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Exercise after diep & tram?!?


Re: Exercise after diep & tram?!?

Thanks all, struggling a bit tummy has been tight last few days, think it may be swimming lol or the food i have eaten, wondering what 14 days of nosh in Florida will do, will it harm it, already got a bulge from under my boobs to the bottom and it's all rock hard. Anyhow diet when back.Would love the diet tips and sheet, will try and pm you but not sure how on new forum yet.



Re: Exercise after diep & tram?!?

Hi Lisa,

How did it go with your check up? Have you got a date for stage 2 yet?

Yes i felt the same pull..I went on hols at exactly three months post op and couldn't believe how stretching in swimming really felt tough. But it got better each day..!

I have got an e version of a specific exercise leaflet for DIEP/ tram that I can email you if you pm me your address.

I've also written up some additional exercises the physio gave me for eight weeks stage. I've got a bit sloppy aboutr doing them as my dog always seems to need a walk instead, but I can tell the difference when I do do them!

Much love,


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Re: Exercise after diep & tram?!?

Hi Lisa

Wow I cant believe you have done 10 lengths you are doing great!!!

Got my date 28th June

Have a great holiday




Exercise after diep & tram?!?

Hi All

I am 8/9 weeks post surgery for a double recon, a diep one side and tram the other. I had a large tummy and middle and still have quite a bulge, I seen consultant a few days ago but he was so busy I forgot to ask about what exercises you can do and should do to get your tummy control and movement back more.

today I went swimming and it felt so tight I struggled to do 10 lenghts? Is this normal? am I just being too impatient. Going to try again tomorrow and then off on hols at the weekend so hoping it gets easier as love swimming and thought it might help counteract the 14 days of eating in Florida!!!

Thanks all xxx