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Fat necrosis ?


Re: Fat necrosis ?

Hi just wanted to know what the outcome was with your fat necrosis, I was told I had it in Dec after ultrasound with some lymphodema in breast as well almost a year after op, finished rads in Oct. Hope you can let me know what treatment to expect if any , see my surgeon tomorrow so would like some advice about questions to ask .

Re: Fat necrosis ?

Hi Livia47


I don't suppose you are able to give an update on how you have got on with this please?  I am 2 years post op and my reconstructed breast (DIEP recon) is getting lumpier and lumpier with a few 'dips' now.  I am a bit concerned that I have fat necrosis and I don't know why this would happen after 2 years 😞


Did you manage to get anything sorted.



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Re: Fat necrosis ?

Hi. I got back onto this site in the hope of also finding some advice for fat necrosis.


Following a tram, my left breast comprises more necrosed fat than live tissue (a thick band all the way around - it's like having a breast made of whalebone! - and, as the breast is rapidly shrinking, one suspects that there might be less and less live tissue in the middle.


While I try to stay cheerful, I am also starting to find it upsetting, not least because I am now two and half years post diagnosis, quite young and just want to move on.


ANYWAY, this may not be helpful because you have an implant. However, my consultant recently went to a conference and colleagues suggested that, rather than opening me up again and shaving off the necrosed fat, he should try liposuction/lipoinjection. 


He is going to give this a go on a portion of the breast in December, wait a couple of months to see how it goes and, if things look positive, lipoinject the rest of the breast. So, I can't give you any rapid feedback!!!


I hope it makes you feel a BIT better to know that you are not the only one. My consultant, bless him, said 'I have honestly not seen anything like this before' which, as he is on the verge of retirement, is faintly depressing. Quite frankly, having what looks and feels like a cricket ball attached to my chest is starting to get me down!


Best of luck.


Re: Fat necrosis ?

Dear chrisalex


Welcome to the BCC forum where I'm sure you will find a lot of support from fellow members.


You might find some helpful information in the "Going through Treatment" section sub section "surgery", or you could also try starting a new thread in that section.


It may also help to talk to someone on our helpline.  They can offer practical information and emotional support.  The  opening times  are 9-5 on weekdays and 10-2 on Saturdays.  The number is 0808 800 6000


Very best wishes



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Fat necrosis ?

Hello all - I have just joined.


I developed a large area (about 4 inches) of fat necrosis several months after a right mastectomy which is upsetting and is not taken seriously by my surgeon.  I have been told that the only way to remove it is by further surgery which cannot be done as it will puncture my implant.  


I have a stratice with an implant which is to be topped up with saline  together with mastoplexy on my left breast  and undergo my second operation later this month.  Although I am not looking forward to this next op it is encouraging to think that my breast will be more symmetrical, but the thought of further surgery to get rid of the fat necrosis is daunting.


Has anyone else had a similar problem, or a similar operation  - ie a stratice