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Re: Exercise

I saw a good presentation from a physiotherapist at a BCC information day. Her general advice for bone mets was:


  • taking measures to avoid falls is key
  • avoid contact sports / activities with an unmodifiable risk of falling over
  • avoid activities that may require you to react quickly e.g. catching fast or heavy objects (netball, cricket)
  • If the spine is affected, avoid large movements of the neck/back such as going all the way forwards to
    backwards, large twists, combined movements
  • If an exercise involves the same movement as everyday activities then it’s no riskier than those tasks.


It might be worth asking your BCN to put you in touch with a phsyio at your local hospital to get some more tailored advice.


Hope that helps,



Re: Exercise

Someone I know has bone mets from prostate cancer and also used to be a runner and now can't. He walks alot but also does road cycling. Don't know if that's an option?

Re: Exercise

Sophie, I don't have any experience with this, but I would get your oncs opinion. Myself I wouldn't do anything that caused pain or if I felt it could put stress on any bones involved. FF

Re: Exercise

Yoga would be beneficial as there's a lot of scientific evidence that proves it is suitable for cancer patients.

Re: Exercise

Hi I can see there's been no replies to this yet. Have you found anything suitable as I was thinking something gentler considering my restricted mobility and bone mets, such as tai chi, Pilates etc?






I have bone Mets and have been diagnosed since April. I used to be a keen long distance runner but I am told that I can no longer do any high impact exercise. 

Apart from swimming , has anyone tried anything else?

i am thinking of yoga, Pilates and some strength work in the gym? 


Thank you