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Embarking on an adventure, you are welcome to tag along


Embarking on an adventure, you are welcome to tag along

Like all adventurers, I am going into the unknown with some apprehension next week. However, I happy to have met some wonderful people here, during my preparation, since March 2010. I have found out who my real friends are and I am overwhelmed by the love I am surrounded by. Like an adventurer I am ready to push myself to the limit of my capabilities when necessary, and I know it won't be a bed of roses. however when I reach my destination after many months, I hope to arrive triumphant, and a better person.

Don't get my wrong, I have been on another adventure in 2003, so I know a little of what is entailed and I have no illusions, but I thought an up beat thread of discovery would be interesting.

This adventure is peppered with other changes in my life, as before I knew this adventure was about to start, I had plans for other things which I have decided not to cancel.

At the moment my garden is strewn with chopped down trees, so I hope "the man" will come and tidy every thing away soon (as he promised). I hope he is not a "cowboy" tree feller.

In June I am having a completely new kitchen, from top to bottom. The old one is going to be ripped out and I will have to "camp" in my own home. Luckily I have some friends who will help me pack up all the stuff, but we don't have a date fixed yet.

My adventure will also be planned around a special holiday (leaving 25th July for 2 weeks)

So if your adventure is starting too, or you would like to help me on mine I will be very happy. I am sure there will be a lot to discover and share.

All the best to one and all, Maria

PS check my profile for the more boring details of my adventure

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Happy Birthday ladies! And thank you very much for having me tag along as a late entrant, and to Maria for starting the thread!
Hope you're all having a lovely week-end. Vickie, the party sounds fab!!
Here's to a happy, healthy and fun year ahead for all.
Siobhan xx


Totally agree, thanks maria and happy first birthday to our thread. Xxx

am bugg... I mean shattered! Had fantastic day, son's 6th birthday party, 36 kids , lots of food and party games. Made a huge garfield bthdy cake, my fingers are still orange from the paste! Just wrapping up his presents now, sshhhhh, dont say anthing but he's got a new bike 🙂

sure beats last year when i held back tears throughout his birthday, felt too ill to give it my all and knew i was shaving my hair off the next day:-(

love to all my cyber friends



Happy birthday everyone, wow how quick has this year gone. Thankyou so much Maria for giving us this fantastic thread. I had hoovered about on this site for a few months, not liking to post when I come upon Marias thread. The title of the thread just drew me to it, and I am so glad I did. This thread has given me so much support, and given me chance to get to know some lovely ladies on my journey. I love the laughs we've had, and I know I can come and shed a few tears on here if I need to, and its ok to rant. So big hugs to everyone, and here's to the next 12 months, cheers ladies.
Love Heather,


Happy Birthday to the thread and a special thanks for Maria in starting it and bringing us all together.What a heck of a year but yes it does get better. I too never thought this time last year I would be able to say that. Thank you all my CF for holding hands tightly and all the laughter and ( some) tears and fears along the way. Love to all Jackie


Happy birthday to the thread and what a difference a year makes.
6th May last year was when I discovered my lump...so I've been a bit reflective the last couple of days.
Glad everyone seems to be doing ok ...just what I like to hear.


thread maintenance whilst official person makes birthday cake and enjoys being mum to a 6 year old xxxx have fun V xx

A big Happy Birthday to our Thread wow one year old!!!!! Thank you Maria (hope you realise how many times you will be thanked for this thread over the next 100 years lol) xxx
Happy birthday everyone.....time to party...xxx


wow!!!! how far have we all come???? thanks, Maria, for helping us keep our sanity!!
still not been told how to get rid of my wedding couple. am thinking of creating a new profile.
I must say that my allotment is breathing a sigh of relief for the rain! but the weeds are catching up, so got to stay busy with the hoe.
must go, just had my poached eggs and now runner beans to plant

hugs to all my CFs



YES!! HAppy Birthday ladies and especially so to one special lady for starting the thread - Thank you Maria.

I don't know how I would have coped without you all holding my hand and guiding me through; you were all 'one step ahead' of me so I gained some very useful hints and tips from you all along with all the tears and laughter that we've shared too. I for one am sure it will continue.

So "Thank You" to everybody.

And Yes as Sandra says it DOES get better and easier, so any 'newbies' reading please take note....

Love & HUGS Nell xxx


Yes Happy Birthday/Anniversary everyone, a year ago!! l drink your good heath ladies! (Green Tea)

Still sitting here worrying!! Onc appointment with blood test results on Tuesday, but not so upset as l was a year ago as in a few days time l would be having my mx! so at least l have finished my peachy, and my life isn't completely taken over by cancer. Can hardly beleive it really does get better! never thought l would say that. Not a lot!! but it does!
Have a lovely day ladies, and holding hands tightly.

Sandra xxx


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EVERYONE, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US. One year today we started tagging along together sharing our ups and downs, helping each other along during our adventures. I hope the next 12 months will bring more joy than sorrow to you all. Here's holding hands tightly
Hugs as always, Maria


SERIOUS UTM needed..... think we're past page 10!!!!!

Hmm well what do I say? Oh yes got a letter for breast clinic yesterday for the results of my scan - only it was for the day before! Erm... something to do with the post over the bank holidays they said so they re-booked it for ..... wait for it.... Friday the 13th!!!! Arghh.......

And thanks for all your lovely comments about my holiday photos and Yes Tina/Suze it was Cala D'Or.....

Right must dash got a G & T on the go and a fab thunder and lightening show to watch!

