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Embarking on an adventure, you are welcome to tag along


Embarking on an adventure, you are welcome to tag along

Like all adventurers, I am going into the unknown with some apprehension next week. However, I happy to have met some wonderful people here, during my preparation, since March 2010. I have found out who my real friends are and I am overwhelmed by the love I am surrounded by. Like an adventurer I am ready to push myself to the limit of my capabilities when necessary, and I know it won't be a bed of roses. however when I reach my destination after many months, I hope to arrive triumphant, and a better person.

Don't get my wrong, I have been on another adventure in 2003, so I know a little of what is entailed and I have no illusions, but I thought an up beat thread of discovery would be interesting.

This adventure is peppered with other changes in my life, as before I knew this adventure was about to start, I had plans for other things which I have decided not to cancel.

At the moment my garden is strewn with chopped down trees, so I hope "the man" will come and tidy every thing away soon (as he promised). I hope he is not a "cowboy" tree feller.

In June I am having a completely new kitchen, from top to bottom. The old one is going to be ripped out and I will have to "camp" in my own home. Luckily I have some friends who will help me pack up all the stuff, but we don't have a date fixed yet.

My adventure will also be planned around a special holiday (leaving 25th July for 2 weeks)

So if your adventure is starting too, or you would like to help me on mine I will be very happy. I am sure there will be a lot to discover and share.

All the best to one and all, Maria

PS check my profile for the more boring details of my adventure

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OK girls, back to "normal"

Heather, I think you have got very posh legs, it all sounds quite amazing, I am a nurse and I didn't know so many things could be going on with legs. I hope they don't hurt. Are they still red ? I will send you a pm to explain why I have left "breast friends".

Kanga, you are just crazy; about to adopt another dog and his fit owner !! What a cheek, your OH, living with a drip, who has he been living with ? drip does not describe our Kanga.

Jill, I am glad you had a good holiday and just with OH, that's nice, we never did that, never went away together without the boys, probably should have. The only problem about being at home and on holiday, is you see the dust and all the little jobs that need doing, so I need another mantra to make sure I remember that I am on holiday, I will have to be very strict with myself. Answers on a postcard please.

Vickie, I love your poem thread, there are quite amazing poems, some very moving and some very funny.

Sandra, sorry to hear you had a bad week, we do have difficult times to deal with sometimes, it just seems so unfair.

Tracey, things have been difficult for you too, pour it all out girl, and you will feel better for it, even if it is just for a while.

Little Nell, enjoy your fish and chips and have a chip for me. Have a good run tomorrow, I will be routing for you. And a big thank-you for your initiative on fb.

Carol, Just a thought, do you drink enough ? Apparently when we are ever so slightly dehydrated the fist thing to loose water in the cartilage between the bones in the back. I learned to drink lots and lots during my chemo in 2003 and since then I have always tried to drink lots and my back pain is less !! No Kanga not G+T, but water !!

Pam, thanks for the hugs and good luck with the weeding.

Karen, I hope all is as well as it can be for you

Jackie, Isabelle, Suze, Lesley,Gill, Patricia and Anne I hope you are well, please forgive me if I have missed anything important.

Group hug, love Maria


Hi ladies, well who as got rain and who as got sun ? we have got both.Thanks for the info ladies for getting rid of the emails on FB, I have changed my settings so I hope it works, I have just deleted 176, I will check tomorrow see if I have done it right.
Sandra, hope your feeling a bit better today, have the tears stopped? hope so. It is awful when something starts you, I was like that last weekend, I was just really down but I am not sure why. Hope your DIL got her mums house sorted, you dont realise how much stuff they have, and it is really upsetting. It was lovely chatting with you and Carol yesterday, pity were not close enough for the occasional coffee 🙂
Dee, fish and chips in Blackpool boo woo 😞 I love fish and chips at the seaside, hope you have a nice day though.
Carol, I don't envy you having a bad back, I understand how you feel. Sounds like your doing a good job of ordering your men folk about in the allotment lol Hubby as grown some veg in our garden this year, I desprately wanted some home grown potatoes, he planted some and we have had 2 boilings of them so far.We have had beetroot, spring onions, radish and lettuce, tomorrow for dinner we are having carrots and potatoes out of the garden, you cant beat home grown veg.Hope you get some luck this time with your forms.
Kanga, do you go out looking for strays, or is it just your kind nature they find you, perhaps they think your lost lol Well if you dont want to go in my basket you can stand on the back, you will be safe unless I cross the road, or have to swerve quick round someone then I might tip you off. Probably you better get an helmet and some elbow and knee pads, beter safe than sorry.
Pam, you need to get work men like our Carol to work on your allotment,
Vickie, nice to see you back on the thread, not seen the poetry thread of yours I will have a look for it.
Maria, hope your ok, just seen your post on Fb and I am a bit confused. I hope everything is ok and your not leaving this thread are you? ((((((((hugs ))))))) incase you need them.
Well take care all of you,
Love Heather,


Hi everyone. Glad you managed to sort the deluge of emails Carol. It was really getting to me!
My tiny veg patch is full of weeds despite my constant attention. It had been neglected land before so will take a while I think. Pleased with the produce so far though and lots more to come. I'm not experienced like some of you allotment holders.
Hugs to those that need them today. Love Pam x


morning, ladies

Jill-weeds, weeds weeds, it's like painting the Forth Bridge!!
don't know why my back is ok some days and bad other times. last Sunday I could hardly walk so just shuffled round the allotment giving out orders to son and OH what needed doing. OH transplanted 2 rows of cabbage seedlings and now he can hardly walk!! his back is worse than mine cos he's minus a disc. still, the cabbages are looking good!
yes, Heather I posted my form off. if we are refused this time I will give up trying as our financial situation won't change now unless we win the lottery then I won't care !!
Kanga, loved your story, what ARE you like?
I managed to sort my e-mail messages thanks to Pam. whenyou are on FB. go to accounts (top right hand corner) -account settings-choose notifications-scroll down to groups-click on change email settings to include groups-untick breast friends. easy peasy, if I can do it etc.
finally, Nell, hope you have a nice bracing day in Blackpool and lots of fish & chips to set you up for tomorrow. weather forcast sounds better for tomorrow in Mchr, so, good luck.

off to Asda

love Carol xx


Morning ladies,

Yes FB can be a bit hard to keep up with can't it! (despite having a 'who's who' lol).

More space to chat here too.....

Jill we went to Oban last year during our mini Scotland tour on chemo (pics on FB); it's a lovely place isn't it and would love to go back one day. We stayed in the Caledonia overlooking the harbour, had a suite on the top floor and the views were stunning.

Sandra, Tracey I know you've had a teary week so more (((hugs))) for you both, and some more for our K too (((hugs))) and anybody else that needs them (((hugs))) - please help yourself.

Work is going ok - people have started to say "I'm so glad you're back", before giving me loads of work..... it's all gradually coming back to me and starting to feel like I've never been off!
Not too tired as only doing two day a week at the mo(Tues & Fri) but they are full days when you include the 60 mile commute driving.

