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FALSODEX whos on it


Re: FALSODEX whos on it

Hi Jayne

I have been trawling through the hormonal site trying to find someone who is on Faslodex and yours is the only one that I can find.(I appreciate that it is over 12 months ago when you posted but I thought I would reply) I have had three injections so far and apart from pain where the injection is given I have had no other side effects. I am due to have a scan next month to see whether or not the Faslodex is working, I hope so because this is my final hormonal choice. Arimidex worked for a year followed by exemestane which was a non starter.
Would love to hear from any others who may be on Faslodex

Barbara x


FALSODEX whos on it

Hi there
I have just started Falsodex and was wondering if anyone else is on it ?
My specialist said it could give more hot flushes ( you mean its possible to have more) but was wondering if it give aches and pains like the other hormones which
I' ve had.
Luv jANE