Love & Hugs to all, Nell xxx


Good Morning ladies, well it is a long night again, well early morning now. I am going to go back to the doctors next week to see how long I have got to wait for that injection on my hip.
Maria it is very lonely ang long nights, the dog and cat come popping in to see me, then back on there beds they go. They look at me as if to say why aren't you in bed again. I do catch up on some telly I have missed, We have got BT vision so there is usually some thing I can watch. Hope work is going ok, have a rest this weekend ready for next week.
Dee, saw your holiday pics on FB, they looked lovely, so glad you had a good time. Seem to be getting into WW, I have got a house full of fruit lol and the easter eggs are still there looking at me. Hubby made a butternut squash soup yesterday, it had tomatos, celery,onions,carrets and pepper in. You just roast them in the oven, no oil or anything, when the veg are cooked you blitzed it add some water season and thats it. It is no points and it was lovely, really fills you up. I haven't got any scales at the minute because I broke them, not getting on them lol hubby dropped them. I have ordered some so I am just going to have to wait. I roughly no what I weigh so hopefully I will have a nice suprise. How long did it take you to lose 2 stone ? at the moment losing 2 stone would be enough for me.
Isabelle, see I could have those baby lambs and feed them, pity I dont live closer. Have a nice weekend with your grandchildren.
Well hubbys daughter has decided she is going to have C section. She was suppose to see consultant on Tuesday at Oxford and they where going to try to turn the baby. They told her to take everything with her incase she starts in labour, but she doesn't want to do that. She has 4 weeks to go and she doesn't want them to bring on an early labour. Hubbys daughter as not put much weight on, she is really slim anyway, but she is scared if she had baby to soon she will be so very small. Also you never know she has got 4 weeks yet, baby might turn its self fingers crossed.
Well think I am going to watch an episode of One Born Everyminute, it always makes me cry though.
Hope all of you have a nice weekend,
Take care,
Love Heather,


Karen; great to hear from you and to hear you had a good holiday. I do hope Glen gets the help he needs to get back on his feet, so to speak. Carl is sounding better and better.........Good luck with the bone scan and anything else they are throwing at you.
Little Nell; I'm glad you had a good time too, and that you behaved yourself keeping out of the sun etc.
Heather, apart from being our calamity Jane you also seem to be like Carol's wedding couple, 1 step forward and 2 steps back, but at least you are NED. Hope more good news follows. A 4am posting is not good, it must be very lonely at that time of the morning .
Suze, hope you had a good day at work. I've just finished my week of 3+1/2 days work, not sure how I am, to tell you the truth.
Isabelle, you are not content to have kids, grand kids, toy-boy, sil camping in your garden, work and everything else you do, you now have 2 gorgeous baby lambs in your kitchen, no wonder your shoulder is playing up !
Jackie, you sound soooooooo busy too, I hope you are not doing too much. I'll take your advise and look after myself if you do too.
Hi to everyone else too.
Hugs, Maria


Morning Ladies,

Ooh Heather my heart dropped when I saw the time you posted as knew sleep wasn't there for you; wish somebody could get it sorted for you. We're going back on WW next week (got to eat all naughties in the fridge first lol); Yes follow Annes advice, weigh the food and use the points we did it last year and lost 2 stone each - then came the peachy!

Karen yes think you should be related to Heather! Just so sorry to hear about Glen; am thinking about you and hope it all turns out alright in the end.

I'm sorry I've not done individuals for everybody else - so much to catch up on and I haven't read it all yet! I hope you are all ok and yes I have been thinking about you all whilst I was away.

Just put some pictures on FB from the holiday and off now to do some more catching up.....

Love & Hugs Nell xxx


God Morning ladies, as you can see sleep is not available again. My appointment with consultant went very well. I asked about my other breast, because I had problems with my right breast for 10 years. A mammogram every year, and back to breast clinic every year, extra tests done and it was just calcium deposits, so when I had to go back and it was BC it was such a shock, I had been going back for 10 years and told everything was ok. I said I never had any problems with my left breast but if calcium starts to show up in my good breast would I be best to just have an MX. She said no,they would look at it closely and decide with me what I wanted to do. She did say I was in a high risk group, that is why they will keep a close check on me in the future, but no evidence of BC at the minute, so that was good. I showed her my nails because there still crumbling and 3 of them are a mouldy green, but she said it was from the treatment. I told her I hated my body, and I struggled with the weight gain. She said to ring up BC nurses and perhaps have a talk with someone about how I feel. She also said the weight gain was from the treatment, some lose weight some gain, and I happen to be one thats gains it. I have started doing my WW diet again, I did message Anne and asked her if she had any tips because she as done brilliant, and she said to weigh everything, and use all my points. I think thats where I went wrong last time, I cut everything out, put I wasn't really controlling my portion size, so this time I will and see if it works. So I thought the appointment had gone well, and she did say things would settle down once treatment was out of my system, and that might help my weight. I am sat here though looking at the unit and there is 6 unopened Easter Eggs on it, I am not going to touch them though lol
Karen, what can I say, your holiday does sound like I was there with you, but I am really glad incidents aside you had a lovely time. So sorry to hear about Glen, and Carl sounds like a real diamond, I am glad you have got him there supporting you. Good luck with the tests you have got coming up, and even better look with the results:-)
Isabelle, I am sure you will have fun with your grandchildren. Look I am up most of the night, send the lambs down here I will feed them, wouldn't want them to go home though lol
Suze, bet you got shattered pushing the wheel chair, I know hubby does when he as pushed me round a lot. I hope hubby isn't as bad a passenger as me. I hate it I am always saying, watch the kerb, dont tip me up, then I stick and arm out to look at something without telling him, he keeps saying put your arms in or you will get them caught, tell me if you want to stop and look at something. The trouble is you can only see things that are low down, and if he pushes me to the counter in a shop, the shop assistants useually talk to me like I am a child, perhaps they've heard of me lol
Well ladies hope your having a good nights sleep, I am going to have another cup of tea and see if I can doze of on the couch.
Take Care,
Love Heather,




Hello everyone,

we are back from our wonderful holiday now and had a brilliant time although think Heather was there in spirit as had a few mishaps !!! Mary left her phone in the taxi from the airport. Managed to contact them and they brought it back but it cost me 40 dollars then she had a really bad tootheache so had to see the ship doctor and she had an abcess on it that was 112 dollars. Got up on the last morning and Mary wanted some trousers ironed, iron wouldn't work although had the day before !!