I'm off to Blackpool today with my son, mum and dad, having fish and chips too! Forget the WW today, need the carbs in the batter for tomorrows Race for Life - well tha's my excuse anyway!

Must go and take OH a cuppa and get him up before the in-laws arrive,

Love & more (((Hugs))) to you all,

Nell xxx


Hi Ladies,
Thank goodness it is Friday, been a teary, teary week!

Jill, You reminded me, my friend and her husband and her brother and his wife went to Oban one year, her Mum made her and her brother go in seperate cars, in case they had an accident, said she couldn't live if she lost both of them!! this was 30 odd years ago, my friend and l still laugh about it!
So very jealous your Mum has two tortoises, l have been looking for another, think it would have to be a girl, seems two boys bang their shells together!! sounds more like a mating thing!! seen lots but they are too young, need a mature one!

Heather, lovely chatting this morning, never got my work finished, dil phoned and asked if l could have grandson, while she sorted her Mums house out, don't realised how much stuff there is to sort out!
Sounds like you need to call the plumber in with those legs of yours!!

Kanga, could you imagine if we all lived closer, it would be coffee at 11 every morning!! then an afternoon tipple!!
Oh really must find a Pilate group, use to have loads around here, but can't find any at the moment, all Zumba or something!!
The tortoise profile was amazing, couldn't believe it when l put tortoise in and this came up!!
Bit of a magnet to Dogs Kanga!!!! keep it clean!!!
My Yankie is deaf, l still call her, but she takes no notice!! just an age thing, once l couldn't open the fridge without her being there! now l can stand behind her and rattle the biscuit tin and no response!! at least the fire works don't frighten her anymore!! not much consolation! l get a bit sad when l think she cant hear me saying 'l love you' as l do!! but hope she can lip read!!

Hi to everyone else, hope you all have a good weekend.
Hugs to all


Hello from me!

I am not going to even attempt to catch up on the gossip/news as will take me til Sunday, but wanted to check in, say hi and send my love to everyone, especially Maria!

Will make a concerted effort to check in and keep up. Don't want to lose touch.

Anyone seen my poetry thread? Go have a look. I am just such a cultured thinky person nowadays 😉

Hugs to all



Hi Girls , welcome to Juli ,very sorry you are here. Oh Sandra , we all hate it when you are down , ifonly we all lived closer . Hope things work out for you . This time last year Juli , many were going through their treatment , and we all had days when we desparetly needed virtual hugs and words of encouragement from our friends , all of whom understood exactly where we were coming from , whereas , family and uninvolved friends , bless them , just cannot , with the best will in the world appreciate our moods.
Like you jackie , I want to get rid of all the email alerts about Fb , becauuse it´s becoming a bit of a nuisance at the moment . In fact I´m far more comfortable here , than I am there . I know you all , and we´ve been through so much together , you´re more than friends ..............."I´m More Than Freeman !" ( my surname is Freeman .) Well done completing an aerobics class ! My Pilates starts again in September , but I must get and do something energetic before that .............And using a toothbrush ,Sandra , Nell is´nt energetic enough , not even an Oral B with Everready .
So the Duplex was seeing brain activity in your legs ? Or have I got that all arse backwards Heather , good job is was'nt on a man ,. I really dread to think where they would have to check for brain activity ! Are they going to be able to do something to make you more comfortable now they know what it is . Adore your photo of the lushest Lola ....what a doll !
Fancy cheating about Toby ? I would never have guessed or known . It's brilliant . Cannot believe you found something so exactly what we were talking about .
Girls I am not going in anyone's basket ! Especially not Heather's . With her track record for accidents .........no way ! I'm enough of a basket case now !!
So glad you keep popping back Maria , please don't leave us , in a way you are our mentor and we need you . You're part of all our lives , you and your boys .
I love Oban . My elder son used to live in Mull , so I had to go to Oban to catch the ferry . Fabulous fish and chips !! * Oh God , me and my stomach again! Your suggestions about the email alerts sounds good , but terribly technical , I'll see if jackie manages it first , go on jackie , have a go !Thank you for your kind words about Archie , there's not a day goes by that I don't think of him . I'm waiting for some feedback from his new family .

Talking of dogs , which I was even if you were'nt ! Yesterday I was not far from here when i saw a staffie on its own . Well thats not good in Spain as they are classed as dangerous dogs and if caught , put to sleep . So I got out of my car and followed her * I saw it was a "bitch " . Went up to her and she nuzzled into me , so we wondered down the road , thankfully now going away from the main road > I'm thinking to myself ,, " Oh s~~~~! I cannoot leave her here , I'm going to have to take her home , OH will blow a fuse , Jack will be in seventh heaven !" She was black and white ,big , lovely but obviously old . The all of a sudden a youngish chap appeared , " Oh god , there you are , the kids have left the gate open again , look at me , I've only got my pants on ." He was so emabarrassed , explained that she was profoundly deaf , so did'nt hear when called , * I've got an OH like that ...but thats called "selective hearing ." He kept on about hispants , I said " Don't worry , I'm not bothered about you in your pants , its the dog I'm interested in !" Thats when I realised I was old !! Cos he was fit !!
In the hospital today with OH . First traumatology cos he has a problem with his neck , then ugencias , cos one of his stitches from the plastic surgery on his face to remove the tumour , was'nt taken out , it was missed , so it's been in three weeks . Tried to get an appointment at the local clinic , with the nurse , nothing , not even on monday , so we were told to go there . Obviously we had a long wait . At one stage I said to OH , "Well at least you're not ill like some of these , they've all got a drip next to them ." He turned to me and said , " I've had a drip next to me for over 40 years !! "
So his neck was bad before ?? !!

Love you all
When I was out yeste


Hi Ladies, been chatting to Sandra, Carol and Fiona on FB, I read something on FB then click Ive lost it lol
Went to the hospital Wednesday, I am not sure what he said about the right leg, but I have got a bad varicose vein in that one. The Docter that did it was more concerned about my left leg, I asked him what he had found, I knew he had found something because he kept going back to that leg. Anyway he said the valves were compouned in the main vein at the back of my knee. He said the blood was flowing up but when it got to the valve instead of it flowing to my heart it was dropping back down. He said he would send the report to my consultant that evening and I should hear fron him in the next couple of weeks. It as really come at a bad time though because FIL as his op a week on Monday, just hope my appointment don't coincide with him being in hospital.
Jill, glad you had a nice few days away, it is nice to get away sometimes.
Carol, did you get your forms filled ? I hate filling forms in. Your hair does look lovely in that picture on FB.
Sandra, it is sun shining here now, hope it stays nice for my daughters school summer fair, sorry you've missed your picnic, you will have to have sports day in your garden when the weather picks up.
Dee, I read about you burning your self, hope its getting better, where did you find some sun lol glad work is going ok.
Maria, you do sound really positive at the minute, that is good. I am with you at remembering everybody on FB, but I am soon confused. What confuses me is the different names people have on Fb I am never sure who is who lol love all your small statements at the end of your post, especialy 'dont google anything', I googled what the docter had said about my legs and I shouldn't have, sorry 😞
Well better go and dry my hair, thought I had better come on the thread and let you know how I got on at the hospital.
Take Care,
LOve Heather,


Hello everyone,

Have just come back from a few days holiday near Oban… and there were no midges!! Which I think is a first for a holiday on the West Coast of Scotland. Just me and OH went away, the children went to their Grandparents and the dogs went to their own holiday home.

