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Embarking on an adventure, you are welcome to tag along


Embarking on an adventure, you are welcome to tag along

Like all adventurers, I am going into the unknown with some apprehension next week. However, I happy to have met some wonderful people here, during my preparation, since March 2010. I have found out who my real friends are and I am overwhelmed by the love I am surrounded by. Like an adventurer I am ready to push myself to the limit of my capabilities when necessary, and I know it won't be a bed of roses. however when I reach my destination after many months, I hope to arrive triumphant, and a better person.

Don't get my wrong, I have been on another adventure in 2003, so I know a little of what is entailed and I have no illusions, but I thought an up beat thread of discovery would be interesting.

This adventure is peppered with other changes in my life, as before I knew this adventure was about to start, I had plans for other things which I have decided not to cancel.

At the moment my garden is strewn with chopped down trees, so I hope "the man" will come and tidy every thing away soon (as he promised). I hope he is not a "cowboy" tree feller.

In June I am having a completely new kitchen, from top to bottom. The old one is going to be ripped out and I will have to "camp" in my own home. Luckily I have some friends who will help me pack up all the stuff, but we don't have a date fixed yet.

My adventure will also be planned around a special holiday (leaving 25th July for 2 weeks)

So if your adventure is starting too, or you would like to help me on mine I will be very happy. I am sure there will be a lot to discover and share.

All the best to one and all, Maria

PS check my profile for the more boring details of my adventure

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sounds like an interesting journey, and I do like your approach! Nearly a year since recurrence, so I guess I have started down the road, but would be glad to join your adventure
monica xx