Landed back in Manchester at 8:30am to be met by Adam and told that Glen was in hospital as he had taken an overdose so spent all day yesterday there. He is being discharged later today and will be coming back here. He split up with his girlfriend 3 weeks ago and is really struggling coming to terms with it. I nearly cancelled the holiday but Carl insisted we went and he looked after him here. That man is a star !!!

Will try to look back over the posts in the next few days but it's all a bit mad here at the moment with 2 suitcases of dirty washing and a very empty fridge and freezer so will be busy.

Have got bone scan tomorrow and then all my results next Thursday so a difficult week ahead until I find out what's going on in that manky body of mine.

Sending my vf lots of hugs and love.

Karen xx


Ohhhhh Isabelle, I want a lamb to be bleating in my kitchen that would be soooo good - I have a dog bed that one could sleep in send me one pleasssse :-))))

Dee welcome back, we missed you (even though you only seem to have been gone for a couple of days), get the washing done before weekend....thunder storms forecast :0((( garden does need a good watering though but I do so love the sunny warm days.

Tracy, sorry to hear your news and decisions you have to make and other family members and Maria same about your family too....we need magic wand i think.

Gill hope the return to work is going ok, Jackie, make sure the work stays at work and not at home with you

Heather, yes I had to push the wheelchair in Wales and yes it was tiring as I had to do all the driving and loading and unloading car and carrying cases upstairs in the cottage and everything...OH sees consultant again on Friday but he was told he'd be off his feet for at least 8 weeks... so...6 more to go yet :-(((

Sewing...I make all the costumes for the dance school so yes I do a bit of sewing too....seems we have such a talented bunch of clever people on our adventure...shall we make some sails for the boat (cruise?) lol

Sandra hope the haircut went well, I had mine cut twice now, weird how much comes off even though it is still so short you wouldn't think it could be cut. Like Maria mine is still curly/fuzzy/unmanageable....can't do a think with mine either, have some tiny straightners but it still ends up looking like a helmet!!!!! It's ok but it's just not me!!!

ok look at the time...gotta be uo for work at 7.30 so I shall shuffle off to bed now
hugs for all (specially Freddie and Norman the lambs)
nite all xxxxxxx


Hi Ladies,
My boys are back to stay for tonight, they usually stay on Wed and Fri nights and all day Sat. I also now have 2 small lambs sleeping in a dog bed in the kitchen! They are in need of some TLC, I've put some pics of them on fb tonight.
Heather, sorry to hear your still having such a lot of problems with your legs and I hope they can be sorted out very soon, take care xxx
Kanga, Happy Birthday, I hope it's been a good one xxx
Sounds like your a very good dressmaker Tracey! I used to do quite a lot years ago but can't be bothered now! Once people know your a good seamstress everyone will want you to make things for them, don't work too hard xxx
Denise, pleased to hear you had a good holiday, hope the blisters go away soon.
Lambs bleating in the kitchen, will need a bottle soon,
Will catch up with everyone later,

Hugs and best wishes to all,

Isabelle xxx


Hi everyone,well still got red football sock legs, but I am having problem with my hip again. It keeps waking me up, and I dont need anything else keeping me awake. I am waiting for an appointment from my doctor to have it injected again, if I dont hear nothing this week i will go and see him next week. I have got to wait till June now to see the consultant about my legs, it was just a pity I had that bug last week. I gave it to hubby though, he was quite poorly,but ok now. I have got to go and see my BC consultant tomorrow, 12 month check up, so I am keeping my fingers crossed. We had a lovely day Sunday, hubbys daughter the one who has just got married invited me and hubby, and my daughter and her hubby for a BBQ. It was there first time they had done any entertaining, so It was really nice of them. Although hubby still didn't feel to good he couldn't let her down, she was so excited. It was a lovely day though, we all really enjoyed it, they did really well.We are a bit worried about her at the minute, the baby is breech with its leg stuck out, she has to see a consultant tomorrow. I think they are going to try and turn the baby, but if not think it is going to be cesarean, she is not to keen on that though she wanted to have the baby naturally, you never know it might turn itself in the next couple of weeks.
Kanga, happy birthday to you, I have said it once on face book when I realised that it was you.
Sandra, you do have some lovely times with your grandchildren, my house was like yours when my daughters 2 where small. Watch what your doing on that bike when youve got it, dont go falling off.Your mum does look so good 🙂
Carol,glad your tests where ok, you be careful on your bike also. I have been useing my mobilty bike a lot recently. We take it when we go shopping now, I have only knocked a few things over, hubby hates it when I am riding past the wines and spirits, I dont know why lol
Isabelle, your house sounds has hectic as Sandras, hope your shoulder gets better soon. Has the dog gone home now ? or you still dog sitting. I hope all the calves and lambs are ok.
Suze, glad you had a nice few days in Wales, is hubby going to be out of action long. Do you have to push the wheelchair, I hate mine. The fish and chips sounded lovely, I have started my diet again today, but I need fish and chips out of the bag.
Tracey, sorry to hear that you have another big decision to make. Wow I wish I could sew, I struggle to sew on a button, hubby does all the sewing that needs doing in our house. I did needlework at school for 3 years, I made a cookery cap and apron, and a skirt that didn't fit me after I had finished it lol Hope you have a good holiday you deserve it.
Maria, glad you had a good holiday, you picked some lovely weather, did you have a paddle? Dont go back to work full time to soon, we dont want you poorly again.
Jackie, You are doing to much, I knew you would once you got back to work. I am glad your not bringing work home with you, I know how you feel though, I was like that and look where it got me lol
Dee, sounds like you had a good holiday, dont go getting that washing all sorted in one go, take your time, it will get done.
Finally Vickie, I am going to come up to Manchester and slap your wrists if you keep googling. Your our baby and we dont like you upset, I know how hard it is not to look at things though. I am always looking at stuff I shouldn't be, then scare myself to death. When you feel the need again go out for a run, your doing really well with your training.
Well I have just read my post back and it should start with a warning buzzer, I am saying dont do to much, dont fall off your bike,dont bring work home, dont google things, I am your early warning system lol
Oh before I go I got my assignment score back today. It was a life writing, well only my early years, and I got 70% I was well pleased, I didn't know if she would enjoy reading about my mishaps, but she did, she said it was a good read, I bet she couldn't stop laughing lol
Well take care everyone,
Love Heather,xxxxxxxxxx


