did have in context of my own personal medical history and were asked to go away and come back with a decision.  However, I had an inspired moment and decided not to have chemo (my likely side effects were frequent hospitalisation, difficulty with veins, and potential life threatening hiccups (not actual hiccups). I was then due to have rads and hormone therapy for 5 years.

Partway through my rads I became low, tired and questioning my decision. I think we have to deal with so much at once that when things settle and we have time to think we mull it all over a bit too much.  Anyway, I saw the Onc and he told me that once I got to the end of rads if I stil felt uncertain I could potentially have chemo, a bit unorthodox that way around and not exactly NHS protocol but doable.  This gave me great confidence that a door had not been completely shut.

However, as the weeks passed I became more confident in my body and decided that the choices I had made were right and I have not regretted the decision at all.

I completely accept that BC could return at some stage and it did for my mother (mx without chemo), but she had 20 years grace inbetween diagnoses so I dont feel that is too bad a clear run.

Strangely my year was not to be cancer free for another reason though.  After the rads and the associated tiredness I really thought I should be picking up but felt I was going downhill rapidly so went to my GP who thought maybe I was depressed but ran blood tests.  Long and short of it I was diagnosed with Colon Cancer 6 months after BC and was told that I would almost certainly need chemo.  However, a bowel resection later I was given the all clear, no more treatment, it was in situ and had probably been there for up to 10 years lying dormant!  My body is now an interesting road map....

It was nearly a year ago all this started, its been a hike and a half that I would rather have not done but I feel super well and feel I have made the right decisions for me.  

Please ladies do what you feel is right for you as we have no idea what is around the next corner.

Happy Valentines Day!





Re: Do I have Chemotherapy or not?

Hi Sarah, so helpful to read your post- totally relate to the awful meeting when Chemo was thrown in the mix when it hadn't previously been mentioned- felt like goalposts had all been moved- really struggled. I'm just waiting on results for my OncoDX test and now thinking that should have Chemo unless results super low !? Hope everything goes well for you. Xx Michelle

Re: Do I have Chemotherapy or not?

Hi Sarah,


Many thanks for your response it has been useful.


One moment I think radiotherapy is the best option as my chances of it coming back appear to be low - however, I do have a similar mind set to you that I don't want this thing to beat me.


My oncologist  says  I have a 2/100 (5 year) 4/100 (10 year chance of coming back - which does appear to be low.


But I should do anything I can to make sure that it dosen't come back.


I have a meeting with the Breast Nurse next week to discuss so hopefully this will help me decide.


I hope that all goes well with your treatment and that you continue to be positive x



Re: Do I have Chemotherapy or not?

Hi KMS similar sitution - surgery to remove grade 2 lobular - 19mm diagnosed by mamogram - my MRI also diagnosed another area of concern (biopsied but benign - post op histology on that one is LCIS).  Previously told same as you - rads and Tamoxafin.

Post op it turns out that margins are clear and both nodes tested were negative but it also came back as her2+ so, as a result, and because of my age (47) I have been offered chemo and herceptin - totally shocked and to be honest pretty distraught when I came out of that appointment !

The 'predict' tool showed that I have a 5% better chance if I take what's on offer and I did wonder, inititally, if it was worth it.  Didn't take me long to come to the conclusion that I was going to do anything that I could to stop this from coming back and that if it did and I'd done nothing then I'd never forgive myself for putting me and my family through this again because I was too 'scared/nervous/worried etc' to try.

Got my wig sorted today, pre-treament meeting on monday and chemo starts on Wednesday - not going to let this thing beat me.

I'm at peace with my decision - its the right one for me and, whatever decision you make, it will be right for you - here if you need to talk.


Good luck, Sarah x

Re: Do I have Chemotherapy or not?

Thank you for a prompt response

Re: Do I have Chemotherapy or not?

Hi KMS, 


I am sure users going through a similar situation will be along to offer information and support very soon.


You may also want to look at and post on a supportive thread that has already been started from our users called 'how do you make the decision as to whether or not you have chemotherapy'.


Best wishes, 




Digital Community Assistant 

Do I have Chemotherapy or not?

I have recently had surgery for the removal of  two adeno carcinoma mixed ductul & lobular grade 2 tumors (20mm & 12mm).  The first was identifed following a routine Mammogram with the second following an MRI.

3 Lymph Nodes were tested and negative.  Margins were clear.  Advised that Oestogen positive.

When I was dianosed, I was advised that I would only required surgery, radiotherapy and Tamoxafin.

Following an Onco DX test, with a score of 22, my Oncologist is asking me to decide if I want chemotherapy or not.

This has come as a bit of a shock and unsure I will benefit.

Has anyone else been in a similar situation?