Dogs are back home with us now and curled up asleep in their bed. I hope you are feeling better about Archie now Kanga, you can’t switch love on and off like a switch.

How is the back Carol, are you managing the allotment. Finally got to ours after a couple of weeks of total neglect. The weeds were doing great and the veg were under them somewhere! Got it all tidied up and more carrots and beetroots planted then off we went on holiday for five nights, I expect all the weeds will have come back again!

Jackie, I’m still trying to get the hang of FB and yes I find this site easier to navigate around. I have set up a separate folder in my outlook email for all my FB emails... I used the “Rules & Alerts” under “Tools” to set up a rule to filter off any emails coming in with “facebook” in the title. It keeps them all together and away from all my other emails.

Hi Juli, welcome.

Heather – what a cute Lola photo, and no I cannot remember “The Railroad Runs through the Middle of the House” Good luck for the scan.

Denise – hope you are not too tired with going back to work. I still sometimes have wee snooze in the afternoon after work and I went back in Feb! I’m sure ice-cream is allowed, full of calcium which is essential for your bones!!!

Maria – glad you are coping. It’s time things went your way for a change. I do still definitely agree with “one day at a time” sometimes it’s the only way to do things. Holidays don’t have to mean going away, doing things you want or with your family is a holiday too.

Sandra – love the tortoise. Am off to see my Mum at the weekend, she had 2 tortoises still from when I was a child. We have no idea how old they are. They are loose in their garden and our dogs never know what to make of them if they come across one.

That’s enough for now. Hi to everyone else. I am reading on FB but never feel I have much to add, but it is good to know how everyone is getting on.

Hugs from Jill


Mods.......l haven't said a word!!!


you can think what you like, you dirty girl!!


Carol pleased you enjoyed your massage - but the early night cos you feel nice and relaxed?

Nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more - ehh Sandra?

Love & Hugs,

Nell xxx


Hi, Julie, welcome to Maria's thread, you will get lots of support on here.

wise words from our wise Maria. I have to admit that I find FB a bit confusing, doesn't take much these days! I'm so pleased that you are enjoying being back at work full time, must make you feel so "normal" again. I can understand you not wanting to be away when your son is at home. mine is nearly 35 but I still miss him when he's away. he's just announced that he is going to live on the south coast for a couple of months, try and ge some summer work. will he ever settle down??

Heather, that song used to be my favourite! I will have to go on utube. have you found the talking dogs yet? the one about the bacon is the funniest. I managed to get to see my GP today. I went with a list!!
she has refered me to ENT to get my ear and vertigo sorted. so, hopefully I will get to the bottom of it.

had a swedish massage today for a student (free) she was very good as I was the first real person she had practiced on, I still feel nice and relaxed. early night I think

love and hugs to all

Carol xx


Oh Maria, what lovely words, you are an inspiration to us all; you have been through so much yet have always there to support us and give us words of wisdom - especially in your mantra (oh yes and the words you used to beat me at scrabble - twice!).

Been thinking about you today and wondering how No2 got on at the "taster" session and when is the next?

Ooh Heather, hope you get those legs sorted! so much going on with you too ((hugs)).

Well work is going ok so far, but only doing two day so not a lot, but must admit last Friday I flopped on the sofa and fell asleep when I got home and that was after only two days!

Managed to get out on the "Silver dream Machine" on Sunday - we Vrmmmd off to Morecombe, just for the ride really, oh yes and a sneaky icecream - oops but don't tell anyone cos we're on WW!

Love, (((hugs))) to all and special (((hugs))) to those that need them right now.

Nell xx


Hi Juli, welcome to the adventure none of us planned on embarking, but here we are.

Well everyone, I have been reading but not posting, I feel we are a victim to our success, I can no longer keep up with all that is going on, and I feel I am often not there to support those of us who are having a bad time, so I do apologise. With all our names on fb, here and in real life I am having great difficulty in remembering who is who, in-spite of starting a little blue book. Is it my peachy-mother brain ? I doubt it, my last one was last September.
I think I told you I am now back to full time work, and I am coping well. Other things are moving forward for me too, but at a nice pace so I do not feel overwhelmed. I still don't know what I am going to do for my holidays this summer as no 1 son will be here for most of the time, so I don't want to go away while he is here. PFDIL will be working for the summer at my centre, so she will be with me for at least 6 weeks, which will be great and no 2 son will be thrilled.
I send everyone hugs, especially those who are having a difficult time. Please take note of my mantras:
- Share things here without reserve, especially when you are down, that is the strength of our thread.
- Don't google any thing
- Keep to safe threads, you all know what I mean.
- One day at a time
- Don't borrow tomorrow's sorrow (thanks Vickie, for that one, but please take note yourself !)
Love to all my cyber family, you have been my saviour.


Hi Ladies thought I would put a new Lola pic on my profile,Nikki sends a new pic everyday, its really nice that she keeps her us involved with everything to do with Lola.
Juli, Hi and welcome to the crazy gang, we have all been on a journey we didn't want to go on, but we have met some fantastic people on the way. You will feel better when things start to happen, then at least you know that horrible cell will be gone. I will look for you on FB and try to add you, I am not good at FB though lol
Kanga, if there going to hang me from 2 stories high they will need a dam strong rope, or better still a thick chain.
Sandra, sorry you had a tearful day yesterday, when something starts me off crying thats it for the rest of the day. Hope your feeling better today, I'll send you a (((((((hug ))))))) there does that feel better. Guess what I was singing today, 'The railroad Runs Through The Middle of The House' can you remember that one Sandra, Carol,Kanga, Jackie,Dee, who else ? I went on you tube and it was on there and I was singing along, then I had 'gillygillyhosenfefer' (can't spell it lol) but can sing it though, and then 'I'm a pink toothbrush your a blue toothbrush', and they were all on youtube I had a right musical afternoon lol
Sandra, the consultant can't understand why it is both legs, because I have only got a bad vein in one leg. He said he would ask for the scan to be done just to check them out. I dont know if I have to move my head slowly or not because nobodys told be about the spondylosis. It would be nice to meet with you all one day, if you come closer to Banbury sometime I would be able to get there.
Jackie, I could perhaps get Kanga in the basket at the front of my scooter, she would just have to dangle her legs down. I am not that red hot on FB Jackie, I see a post then puff its gone and Ive lost it lol The treasure hunt idea of Sandras is excellent, hubbys eldest 2 grandchildren are coming for a couple of days in August, we have to think of something to do because the little boy is a live wire lol, think Sandra should patent her treasure hunt idea, you could make a bomb Sandra.
Isabelle, I haven't seen your pics on FB I am going to have to go have a look now.
Carol, I haven't seen your pics of your posh hair do, I am going to find that aswell.
Dee, hope work is going ok, and your not getting to tired.
Right I am off to FB,
Take Care,
Love Heather,


Hi Juli - yu're more than welocme to tag along, bit of a crazy bunch here and guess if you get on FB with us then you'll have more laughs along the way - won't she Sandra/Kanga?