Hi Ladies keep trying to keep up. First of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY KANGA.
Seems like there are quite a few awaiting mammo and other appts. So hugs all round.Sandra I too can remember the yr anniversaries of various things eg tomorrow is a year from my appt with Onc and surgeon to see if MRI showed that the chemo had worked and a decision as to whether I was to have more chemo or surgery then more chemo. Stamping of feet as why can’t I remember where I put my car keys etc. etc.?Would be much more useful.
Tracey wow sorry to hear your news and also Maria seems unkind for your niece to be told that news alone and so young too.
Yep Tracey maxi s that’s the way to go ( or so I am told) I used to run up a few frocks in the past and also for my children when they were younger. Now my next project is to make a Obi kin obi (sp) outfit for daughter’s b-f. She already has a Princess Lea outfit I made from when she was at Snr school so will wear that again. It has had several outings. Love the dressing up box .).)
Maria glad you have had a good hols you so deserved it. Hope work is a relatively gentle easing back in.Be kind to yourself and I hope your colleagues are too.
Sandra am keeping the tips for the g-c. All 3 are doing well and I speak to the older 2 most evenings and they are very keen to get baby Angus to the phone to chuckle for me. Yes we do need to arrange another meet up.
Suze great that you had a good hols with your ‘poorly’ OH the weather has been so lovely hope the sun shone for you in Wales.( Bit like Lancs with all the rain both get)
Vicki well done on all the running.
Carol sorry about the dental probs me too Drat .).) Am still earthing up the tatties. And Hon s-i-l brought me some strawberry plants on Sun and as my friend was coming with her gardening mad daughter ( they live in a flat) I saved the planting for Lily who is 5 she will of course be coming back to check on the produce but was happy to go away with some rhubarb. Hope the Herceptins are going OK.
Where is Lesley?
Heather hope you are OK
My absence has been due to work building up but I am very strict absolutely no bringing home 3-4 hrs work every evening. Am back full time but luckily due to Easter, BH and Royal wedding have had shorter working weeks any way. But am still struggling. As ever I am told how well I look .But wow do I sleep so that can’t be bad.
Gill surely you do not need a name label in your staff room hope it goes well and as gently as poss on your return.Yep the wedding was lovely didn’t Kate look fab. I did think Harry looked like he had been out on the lash the previous evening and who got him ready for goodness sake ( can I say all that or is it treason I hope not)He did look like a great young man.Lovely to have good things to celebrate.
Nell how lovely you had a great hols too.You and yours so deserved it. Any news from the PS? Apologies that I have not got my sorry backside moved to get on FB yet.
Siobahn read about your adventures in Istanbul I never did go to a baths and fancy getting escorted to a loo. I hope you avoided the police in Taksim.I loved Istanbul.
Anne think you said you had had a 2 st loss brill go girl.
Isabelle hope your appt with the physio brings some relief. I really feel I need to keep doing the exercises when I dropped them recently for just a short while I soon knew it.
Well am fading fast ( will have to tape Desparate Housewives, Sad I know) but wanted to come on and post so before I doze off.
Love and hugs to all. J xx


Afternoon everyone,

I'm back - and so much to catch up on!

Had a lovely time; stayed out of the sun, sea and pool. Still got my rads blisters so was bit uncomfortable at times, but hey we all enjoyed it and it was nice being away from everything.

Will catch up later on as still unpacking and washing!

Love & Hugs Nell xxx

Oh and a "Happy Birthday" to Kanga - think it's a 'BIG' one?


Carol, I spent all my childhood holidays at Southendown, where my Granny lived. It was a treat to go to Porthcawl to the fun fair for the day. Congratulations of your progress on the bike.
Sandra, you will be surprised at how much hair she will cut off. I've had 2 hair cuts already, but now my hair ins completely wild and sort of curly, can't do a thing with it.
Tracey, sorry about the genetics, did I tell you they gave my niece is is only just 17 her results, I was horrified that they told her so young that she has inherited the gene mutation from her Mum. Don't understand theses new genes they have found (in the press today) I had one bc hormone + and one bc hormone - so what does that mean ? Have a lovely holiday.
Suze you holiday sounded lovely. We went canoeing on lake Bala a few summers ago. Hope OH will be better soon. Men are usually such a pain when they are ill, I hope working and looking after OH is not too tiring. I think I will be back full time, by mid June. I have my 3 monthly check up on the 8th and will talk to him about it.
Gill, It is certainly a better year this year than last for us all. I see the posts from newcomers this year and feel so sorry for them.
Isabelle, it is time you said "no" from time to time, you are just too busy. I hope your shoulder is better soon.
and love to all those who have not posted recently, I hope you are all busy doing other things.
Hugs to us all


Happy Birhday to Kanga, hope you have a lovely day.
out on the bike yesterday, got to my usual turning round place ( disused railway at back of our house, so have to come back) realised I was not as out of puff as I was the day before. decided that once I am not out of puff at all, I will go a bit further ( whole track is not more than 6 miles)
Tracey, well done on the dressmaking. I used to make a lot of my own clothes, perhaps I should start again. so you shop is a picture framers, pity you not closer to us, OH could throw a lot of business your way. He has just paid £300 to have 4 of his paintings framed for the mixed show on the IOW at the end of the month and now has another 2 to be done. hopefully he will sell some!!
Sue, glad you had a good holiday. I spent all my summer holidays as a chils on The Gower as my uncle lived in Pawthcawl. mid and south Wales are beautiful.
off for my bike ride now, dragging OH with me! then reflexology which will chill me out fot the dentist after!!
hope everyone has a good day

Carol xx


Just a quick one to wish our Kanga a Very Happy Birthday! xxx
Hope you have a good trouble free day ;o)

Tracey, you will have to put some photo's up and show us your dresses! and yes a dress shop sounds very nice. You will be chained to the sewing machine forever!!

