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Fast forward


Re: Fast forward

Hi we are all in the same boat so we all feel the same this site has heled me too just reading and stoped me worrying go for my radiation on 20th this month do not know how many times yet no plans my cancer was 2nd grade but after they oped me up was told it was 1st grade 10cc so that was a relief and clear under my arm hugs to you xx

Fast forward

Hi ladies, 


I hope everyone is coping well with treatment I am day four of five treatments, I am on the If trial I have to say this was possibly the best decision I have made  all over within the week no side effects yet touch wood. Of course I would rather not had the dreaded C at all, I know I have been very lucky I was only Dx end of Nov 13 WLE and SNB in Dec and apart from taking the dreaded Letrozole   for the next five years treatment has finished thank goodness.I know that my experience seems a walk in the park when I read what some of you amazing ladies have been through, you are all truly inspiring, reading your stories I know how lucky (not sure that's the correct term) I have been.

Hugs to each and everyone of you x

Thankyou for this site it has been invaluable to me x