They call me Nell on here, all to do with Nll Gwynn; will leave the rest to your imagination!

Yes we will supoort you too, lots of hugs and tips, as we've all been there and got the t shirt - I've done chemo, mx, rads and due recon in the coming months, just a year on for me post dx.

Stay with us, we''ll keep you smiling...

Nell xx


They said I would be with Broomfield Hospital in Chelmsford, Essex.
Nurse said last friday she was getting onto the doctor/surgeon. Just waiting now (which I hate). Not sure how long before things start.

I am on facebook (constantly) my name is Juli, so if anyone wants to add me then please do send a request but also put that you are from this site/forum.

Juli x


Hi Juli,
Yes this an 'adventure' none of would want to be on!! We are all but through our treatment, some still having Herceptin. You are more than welcome to tag along. We do tend to go on fb a little more these days! so if you are on there just let us know and we will add you!

Once you know your treatment might be an idea to start a thread for others having treatment the same time as you.

You will get lots of advice from us, ignore most of it, because they are all pretty mad! but we mean well.
Seriously any questions, know matter how silly they may sound, just ask!

I was diagnosed in February'10 after two ops had to have a mx, had lots of nodes with cancer, but doing ok. peachy mother is our word for Chemotherapy, just hate that word, peachy sounds so much nicer.

Did they say how long before any appointments start coming in? What hospital are you under?

Sandra xxx


Hello can I tag along on this journey?
Was diagnosed last Wednesday with having Breast Cancer.
My name is Juli, Im 44, married and have two boys (12 & 17)
To be honest this is not the adventure I planned, just hoping it all works out in the end, how ever far down the line that is.
Im still waiting for things to start (appoinments/surgery...)
Just need to speak to other that are on the same boat as me.


Hi Ladies,
Nearly 11.30pm and will l be glad to get today out of the way, been an awful day, tears and more tears. Too long a story to go into, just something really upset me, sometimes it doesn't take much, but this was well worth a tear or two. My old bestfriend/schoolfriend lives in Aussie land, so can't even give her a cuddle!

Tried to keep busy today, in fact this is the first time l have sat down all day, thought l had better before l fall down!! feel shattered.

Sorry, rambling on and you dont know what about! enough

Heather's duplex isn't as exciting as it sounds!! had to look that one up! never heard of it! A Duplex scan is the name given for an ultrasound test that allows doctors to look at the flow of blood within arteries and veins.
Strange how it is in both legs Heather, could understand a problem with veins in one leg. hope all goes well!
If you feel dizzy when you look up Heather.........don't look up!! have heard that before, might have been my brother, he has spondylosis. Did they say to look up slowly?? or am l dreaming that!!
Will have to see where Banbury is!! well l know roughly, but perhaps we could meet half way! bit like half way to paradise! so near, yet so far away!!

Nell, l can tell no porkies!! l took the tortoise off the internet. l was looking up something about tortoise's and this tortoise with a toothbrush came up!!! just felt it was for me!!

Jackie, come, come, was l the only one that said you were a drama queen!! it was the way you kept wiping your brow after a story!! but we love you for it! makes me smile!
Lego, can't live without it! my grandson said that is all he wants for his birthday! easy presents, he already has lots. Even got two big boxes of his Dad's and Uncles from when they were little! it was going to stay at mine so they had it when they came round, with their cousins, but each time they come round more and more goes home with them! told them take the lot!!

Son and dil had to finish off emptying her Mums home on Sunday, they were out in the garden, when youngest asked me what granddad was doing, told him he was watching the finals of Wimbledon, in he trotted, seems he took a Harry Potter dvd out and told his Granddad if he gets bored with Tennis he can watch Harry Potter. Granddad was very impressed!!!

Jackie, not sure what sj told you! have you tried going onto breast friends, and near where it says breast friends it says edit settings! if you click on that you can change the email messages you get!

Has everyone seen Carol's hair? she went to a wedding and put her photo on fb, looks really lovely!
and not forgetting Izzy's holiday snaps oh yes and her silage photo's. gorgeous farm! oh l have silage too, cut the grass the other day, and now it is fermenting! does that count Izzy?

Hugs and Love


Well I know how Sandra did that.).).) But I couldn’t possibly say.Dee you will just have to wonder. Heather hope the duplex scan goes well, you’ll be OK as long as you do not have to abseil up 2 storeys and dangle off to have the scan as Kanga suggests and she does know a lot of things. Sorry you couldn’t join us on Sat at the GC. Yes it would have been a long journey It would have taken the heat off me as Sandra wasn’t good and told me I was a drama queen Moi?? What with you and Kanga having poorly legs do you have a pillion seat that she could hitch a lift on?
I must say I get a bit confuddled about who has said what on here or on FB. Heather even I am on FB but I find it less easy than this site to navigate around I think my next trick will have to be to get a piccy on and also prevent notifications to my e-mail account. I have tried the method suggested by SJ 3 times now and it has not worked so far.
I’m feeling a bit smug this evening as I managed a full aerobics class and it was very hot too. Had been too tired on the last 2 Mondays to complete it and slunk out before the end.It certainly keeps my axilla area loosened up.
My middle g-s told me on the phone this week-end that he will like the Lego gift I sent for his birthday later this week. So no surprises there, one shake and that was it. I’m really looking forwards to them coming down in August and have taken a tip from Sandra and am organising a treasure hunt in the garden.
Dee thought you were trying to flag down a bus too in your profile pic.
It is past my bed time so night night and love to all. Jackie


What on earth is a "Duplex " scan ? I thought a duplex was a two storey maisonette type thingy ? perhaps it´s a scan in two parts , or perhaps they hang you two storeys up and scan you ! Interesting ! You´ll have to tell us all about it , none of us has had one of them .
My friends husband went for a scan last week , apparently ( her version ) he had a scan on his legs to see if there was any brain activity . Now if you can make any sense of that , you´re abetter man than me, gunga din !!
Thought I´d come across a good deal on mobiles today , but as always there was a hidden glitch ie you had to give them access to your bank account and I don´t let any spanish company have access to that !
Not since Marbella Town hall decided I owned a house there and had´nt paid my taxes , so embargoed the account and took half out . Perfectly legal !! Just try getting the B******* to give you the money back when you´ve managed to prove to them that they are wrong !!
We´re not getting very far up the 300´s are we ? Did well to get there and very slowly ever since ,