Rubbish news regarding the genetics! what happens about your girls?

Once your grandchildren have 'wrecked' your home!! is when the 'fun' starts!! when l want a clean up. l get them to race round as fast as they can to see who can tidy and pick up the most toy/rubbish!!

Anyway your free alcohol holiday sounds perfect, hope you have a lovely time.

Sue. Hope OH is on the mend, not swinging a leg is he!!! how long will he be on crutches/wheelchair for?
As for the frut trees, well if they were growing on the wrong trees, l could be rich!! all those gardeners that like odd things!!

Gill, That anniversary is coming round for us all! be good when it is out of the way! my third op (mx) was either the 10th or 12th May, just remember it was a day different from our anniversary (11th) could look it up and find out, but really want to forget it!! by the 3rd op l thought l would never see this year!! dramatic aren't l!!

Isabelle, hope the phsio helps,

Carol you been for a ride? hoping to get my bike this week, Halfords didn't have the one l want in stock, they said they should be in by the weekend.

Going for a haircut today, my first! not long enough to cut, just a trim and tidy up really, oh and a nice head massage!



Morning Ladies

Isabelle, I don't know how you and Sandra do it with the grankids, I'm exhausted after having them for just half a day, mine are like little whirlwinds that sweep through the house and leave a trail of wreckage/toys behind them! I hope that physio helps your shoulder on friday. I'm waiting/watching the post for my mammo appointment too, I'm sure it should be anytime now.

Maria, great to hear that you had a good holiday.

Vickie, what have you been looking at on google?, good luck with the running.

Sandra, wish I hadn't started the flippin dresses for the grandaughters, made them 6 each then thought I would try and make a maxi dress in same style for my holidays, it worked out great, wore it for work when it was really hot the other week and everyone said how good it looked, I was well pleased. I have been chained to my sewing machine ever since making dresses for everyone!! to date I have made about 15 and still only got 2 for myself, Kirsty keeps taking them when they are finished (damm teenagers!). My oldest has also helped herself to a few, and a couple of customers in the shop have asked me to make them some too,,,,,, maybe I should switch from picture framing to dressmaking, might actually make some money.

Carol, I'm pleased you got good results from your mamo, I'm dreading mine

Salsasuzi, I must have missed it, how did your OH break his heel bone? My sister shattered her heel bone a few years ago when her horse stood on her, it was very painful. Sounds like you had a lovely few days away.

Heather, how are you doing? how's your legs? I hope everything is getting better now.

Nell, not sure when you are back, but hope you had a great holliday.

Well my sister went for her genetics appointment yesterday, and as we thought she is high risk (apparently we have been high risk since mum was diagnosed but no one told us), and they have more or less advised her to have Maria's "posh" op, the Dr was more worried about ovarian cancer then BC, she works in the health service and is looking forward to the time off work with full pay, guess thats one way to look at it.
I will contact my bcn when I get back from holls if I have not had my appointment to see the surgeon and see what he is going to do for me - poss double mx and rebuild and "posh" op for me but not thinking of that just yet.
I fly off to the sun (I hope we have some sun!) 7am friday morning for a whole week, no kids, no men, no dogs and free alcohol my idea of heaven.

Love and hugs to all, sorry I didnt mention every one you are all in my thoughts
Tracey xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


just a little pop in to say hi. Just caught up on the last 4 pages. Went to Wales after the wedding so been away for a few days. Was quite tiring as I had to lift all luggage and wheelchair into car, do the driving etc. as OH still with broken heel bone. Had a lovely few days away though, gorgeous scenery in mid Wales, visited Lakes Vrynwy and Bala and had some fish n chips for supper at Barmouth. Stayed in a lovely little cottage.
Carol glad your results were good ones, Heather hope your legs are getting better and your bugs have gone away. Dee have you been out on the bike yet? saw loads in Wales and everytime I thought of you.

Sandra, glad your fruit trees are growing the correct fruits, not sure what you could do if the wrong fruits grew on your trees!!

Maria nice to hear that you had a lovely visit to family, hope work is going well. I'm on my return to work now 3 half days this week and it builds up by half a day each week so by June I will be back in full time if all goes to plan eek!!

OK it's late and I better get some beauty sleep...crikey I really need it !!

Love to all mentioned and not mentioned hugs to cf
Suze xx


Good evening to my cyber family,
This time last year I was packing my bag ready to go into hospital tomorrow 😞
What a year it's been. Thank you so much for helping me through it.
Gill xx


Hi ladies,
I hope everyone is doing well.
Sandra, your getting just like me with the gc's sleepovers, mine were here most of last week and I spent the day at their house with them and the dog yesterday, I was worn out by time I got home as I ended up doing lots of jobs for my daughter! Glad to here your garden is getting lots of tlc I wish mine was, I never seem to get any time to get on with it... ps shoulder still not great back to physio on Friday.
Carol, I'm so pleased that you got good results on your mamogram, I'm waiting for my app for mine was told it would be around the time of my op last year which would make it about 11th May but I still haven't got an app yet, keep waiting for the letter in the post, I'll be glad when it's over as we all seem to be.
Maria, I'm pleased to hear that you had a good holiday here and I hope your feeling well, don't work too hard, take care xxx
Vickie, you must stop all of this googling!!!I hope all goes well with your running and I hope you do well with the sponsorship, take care xxx
I hope everyone is keeping as well as possible,

Lots of hugs and good wishes to all,

Isabelle xxx


unless they all drop off Sandra!! my Victoria is so full of plumletts, if none drop off, I won't know what to do with them all! had number 9 Herceptin this morning, also rang my BC nurse for mammo results. all clear, then got letter in the post "no evidence of BC" phew!!!
can't edit my profile, so can't change my picture. when point the curser to edit details in my profile it does'nt change to the hand so I can't do anything. am waiting for the mods to get back to me.
hope to go for a spin on the lilac wheels later, think I only go for about a mile at the mo. well, havn't ventured outside yet, spent most of yesterday at the allotment being blown inside out, doesn't look as windy today.
talking of Victorias why are we on page 3? some one isn't doing their UTM, Vickie!!

hope everyone is OK.

