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Elevated Liver Bilirubin


Re: Elevated Liver Bilirubin

Hello joellek
Hiya ..so sorry to hear that your mom isn't too well and like funny face ..there is nothing much I can say but send you loads of special hugs.
Cancer is unique and everyone is an individual with treatment ..it's not" a one size fits all " ...sometimes the cancer just resists the chemo ...
But you are a caring daughter so spend as much time with your family ..loads of hugs and treats ...your mum is so lucky to have you .
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Re: Elevated Liver Bilirubin

Hi JoelleK, I'm sorry the chemo did nothing for your mom. I'm sure this has put you all in a spin! I'm sorry but I don't know much about liver mets from metastatic breast cancer. Afraid I'm not very helpful with this. I'm only good for hugs and prayers this time. 


Elevated Liver Bilirubin

Hi ladies,

we had quite a week, a bad week. last wednesday we got the results of moms scans, mets in bone, liver, and lung increased while on erubilin. But the worst thing all of a sudden her liver bilirubin got super high in a matter of days. She was admitted to the hosp and they tried to see if a stent could be put in, but it couldn't because the cancer is just too bad. The onc had a talk with us all that he is going to try cisplatin chemo , falsodex, and some steriods. If bilirubin keeps increasing its a matter of weeks and its over.

We were devistated and in shock bc just a month ago her liver was doing so much better, in a matter of one week everything was flipped upside down. we are praying day and night for a miracle and that this treatment will be the one.

I don't what kind of advice you ladies can give us. Someone telling me my mom is gonna die is probably the worst thing ive ever heard.

Has anyone had similar situations whether it be with their liver or else where with secondaries?? And did you recover and get back on track??