Hi ladies, so hot and muggy here, I am hot and bothered just reading your posts (well Sandras back and she gets me hot and bothered lol)
Hope you all had a good meet, I looked how far it was for me to come but it was over 2 hours and we had got to Banbury on the Sunday for hubbys youngest daughters birthday, and to see FIL. If we lived in Banbury it would be no problem, its only just over an hour from there I checked, I will make it one day. Hope you great time, I haven't been on FB yet.
Jackie was Sandra good? I dont beleive it if you say yes lol
Well you ladies will be pleased to know I am going for a duplex scan on my legs on Wednesday morning, so hopefully I am a bit closer to finding out what is causing them to swell up and look like I am wearing red football socks, I hope !!
Kanga, I know how your feeling with swollen feet and legs, do they go red aswell? Hows the puppy have you heard?
Carol, are you sure its vertigo? i keep going dizzy, especially when I look up, I didn't realise that I have cervical spondylosis at the top of my spine. I found out when I got my letter from the consultant who is treating my legs. He sent me a copy of the letter he was sending to my GP and the doctor who is dealing with the scan on my legs.The letter said one of my problems was Cervical Spondylosis, the thing is nobody told me lol I couldn't understand why I go so dizzy looking up, and I am awfull at the dentists when you have you head tilted back, think I need to get a new toothbrush, can anybody recomend the best type for me please !!!
Dee did you go push bike riding or moterbiking ? brrmmmm brrrmmmmm (thats my engine sound lol
Isabelle how are things down on the farm, bet it is still keeping you all busy. Are you going away this year ? I know youve had a few days away.
Well think I will go and investigate Fb to see what the gang got up to.
Take Care,
Love Heather,


Love your Toby story Sandra, hope he has had a loverly day in the garden. Sent you a reply to your pm on fb

I hope everyone has had a good day

Isabelle xxx


Oh yes a story Izzy!

Once upon a time there was a lonely little tortoise called Toby, who spent all his days wandering up and down the garden looking for a ‘lady friend’ now everyone needs a ‘friend’ even if you are a tortoise! He looked everywhere, but sadly no lady friend was found! He wondered if he had a problem with his body odour! So he had a chat to his owner who said she would help him become more irresistible to ‘lady tortoises’
So after a wash and brush up he smelt rather nice! But his shell was rather dull so his owner decided to give his shell a scrub! Toby the tortoise was so excited about having a body scrub he decided he could live without a lady friend as long as his owner gave him a good scrub once a week! Better stop there!!

Nell, would l be doing that to a 'strange' tortoise?

Kanga, Yes toothbrush!! was going to get it on the way back from the meet up, but it was getting rather late for me feeding the dogs!! so will go tomorrow, need to take Mum to M & S so will pop into Boots after! so OH will have to wait another day!!

Not sure who you were looking back on? quite a few don't come on any more, getting on with their lives hopefully!
No Kanga, Nell is trying to pull!!

Had a lovely meet today with the lovely St Alban ladies and one from up North! anyway that is all on fb so wont tell you what Jackie got up to 'again' and Louise is no better! shame on you girls for getting it out!


We do NOT want to know how Sandra did that ! On the other hand , he seems to have a smile on his face and a wiggle in his tail .
So are you buying your OH an electric toothbrush for your birthday Sandra ?
Was looking back to the begining of this thread and wondering where certain of the ladies have gone . There were some that seemed to be posting quite a lot , and then disappeared . Hope they are all alright .
I expect all you southern ladies ( sounds like the "Deep South !" ) are back now , hope you all had a lovely time . I bet there was some chattering going on
The swellings gone done on my legs , so I no longer resemble the elephant man , but my feet are still very swollen and itchy with it , still taking the piriton, so many pills , whats one more !
nell what are you doing ? Trying to stop a bus !
Have a good saturday , or what´s left of it .


Now excuse me if I'm being naïve but ..... is that really Toby Sandra? and if so how do you do that?

I'm supposed to be waving on my pic - but just ended up with my arm stuck in the air!

Lovely day here, already been out on the pushbikes to the park, now off to try and sort the rockery out.....

Love & Hugs, Nell xxx


Toby and the toothbrush, sounds like the start of a good story. Love your picture Sandra, hope you have a good day tommorow.

Isabelle xxx


Sandra I will speak to you tomorrow.).) 1st you blamed Heather and now OH.and poor Toby Jxx


Toothbrushes!! so versatile, Lol xxx


Hi Ladies, well thought l had better get on here before you forget who l am!!
So difficult keeping up with both threads and trying to get on with life!

Looking forward to our meet up tomorrow!

Most of you on fb will have read this, but not sure what else to say!!

Had a snog the other day!! Yes at the grand old age of 64 l can still pull a young hunk!!
Took my wig in to be cut, he was telling me about how he got into wig cutting, his Mum had been diagnosed with bc, he said he was so moved by all the ladies he met while she was having her treatment, he wanted to do something to help, so he went on a course with Toni and Guy.
She had a very rare bc, and sadly lost her fight. He said he asked the surgeon if they took her abroad would she have a better chance, said he was willing to sell his house and go back home to his parents, but the surgeon said sadly nothing could help her.
So in the front of all the shop, he grabbed hold of me and said come here you l want to kiss you!! What can a ‘girl’ say!!! Just had to melt into his arms!! Made my day/week/year!!

I asked if my hair was ready for highlights! He said ‘almost there’ so l took that as a NO!! Lol!

He gave me his card and wrote his name on it, does he want me to ring him!!! Sadly it was the shop number!! Lol!

Ok Mods before you read anymore, l am not being rude!! honest!!

OH came home and asked me if l would buy him an 'Electric Toothbrush' next time l go shopping, look of shock horror on my face! living with OH for 43years, he has only just learnt how to use the remote control! so an Electric Toothbrush was a complete shock!!
No way he could have seen my postings, computers are beyond him!!
He had been to the dentist that day!! what a coincidence!! Mmmmm anyway seems she told him at 'his age' he should be using an electric toothbrush!!!!!!! something about gums receeding!! Nice!!

Carol, you sound like you are doing really well on your Herceptin, wish l could lose some weight, only want to lose a little, but such an effort at the moment!!
Hope you enjoy the wedding on Saturday!

Nell, Glad you had lots of Hugs, you deserve it! hope it all went well and not too emotional for you.

Kanga, Think l would have said Archie has run off!! and found him a home myself!
Agree with you, Heathers poo and poached eggs in the same sentence!! rather put you off your poo!!

As for your bite, l had something on the side of my face last week, the next day the whole of my cheek (face) was swollen, the pharmacist said it looks like a bite! was really painful for a few days, looked awful, took a week to heal, just starting to fade!