Carol xx


Hi Ladies

Carol, what is the problem with your ‘couple’ why can’t you get rid of them?
Going to see a lady that specialises in peachy hair!! And it is free!! Hopefully she can advise me! It’s growing ok, just needs a good cut! Trouble is it is not long enough to be cut, but does need a trim!

Isabelle, you still doggy sitting? How is the shoulder?

Tracey, sorry to hear you have been feeling ‘low’ hopefully your holiday will cheer you up. Did you manage to get some more dresses/skirts made? you are a clever girl!

Anne, Good to hear you are spending time with your family. Surprised they drained fluid off your breast! my bcn said just let it settle, but they are all different, as with your mammo. I had mine done a month before l was diagnosed, just the way they all work l suppose. What and where is the festival you are going to?

Gerbera, sounds like you are related to Heather! Pleased you had a good holiday, and that your mammo was clear.
112 mile bike ride!! Sounds like a marathon one! Have you worked out how long it would take you? Just trying to work it out!! 7/8 hours!! Is there a time limit on it! Suppose it depends how long you stop for!!!
Yep, think l have found ‘my’ bike, going to try one tomorrow, just need to check the size! Seems l am in between sizes!! Probably go for the smaller one as my dil will probably want to borrow it, and she is a little shorter than me!
Have you tried one of those stick on prosthesis? I might have a word with my bcn about them! Do really hate this look!!

Jackie, hope you are not working too hard!! Sounds like you enjoyed the ‘wedding’ l thought she looked gorgeous loved her dress.

Gill, hope work is working out ok for you, seems like you enjoyed your street party!

Kanga, Hope little Ben is happy in his new home! Did you sort your tablets out with the doc?

Heather, hope your bug has sorted itself out and left your home! My Mum will be 92 in September, other than heart problems she is doing ok!

Vickie, google!! What can l say, we all know don’t we! Maria’s law says NO GOOGLE!
Anyway you should be too busy getting ready for your run to google! Not long now!

Maria, pleased you had a good time with your family! Did you go for a paddle when you went to the seaside!

Went for a blood test last week (Tumour markings) why don’t all oncs do this? Anyway chatting away to my gs l gave her my ‘bad’ arm! She put the strap on, and said ‘we’ have a lovely vein! Shock horror, l shouted NO! she said l made her jump, l did say sorry, but for a moment l forgot! What an idiot l am!! She was not a happy nurse, when she looked at the other arm, she said my veins had all collapsed!! She ended up taking it out of my hand, and said ‘not sure if l am going to be able to get enough for them to test!!! She took 6 little pots and complained at each one!! Said too much fuss was made about not injecting into an arm where nodes had been taken!!! Think tomorrow l will speak to the bcn and perhaps ask her to ring the nurse and put her right!!

Had four little ones over the weekend for a sleepover!! They were soooo good couldn’t believe my luck, had sad little faces when they had to go home on Sunday! Needless to say gd was the most dramatic ‘no grandma, l want to stay’ tears! Dil said l make them too welcome!! Not sure you can!

So today we have chilled out in the garden, little bit of digging and a little bit of pruning! Pears on the pear tree and peaches on the peach tree!! Hmmm well l suppose there would be!!



Vickie, what on earth are you googling for, you are you, our baby, and loved by many real people, and you are not a prognosis or a statistic.
Kanga, I think we have become friends on face book, but I want to see some photos.
Carol, Gill, Heather, Jackie, I enjoyed the wedding, but it did not inspire me to do any cleaning, and I didn't have a party either, but was happy.
Anne, well done on the weight front, if I lost that much, I would be as slim as Kate !! Don't worry about having a mammo so late, just enjoy the next 3 months with no more appointments to worry about.
I had a busy holiday in the UK and even went to the beach on Easter Monday.
I have been reading over Easter, but can't remember all that has been going on, so I hope all is well with everyone.
My first chemo was a year ago today, weird, I feel almost nostagic Why ????????
Anyway holidays finished and now working at 75%, I think I will be OK.
Hugs to one and all


I can think of better things to google

Kanga-reminder-PHOTOGRAPH-we still don't know what you look like, well all except Jackie and she's not saying. sorry, still waiting to get rid of my wedding couple, so yesterday!!


Utm= urgent thread maintenance

Was googling the many reasons why my prognosis is poor because i am young. Must not google.



What does that mean Vickie , you´ve lost me , ( not hard to do I must admit.
Loved the wedding , so nice to see someone in the royal family actually marry for love . They just looked so much together . I actually felt tears well up .


UTM, page3 retrieval

must stop googling



watching the Royal wedding inspired me to clean windows (would have felt guilty just sitting watching it, so did some spring cleaning at the same time-no Bucks Fizz though!


Hi had a really lovely day with mu daughter and my grandsons girl friend watching the royal wedding. We had bucks fizz, and fancy sandwiches with crusts cut off lol and cream cakes, it was yum, dont know why I stay so slim lol
I really enjoyed the wedding, and the first day for ages BC didn't enter my mind, so it was good.
Love Heather,xxxxxxxx


Hope everyone had a good day today.

