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Enlarged lymph node following reconstruction


Re: Enlarged lymph node following reconstruction


I have just joined the site too as, like you, these things wear us down with worry. I haven't been in the exact same position but I know that I expressed concerns to my surgeon several times about lumps in the non-cancerous breast and armpit and he was clear that my tests on these were recent and therefore there was nothing to be concerned about. Your lymph node biopsy was recent and your op was really quick too so I would try and stay positive. Surgery/treatment causes lots of oddities and they are usually fine.

Be as normal as you can be with your lovely kids!! It's hard, I know, but my kids are what keeps me going!

Stay strong and positive!

Good luck with what the hospital say. x



Enlarged lymph node following reconstruction



This is my first ever message but I have never felt so low so I hope someone can help me.  I was diagnosed with Stage 1 Grade 3 cancer in April 2016 and due to breast tissue a decision was made for me to have mastectomy.  I opted for a reconstruction with an expander and the operation was done at the beginning of May.  Due to the type of cancer I am currently at week 11 of 12 weeks of chemotherapy and am also having Herceptin.  Today, I had a ultrasound scan due to discomfort around the implant (which turned out to be ok) but an enlarged lymph node was seen.  I did have sentinel node biopsy which was clear.  I am so scared and have to wait a week before it is even discussed at the hospital.  Sorry if this is the wrong forum area but finding it hard to be normal with my children.  Thank you.