Had a smear, last week, so hopefully that will be ok! had doc look at a couple of lumps that had appeared down below! one was very small but the other was a bit bigger, she said she thought it was a lump from a hair follicle from the peachy!! so going to keep an eye on that! she said to go back if worried!........ worried!!! not really! she was quite sure it was ok! and l do trust her!! silly me!

Jackie, borderline indeed!! borderline this, borderline that! never ends! should you have manoeuvered him? with regards to getting it checked out! need to keep a close eye Jackie! don't want any more problems! sounding a real little Percy Thrower Jackie! good job you are going to the gc you can re stock!

Heather, not sure where you are up to with regards to K!! she is waiting for her op!! meeting her tomorrow, along with the other St Alban ladies, oh and Jackie!!

Steak waiting to be cooked, got carried away watching tennis and doing this! dogs looking very hungry!
Hugs to all
Sandra xxx


The thought of me in a leotard , fishnets and a top hat ............not a good look Carol !
But with a little conjuring , a sharp chopper and a drop of port ( well quite a lot really ) I managed a nice meal.
Decided against going out . I just get too tired and it´s a late start .8.15 to sit at 8.45 , I´ll have my head in my plate by 9.30 , plus Oh is a bit miffed at how he looks now the stiches have come out .....quasimodo comes to mind . Someone said to me , that a few scars can make a man look more sexy , I think they were thinking more of Johnney Depp than Fred Freeman !!
So hot at the moment , we had rain in the night and I took my brolly out today cos it was raining a little when I´d finished walking Jack , but sooooo humid , really muggy , horrible , even without hot flushes you´re wet in a minute , thankfully the world and his wife were all using fans today , so I just blended in .
Hope you all have a good weekend , to all those meeting up , have a great time , I bet you´ll talk so much , you´ll all be horse when you get home , or rather hoarse .
Girls , keep your eye on Sandra , she´s got to that very awkward age , once she gets over this and back to her wisdom , she´ll be alright , but she could just go off the rails .

I´m really really looking forward to my turn !!

ps . Jackie , have you noticed any difference in your s7e´s now that you are back on Arimidex ? Especially the bleeding ? At least that was one side effect that made your doctor take note , will be very interesting to see if it comes back , now you´re on the "real thing ". No Heather , I´m not talking bout coke .


thanks, Nell, will have alookand try and get myself on there. don't work too hard today!! I have a wedding card to finish for tomorrow, oh, and about a ton of broad beans to pod and freeze!
Jackie, your spuds should, in theory, be ready when the flowers have died down, but if your flowers have disappeared just try scraping away some of the compost.
Kanga, do you do a bit of conjuring then? do you have a top hat?
we sometimes go to one of those Indian places in Rusholme on the curry mile. too much temptation. going to a posh wedding tomorrow, lokking forward to some "posh" nosh there.
Heather, didn't go for a bike ride cos my back kicked in again but is ok again now. just the verigo bothering me at the mo. might go see my GP and ask to be refered to ENT, just reluctant to go through with more medical stuff, I'm sure you know what I mean!
weather looks nice again here, so must go and get dressed

love Carol


Just V quick one....

Carol the gallery is here: http://www.breastcancercare.org.uk/moving-forward-gallery/

Must go ladies, working tomorrow.....


I don´t know what sort of flies you had Jacqie , but something bit me on both legs when I was out walking jack yesterday . I felt them bite and brushed them off , but my legs today are like tightly swollen red tree truncks . Normally they are the only thin things on me , but not today , looks like I´ve swapped legs with dawn french ..........bless her ! So Sore , no wonder your legs kept you awake Heather , these are better if I can get them up , but sat here thats a bit difficult .
So many of you are now back working full time , I truely don´t know how you find the stamina , i seem to be tired all the time .
Going out tomorrow evening ( thats if I can stay awake !) One of those indian eat everything you see places . Must remember to put comfortable underwear on , unfortunately cannot go without , my boobs rest on my waist , my stomach seems to have dropped as well , never noticed that before . Amazing how it all just seems to creep up on you.
Am off now .Got to do something with a rabbit!


Hello thought I ought to pop in to the thread. Have difficulty keeping up with both FB and the embarking thread.
Heather how you make me laugh, my poop and post came last year just after active treatment had finished. Really did not feel like doing it but Sandra had a few words so off it went. Thankfully I completely forgot about it and shortly afterwards the result arrived all OK. Kanga naughty naughty thinking of putting Jack’s poo in OH test. Yes the Spanish plume explains it then. Over the last few days my car has been coated with a film of reddish/brown sand like deposit, and then this morning when I got up my kitchen window was covered in flies UGH. I did read some time ago that when weather was freakish flies and sand could be blown in with the wind. It was really awful I got rid of a lot and they were on their last legs anyway. Then when I got home this evening there were more, got rid of them and have been bleaching the tops down. Hope that is the last I see of them. How are your red legs Heather?
Grand-sons eh Heather? Last year when I was on Peachy and my son, dil and 2 g-s visited I was saying to my dil in the kitchen that I hoped the seasoning was OK in the meal as my taste buds were up the shoot. No g-s around. Later we were out at a restaurant when the eldest said Nana when you get old do your taste buds stop working? He clearly had heard the conversation and he was not even in the room. We explained that I was on some medicine that caused it. Then earlier this year when I was up in Scarborough with them we were having a meal when I said the meal was yummy, he piped up and asked if my taste buds were working again. The child has a phenomenal memory.
Dee take it gently with work, it’s great that you have some leave accumulated too. It really helps to eke out the phased return. Just as I was due to be back F/T we had several BH and I had a few more weeks on 4 days, which really helped. Suze hope you are OK too, gets quite cream crackering dunnit. Roll on the summer hols. I have my case ready to join you on the Suze cruise lol. Can you imagine all the ladies on here joining you we would be put off at the 1st available port for unseemly behaviour, you know who you are ( and so do we)
I haven’t heard any news of our Karen on here or FB so hope she is OK and sending ((HUGS)) and holding hands tightly.
Had my appt with the gynae yesterday having had 2 u/s of pelvic area. Seems I have a borderline thickened endometrium. I was borderline for so much of my BC treatment too. Would really like to do bog standard not borderline. Upshot is that he couldn’t quite decide whether I needed a biopsy under GA or leave me 3 months and repeat. I was able to manoeuvre him into the latter. Experience with my Onc in similar circumstances helped, although he was never manoeuvred into anything lol. And I only went along with it to humour my GP. I think they get a bit twitched when we have had something so serious.I spotted a member of my staff there too. And later was in her office when she returned to tell the rest of the girls she was 9 weeks pregnant. Poor lamb she had bleed after her blood test and came into the office and almost fainted.
Kris so soo sad about Archie I can’t understand why he wasn’t allowed to stay and how crass to bung a stray into your friends car bizarre. He looks lovely in you pic- and so do you of course.Yes we knew Meer rat was a male. Hope OH is OK too.I wouldn’t last 2 minutes on the farm with Isabelle and any poorly lambs or calves.
Carol hope you back is better soon and that you have good weather for the wedding.BTW when will I know that my potatoes are ready? other than digging down into the patio bags to check. The shoots flowered but I am sure something bit them off. My Duchy Original organic runners are coming on a treat and also my blueberry plants look set to have a bumper crop. Unfortunately I think that they will be ready before my g-s come down to stay as they so love picking them. Still there should be runners, pots and courgettes to keep them happy.
Nell I know strange things happen oop north but naked men wandering around the country side takes some beating.
Love to all Jackiexx


anga, the weather man said our hot 2 days was due to the Spanish Plume! that's all I know.
Heather, didn't go for a bike ride as the back kicked off again, don't know why as I was only walking, not doing anything I shouldn't. seems avery time I plan to spend some quality time with my daughter the back prevents it. so, on the painkillers again. going to a wedding on Sat, so better be OK by then.
does anyone know how to look at the "moving on" gallery?

