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Double Mastectomy via Diep Flap

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Re: Double Mastectomy via Diep Flap

First of all, welcome to the forum, Simi & sorry to hear what you've been through. 

It also might be an idea to post on 'surgery' in the 'going through treatment' board, where there will be others who will be happy able to share their surgery experiences with you as this board is quieter. 

Wishing you the very best with it all. 

ann x


Double Mastectomy via Diep Flap


I recently had a double mastectomy via a diep flap on 16th August 2017 as risk reducing surgery as I am a BRCA1 carrier. I caught infection soon after the surgery and my body pushed out most of the stitches and now I have open wounds. My right breast is now dressed with PICO and has started to heal from inside out. I have not felt so ugly in my life and almost regret my surgery. I have 3 dressing changes at my local gp and one at the hospital a week and I am getting tired of it and feel like giving up. Last Friday I had my 6 week follow up and my surgeon says she is 95% happy with the result and 5% unhappy that the wounds have opened up.
I also discovered that she put a prolene mesh in my tummy which I was not told about prior to my surgery. I am so angry as I had this type of surgery to avoid foreign bodies inside of me. I feel like I am going into depressing and do not know what to do. Has anyone had this type of surgery? The recovery has been nothing but a emotional and physical challenge.