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Effect on alopaecia of chemotherapy?


Re: Effect on alopaecia of chemotherapy?

I did have a spot of alopecia, and never thought to look. I have checked just now and the hair has not grown back on that spot, but has come back quite normally and thickly otherwise.


Re: Effect on alopaecia of chemotherapy?

sorry ostritch - no advice but have to say it won't be a good idea to get too worked up about this

try and keep balanced - if you are lucky your alopecia might go away altogether

my hair is quite different at the moment - so are my bowels!!!!

good luck
love FB xx


Effect on alopaecia of chemotherapy?


I am not sure whether anyone on this site will be able to help but here goes anyway.

I have, for the last 8 years or so intermittently suffered with spots of alopaecia. Sometimes only a 10pence sized piece, sometimes several much larger pieces of baldness that has eventually, after about 2 - 4 months, grown back.

I am due to start chemo soon and wondered if anyone has had alopaecia before getting BC and or if anyone has any knowledge of whether the chemo will affect my alopaecia.

I know it is likely I will loose my hair (very likely) but what I am not sure about is whether the chemo will "turn on" my alopaecia again and it may never grow back.

No one is sure what causes alopaecia but it is your auto-immune system attacking the hair folicies and it can be "turned on" for no reason and equally "turned off" for no reason.

Any advice/pointers/experience would be great, xxx