love Carol


Hi Ladies, I was going to mention sitting on the laptop, then I thought no better not lol
Want a laugh Kanga, well on Sunday when my grandchildren where here I was on the phone to MIl and I was telling her about not putting my name on the poop sample. Then yesterday my daughter and her family were all sat at the table having dinner and she was telling them she had a bit of an upset tummy. SIl said 'I dont think this is a subject we should be talking about over dinner, then the youngest of the 2 boys who is nearly 16 said 'well its not as bad as grandma, she poops on a stick and then posts it'. My daughter collapsed in a heap laughing, then she did explain to him it was for medical reasons and it was in an sealed envelope being sent to a labority. They no I am the dippy grandma but I dont just poop on a stick and put it in the post box, I bet he thought I had gone even more crazy lol
Kanga I can totally understand you getting upset over Archie, I would feel just the same, such a pity he couldn't stay with foster family, and what a stupid woman picking up a dog for a substitute.
Dee, glad your first day at work went ok, hope you not doing to much though ((((hugs))))
Carol, hope you never fell of your bike, fancy going riding round the canal you could have fallen in !!!
all you other ladies are ok, I cant find out how Karen got on, it is probably on face book but I can't find it.
Take care all of you,
Love Heather,


Hi Girls , I see that FB seems to have rather taken over from here, which i think is a bit sad .
I know things change but this thread was so good for all of us , and hopefully gave a lot of other ladies some help when they needed it and a good laugh occassionally . I suppose the trouble is we cannot be in two places at once . I know the FB is popular as my inbox gets totally bogged down !
Been a horrible few days for me , as Archie went and his foster parents are just so upset about it all , and I get phone calls that totally set me off intears . The lady who came to collect Archie from the arranged place ( Repsol garage ) saw a stray dog there and picked it up and put it into their car ,and said " there you are have him instead . !" cannot believe how crass and stupid some people are . Needless to say , they returned him ´to the petrol station , he´s obviously been living around there quite happily .
Thanks Nell and carol for the hugs . I know after all we´ve all been through it seems so pathetic and silly , but it seems to have tipped me over the edge. Just as well I´m not a farmers wife is´nt it Izzy , how would I cope losing lambs and calves .I´d crumple up.
I´d love to think it´ll never happen again , buut he certainly was´nt the first puppy I´ve rescued here , and I doubt if he´ll be the last unfortunately . Especially as the house sale looks to be a few years yet . So frustrating . We want to get on with the rest of our lives , but cannot move forward at all.
My OH has his stitches out on friday , I just hope the surgeon did a good job , else he´ll be p++++ all weekend !
So hot here , does´nt go too well with hot flushes .
Nell , surely you had a mobile on you , how come you did´nt take a photo , or are you keeping it to yourself ?! I wonder how far he´ll get ? I´m suprised the police have´nt made him cover up , even if he just puts a map over it , like "X marks the spot "
Whats a spanish Plume carol ? I tell you , you can have it with pleasure ,here .............catch................
Well done with the weight loss , I can´t find the scales .( good excuse eh ?)
Heather , poop and poached eggs in the same sentance ...surely not !and as Carol said , "not a good idea to sit on the laptop . It does´nt like it and may well pack up ! On the other hand ... whatever turns you on ! No we are not back on the toothbrushes .Pas de tout !
My OH has had a bit of a stomach problem so he´s on the old poop in a container lark . I thought it might be funny to put some of Jack´s in just to see what they come back with . Could you imagine . There are these poor people who check other people´s poo all day long , pretty boring , I thought it might just brighten up their day . " My googness , this man´s been eating bones ! Oh my god , there´s a bit of frog in this !" I´d love to do it , but I´m sure I´d get into trouble , but I want to do something to make me laugh . I´ll have to give this matter some more thought.


Hi Ladies,

Yes first day back at work went well - hugs, coffee, chit chat, erm that's it ohh and discussed work too! Got a good team, very supportive and phasing back in over long time as got all holidays accrued and have 52 days to end of September! so it will be Sep before I go back on five days, so yes a very slow phased return for me!

Ooh saw a naked man on Sunday when we were out on the dream machine - doing a charity walk for testicular cancer - don't think I'd be that brave to raise it for bc! especially with only one boob!

On that note I'll sign off and leave the rest to your imagination; if you want to know where he was it was somewhere oop North....

Love & Hugs,

Nell xxx


heather, no wonder you're hot sitting on the lap top!! nice drop of rain here tonight but would like the sunshine back tomorrow please

apparently the hot weather is down to the Spanish Plume, so we can blame our Kanga. send it back please Kanga.

went for my Herceptin check up this morning. my heart rate is now 66%. gone up from 62% las ttime and I've lost a bit of weight too, so that's good. she said whatever I'm doing to carry on doing it. must be down to the gym.

going for a bike ride tomorrow along the canal with daughter. whats the odds on me falling in? high, I would think!!
love & hugs to everyone, especially Kanga who is feeling bereft and Karen, who I hope is feeling better after seeing the surgeon

Isabelle, hope your babies are doing OK

Suze, hope work isn't tiring you out too much, no time for coffee and cake now!
Nell, hope you "enjoy" you first day back at work

well, must go and put some drops in my ears!!!