We had a street party which was great fun.



Drunk but happy



Hi everyone...hope you enjoyed the wedding or had a good day doing something else.
Went to see surgeon the other day for check up and he had to drain some fluid off my boob...asked him when I'll get my mammogram and he said after my next appointment in 6 months time...thought I would be getting it around May/June as was diagnosed may but had op in june..my next appointment with him will be 6 months ...my onc appointment will be 3 months away..
Is it normal to have your 1st mammo so long after your op?

Have lost 2 stone now but still loads to go.

Will be going away to a festival at ened of May with SIL and am looking forward to that.

Hope everyone doing ok..
Heather hope you and DH get better soon xxx


Just got back from my neighbours were we all watched the Royal Wedding. Had a bit too much fizz so will come back and post later hic hic J xx


Hi Ladies glad you all had a nice Easter. I had to cancel my hospital appointment yesterday. I have been feeling poorly since Monday, thought I was just tired after a busy Sunday, but then Tuesday night I was up being sick and just felt rough. I wasn't sure if it was the antibiotics I had been taking, so I rang the hospital yesterday morning, they said it would be better if I stayed at home in case bit was a bug. They are going to send me another appointment, then hubby started today, feeling like he had flu and feeling sick, so it is probably a bug.
Kanga, your a big softy likemost of us with your puppy. I found one a few years ago running up the middle of the road. I took him to my daughters but she couldn't keep him because she had a golden retriver. I didn't want to keep him because I worked all day and he would have been left alone a lot. He was a poor looking thing, he looked like he had hardly been fed, and he smelt awful. So we gave him some food and cleaned up a bit, then I started to ring round people I knew. A friend of mine had at to have her dog put to sleep a few weeks before, and I knew she was thinking of getting another, so I rang her. She wasn't sure to start with but she came and saw him and fell in love with him. He went to a lovely home and he was spoiled rotten, when ever he saw me though he use to go mad, wagging his tail, licking me jumping up, do you think he might of known it was me that found him a nice place, hope so.
Carol, hope you enjoyed your bike ride, and you didn't fall off.
Siobhan, great news about your mammo, Siobhan from your exploits on your holiday you certainly sound like one of our club members lol
Anne, hows the weight loss going?
Tracey, sorry youve been feeling down, hope the holiday perks you up a bit, hope you have a great time.
Vickie, glad you enjoyed your camping, told you its fun.
Isabelle, hope the lambs and calfs are doing ok, have fun with the dog lol
Nell, have a fantastic holiday, cant wait for the stories when you get home.
Jackie, glad your hole is getting better, enjoy your day off.
Sandra, loved you easter pics on face book, the boys looked like they were having fun. Couldn't beleive you mum, did you say she was 90? she loooks so young.
Well if I have forgot anyone sorry, hope you all have a good weekend, I am going to my daughters tomorrow to watch the wedding. I have got to dress up, I have painted my nails, not stuck the false ones on because 3 of my nails are still green from the last time lol
Take care everyone,
Love Heather,


It´s very funny sometimes the things you see when you´re on the top of a bus ,( not literally the top , just the top deck .)
Don´t normally "do " buses , but bought a weeks ticket in Bournemouth to take gs as I did´ntr hire a car . So there we are ,, on the top , in the front and I´m pointing out all the sights , the big churches , dogs , funny cars , where mummy works etc etc as you do . Then I see this young man , bit scruffy , and just as I look he goes to snort , covering one nostril..... Yuk , dirty dirty yob , thinks I grimancing in disgust , then ............pay back time ......the wind (excuse the medical terminology ladies . ) blew the snot back at him and it landed on his sleeve ! Laugh , I had´nt laughed so much for years , the look of absolute disgust and horror on his face , I think my gs thought his nanny had gone mental !
This morning I met a couple of my friends for coffee and I took the pup .
Turned into a sort of "pass the puppy " with everyine wanting to hold him .Difference is instead of holding as long as possible so that you get the prize , you pass him as quickly as possible , cos the one he poos on , keeps him !
I have found the pup a home . A very nice widowed english lady is going to have him . I am not letting him go until next Thursday as at the moment I think he´s just that bit too young for another move . By next week he will have finished his worming treatment , and I´m hoping that he can have his first parvo injection before he goes , but he has now been given a name .....Ben
We were booked to go for three nights to Toledo as my birthday trip , but I´ve cancelled it and re-booked for June , just could´nt put all this effort into "Ben " and then go or pass him on too soon .
Tomorrow I see the cardiologist again , next tuesday , X-rays , this next month May I think I´m at the hospital more than I´m home . Won´t do my figue any good , all those delectable chocolate donuts !
Having lived in Saudi Arabia Siobahn I symphathise , my husband was driving from Jeddah back to Kobar and he went the wrong way , ended up going to Mecca . Well christians are not allowed anywhere near , it´s a definate no-go . He was stopped at a normal road block , detained by the police and made to wait until boss man came . However , our sponser was the chief of police in the eastern province , so a quick phone call and then he had a police escort out of the area, with all the police sauluting as he went !!


Page 3 again, think we should do a calendar!!

