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Editing posts


Re: Editing posts

Hello all, I have had a nice email from the Mods to say that the editing issue should now be fixed. Have just tried it, but afraid it still doesn't work (although the HTML trick that Blanna (?- sorry if I have the wrong person) does work. I will repky to the Mods email with the bad news!


Hugs. Barton.x

Re: Editing posts

Trust me ....I must b the only one without the trouble ...apart from predictive text having a mind of its own but that's the phones and not the system!!! Just have to double check before I post .

Re: Editing posts

Hi all, 


Thank you for letting us know that you have been having trouble editing posts on tablets.


I have reported this to our technical team who are working on resolving the issue. If you do have any more problems please do just let us know 🙂 


You can email me at Moderator@breastcancercare.org.uk.


Best wishes,



Re: Editing posts

Thanks Blanna. It certainly works for me. Well done! xxx

Editing posts

I think I might have a solution for those who cannot edit.

When posting your reply go to the tag above the box that has the HTML

use this to edit it works for me