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Do I have inflammatory breast cancer ?

Community Champion

Re: Do I have inflammatory breast cancer ?

Hi Lottie,
Do get to your GP to get it looked at again as it sounds like the infection has recurred.
Honestly, the chances of it being IBC is negligible, especially as you are so young.
Google is best avoided on this as it only causes a load of unnecessary anxiety & any search of breast symptoms will only lead to cancer which is the least likely outcome.
Anyway, do get along to your GP to get it sorted out & do take care.
ann xx

Do I have inflammatory breast cancer ?

Hello I have really scared myslef, I am a fifteen year old and in the past month have had a breast infection in one of my nipples. I had a course of antibiotics and this seemed to help clear the problem. Recently however the symptoms have returned and made the mistake of googling them. I had all the symptoms of inflammatory breast cancer and have convinced myself I have the condition. Do you think I have it or do I need more antibiotics/ different treatment ?