Jackie, so glad to hear that your 'hole' is finally healing up. Must be such a relief for you. Enjoy your long weekend.
Carol, washing all done and away 🙂 Makes a difference having such good weather. Hope you had fun on your bike. Haven't ridden mine for years!! Didn't learn to ride a bike till I was 20, had my OH running along beside me in a car park!! Wouldn't have looked quite right with stabilisers!!
Siobhan, great news about your mammo. Istanbul sounds fun, not so sure about being escorted to the toilet though. Glad you had a good time. Work was ok, I only went in for half a day. I think the strangest thing is not being recognised. When I sat in the staff room at tea break there were a few quizzical looks. Maybe I should wear a large label with my name on or a picture of how I used to look. My working days are going to be Wed and Fri so will still be able lunch 🙂
Taxi, lovely to see you, glad to hear you are enjoying life.
Kanga, you'll have to put a picture of your puppy on here or facebook!! Don't think I've seen you yet either! Hope you don't get disturbed too much in the night by the puppy.
Tracey, Sorry to hear that you aren't feeling very sociable. I find that sometimes I just don't want to talk to anyone and find it quite an effort to go out. Have a great time away with your sister- will probably make you feel a bit better.
Isabelle, hope you are having a relaxing time. When we were in Devon there were lambs everywhere and I thought of you and all your disturbed nights during lambing and calfing.
Vickie, hope the training is going well. Must be difficult during some of the hot evenings we've had!
Sandra, glad you had a good Easter. Your photos were lovely. Having a 'happy' meal sounds good, shame it didn't live up to it's name!!
Heather, hope you get your leg sorted out soon.
Suze, your poor OH. Hope he isn't too uncomfortable. Hope you are coping with the extra hospital trips.
Jill, hope you had a great holiday.
Nell, have a great holiday.
Maria, Karen, Poppy and everyone else on this thread - hoping you are all keeping well.
Love and hugs,
Gill xx


Oh couldn't find you all. Page 3 UMT urgent maintenance thread thingy. Shattered at the mo but have earthed up the tatties off to bed BORING I know working at the mo Thank goodness for the Royal Wedding and BH Mon Love to all and as always holding hands tightly J xx


hi, girls
Siobhan, so glad you had an "eventfull" holiday. how did you tell the guards you needed the loo-lots of miming? the mind boggles. the sponsored bike ride sounds daunting. I havn't been out on mine this year yet, I think today might be the day, won't be doing 30 miles though! I am going to the baths today. my swimming prosthesis was well worth the money.
Anne, nice to see you popping in
Kanga, how come you spot the rude signs. I understand the mano bit, but superlimp-didn't learn that one! still got the pup?
Tracey, sorry you are feeling down, bet the GC are a diversion though
Isabelle, you must have "MUg" written on your forhead! hope all the lambs & calves are doing ok.
Vickie, glad you enjoyed your camping trip, now you know the ropes, you can camp in that big field in greenfield, you can go home to use the loo!! I've only done camping for softies in France with Eurocamp when the kids were little.
Gill, finished the washing yet? glad you had a good break.

Have decided the lilac bike is going to get it's first airing today so must go and make myself decent (if that's possible)

hugs & stuff



Hi all,

Hope all well, and you've all had a lovely Easter.

Tracy, sorry to hear you've been having a rough time. Hope you have a nice time away with your sisters.
Nell, so glad to hear your tests were all clear. I think you will have gone on your hols now so hope you are having a fab time.
Sandra, so sorry to hear about your Dil's mum and your friend. Glad to hear you got an Easter pressie with your amethyst ring! How are you getting on with your bike shopping? I started cycling in Feb too - hadn't owned a bike for years until then. In my chemo-addled state last year I somehow agreed to do a sponsored bike ride with my cousins in Ireland in July this year - 112 miles....eek!! I hadn't cycled for years, and have only managed 30 miles yet so far...much more training definitely needed!
Vickie, glad to hear you enjoyed camping...reckon you've got the camping bug now?! My only experience of camping has been at festivals the last few years...hope the toilets on your camp-site were better than festival ones!!!
Gill, hope work is ok tomorrow...make sure you take things easy.
Suze..your poor OH, hope painkillers are getting on top of his pain.
Jackie, great to hear your abcess is finally sorted now 🙂
Isabelle, the photos of the lambs on FB are soooo cute!
Heather, so hope these antibiotics sort out your infection.
Kanga, I would so love a puppy but I live on my own and with my work hours it just wouldn't be fair 😞

I had my first mammogram a couple of weeks ago, and got results - no new or suspicious changes so good news 🙂
And this time last year I was just packing my hospital bag for my mastectomy in the morning...strange feelings, but good to be a year on....
Had a great time away in Istanbul with friends..lots of sightseeing, eating and drinking. Me and a couple of the girls managed to get ourselves stranded halfway around an open-top bus tour - urgent loo trip needed so decided to disembark for a bit - however we were in the middle of nowhere, with only a cemetery in sight. After a bit of a walk along what seemed to be the Turkish M25 we came across some sort of official building surrounded by security guards, and ended up asking one of them if we could use their facilities. We must have looked desperate as he agreed, and so we were escorted to and back from the toilet - very friendly man, but a bit disconcerting being escorted all through the building by a man with handcuffs and baton and not being able to understand each other!! Haven't laughed so much in ages!
Had a bit of an awkward moment in the Turkish baths when trying to explain to the lady why I wouldn't take my tankini top off/move the straps, but then unfortunately the front gaped as I leant forward...don't know who was more flustered, me or her...Turkish baths not a highlight of the trip! Really need to get a lightweight swim prosthesis.....

Anyway, best say night night for now, but take care all.
Love Siobhan xx


just thought I'd pop by and see how you're all doing and glad to see most of you getting by.
Am ok ..just trying to get on and enjoy life and spending time with family.


I think when we remember last year we all wince and it´s like someone walking over your grave .............well thank god they did´nt for us lot !
Glad you enjoyed your holiday vickie , and Nell off on hers , great stuff.
Isabeele , if you want a puppy full time i have one going free to a good home , well that is when he´s off being fed in the night and stopped weeeing and pooing everywhere .
In Torre del mar today and noticed an very unusual sign , for the first time .
Remember "Tuppersex " ? Well this one is "Superlimp al Mano " Now you could very well think it´s a place where erectilly challenged gentlemen go ,( to do what ?..........the mind boggles !) But no ............fear not that it´s a place of sexual deviations , it´s actually a car wash by hand !!!
Just shows how weird other languages can be to us Brits .
Glad to see you back here tracey , I was only thinking to myself the other day that you´d been missing a while . I expect you´re busy in the shop , what sort of shop is it ?
have to go , puppy calls .