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Hi Suze I claimed ESA from April 2015 to August 2016 - I never got called to an interview. I understand that they can put you in either of 2 groups - as a cancer patient you should go in the group getting the higher level of benefit and not called to interview.

Ther, e's more info on here somewhere if you search the forum for ESA you should find it. Or call the helpline or macmillan for advice


Hi all, i am very new to the forum and would like to ask for help.I was diagnosed with BC at the very end of July 2017, i am employed but have been off work since the day before my op in Aug 2017 i have had 2 ops. chemotherapy and now having radiotherapy. i had work related sick pay but after 6 months i claimed ESA based on NI Contributions which after so much hassle (About them receiving sick certificates from me. First they hadnt got them then they had, then they hadn't then they had and after being paid then a letter sent to say they hadn't received my certificates and payments would stop and after ringing them they then said they had them) i am receiveing payments. My question i have now been asked to attend an interview at the Jobcentreplus to  "Helping you get into work when you are able to in the future" I rung the lady who i have the interview with to say i have a job to go back to and hoping to return at the beginning of May she would not listen to me and said i had to attend. I only finish radiotherapy next week and the week after have to attend the interview, i am not claiming any other benefit other than this. The whole process of claiming ESA has been so stressful and now this letter for an interview, Any advise pls