Carol xx


Hi thanks Sandra and Carol, so they will know its my poop then, what a lovely job these people have. Glad the poached eggs were good Carol, no it was that complicated Carol system with my grandsons lol, Everyone had a phone number lol she as never left them before. She rang me this morning about 7am before she went to school to tell me she was home ok. She was telling me on Friday when they left for 1 full day 2 half days!!! when she went to say goodbye to louis, he is the younger one, she started to fill up. Then he said don't mum, but it was to late,then he started to well up, then dad came to say bye and he was welling up. They eventually got in the car and she said they were both sniffling,and my SIl said 'I don't like this at all' I think if it wasn't for the fact her dad had paid for the tickets she wouldn't have gone.
Sandra did you have nice weekend with your grandchildren, when you said about your grandaughter saying about she wanted to come to yours instead of the zoo etc it reminded me of my Ethan my sons little boy. He use to want to come here instead of going out to places, that doesn't happen no more, it is so sad.Right stop now or I will be blubbing.
Well I don't know what you other ladies are like but it is so humid here, I am just red hot sitting here on the lap top, I hope nobody comes because prothesis as had to go, it was making me so hot and sweaty.
I wonder how Karen as gone on, if any one hears can they message me, been thinking about her all day, hope she had a nice visit with Karl going to visit mum.
Ok everyone I am going to knit some more squares, knowing my luck they will turn out to be circles lol
Take care everyone,
Love Heather,


Hi, ladies, yes, Heather I enjoyed my poached eggs, thankyou. I did my poop n post and have had the thumbs up, so one thing less to worry about. my Mum died of bowel cancer, so I'm glad of the test. your arrangements with your grandkids sound very complicated or is it just the way you tell em.
Kanga, perhaps you can get Archie to drop you a line, let you know how how he's doing!! I'm sure he'll be fine.

LOve Carol xx


Just a quickie to put Heathers mind at rest….l did the bowel screening test a couple of weeks ago, and while it does say put your name on there, it already has your name printed on the card!!
Yes l know nice job, but it is yours Heather!! Mine came back all ok!!
The first one l did was a couple of years ago, l wanted to put a note in saying.......sorry!! Thought they might think....crazy lady!


Hi ladies, well I did a lovely long post this morning and puff it went, doesn't it make you angry when it does that. I would love to know were they go, I bet there is someone collecting all our posts, having a laugh at Kanga's and Sandras antics, Moi I am good I am cough cough. Well I did a stupid thing last week, I know your all thinking 'heather doing something stupid noooooo' What happened was I was sent a letter that was asking me to go on the bowel screening thing, so I thouhgt I had better do it as we have a good friend who is terminally ill with bowel cancer. I dont know if any of you other ladies have done it but it isn't nice. You get this card with 3 sections for 3 different days, when you lift the flap there is 2 windows were you put a sample in each yuk, and you have to do this 3 days on the trot. Well it took me 3 weeks to pluck up courage to do it, so on Wednesday I started. I was armed with rubber gloves, baby wipes, disinfectant, and hand cleaner, anybody would have thought I was handling a dangerous bug lol So I got it sorted, couldn't wait till Friday, when it was finished I sealed it up, put in the envelope provided and posted it straight away. All well and good you must think but no!! I woke up early hours Saturday morning and realised I had not put my name on any of them, so they are going to be receiving samples from the unknown women lol
Kanga, and can understand just how your feeling about the puppy, I would be wanting to go with him lol
Sandra, hope your grandson is ok now, hate them hurting themselves.
Isabelle, what a lovely story about the calf, I would be like Kanga I wouldn't want them to go anywhere. Hope youir feeling better now after your bug.
Jill, glad your ok, sounds like your doing to much though. I understand how you feeling about the crying, sometimes I start and I just cant stop. I've had a bit of a crying weekend, it would have been my mums birthday tomorrow so that doesn't help. My 2 eldest grandsons and the eldest ones girlfriend came for Sunday lunch though. Their mum is in Spain for the weekend visiting her dad, it is the first time she as left them so it as been a major operation. They are 18 and nearly 16, and SIL's brother lives across the road, her friend lives next door. I have got phone numbers to ring if I need to, and they have my number, don't know what she thinks their going to do lol anyway it cheered me up today to see them. Even though their older they still give me a cuddle and kiss and tell me they love me, and the girlfriend does to, she is a lovely girl though.
Dee, good luck for Tuesday, take it easy though.
Karen, good luck tomorrow ((((hugs)))))))))
Carol, in my morning post I said hope enjoy your poached eggs, that was hours ago though, I am a bit late now lol
Well I hope you have all had a hot sunny Sunday
Take Care,
Love Heather,


pass the bug , pass the bug pleaseeeeee Izzy !! Don´t keep it to yourself I want it !! 5lbs thats fantastic !
What have you called the calf or don´t you ?
Thank you for saying Archie is beautiful , I will be so glad when tomorrow has passed .
You see he went to foster parents , they wanted to keep him , but the lady who placed him there said they could´nt and carried on with arrangements to find him a home in Holland or germany .
Right , although I had been paying for his jabs and had met David ( the foster daddy ) he said nothing to me , and Judy ( the mummy ) was in Germany visiting her daughter .
Judy comes home and invites me to see them . Tells me how much they all love him , and I can see that . But it´s too late , he´´s booked to fly and a family has been found . That was Tuesday , and I don´t think i´ve slept properly since , I am just so upset. Tomorrow , he leaves the home he loves and the people and animals that love him´
I must stop this , I´m going around in circles and it´s doing me no good at all.You see , had I known how much they wanted to keep him , if they had spoken to me , I would have stopped his adoption before it went too far , after all , my name is on his passport as his owner .
Can you believe it , a grown woman doing her head in over the fate of one puppy , who will probably adapt , of course he will adapt .
Never make a farmer , or a farmer´s wife would I Izzy .
I´m going mnow to try to sort my sorry self out . All of you who have big troubles in your lives just ignore me . I´ll be ok soon .


Hi ladies,
Kanga, I loved the pics of Archie on fb, I'm sure you will miss him but at least you know that you gave him a good start once he came to you, and he should be going to a loving home now, give him lots of big hugs, he's beautiful xxx
Denise, yes you can call me Izzy! only special friends do!
Suzi, I was just wondering where you had got to, glad to hear that you are settled back into work, I hope the drs can sort out your stomach problem soon, it's always something to deal with is'nt it?
Our new calf came and she's just like her Mum a little mini me !!!she's loverly.
Been off work this weekend with a bug, I've lost 5lb in weight this week, not the way to do it I know, but there you go.
Been trying to get a bit of gardening done, it's been raining off and on all day, now it's gone all foggy! The boys have gone camping tonight, they will probably turn up scruffy in the morning, they took enough food to feed an army, so they shouldn't come back hungry!

Just put the fire on as it's getting cold here now, and it's supposed to be summer!!!

Lots of hugs to all my cyber family,

Izzy xxx


Yes Sandra , Meerat is a male , easy to guess , anything that strops must be masculine.
It´s early morning and I´ve been awake hours , If Oh catches me I´ll be in trouble.
Cannot sleep . Too much going on in my head .Nothing to do with BC thankfully .
Losing a friend of ten years cos I refuse to take sides in a major row she has with a mutual friend, Thats played on my mind , and of course Archie goes to Oh well , I expect it will look better , once I´ve either gone back to bed and had an hour , or had a shower and got up , only just begining to get light here, our dawns are later than yours .
Shame your calfs are´nt due now Izzy , I could come around and help .
Am taking the puppy class today , but after seeing Archie for the last time yesterday I could find it difficult.
For gods sake woman , get a grip !!
a sad KangaX