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February 2017 Starters

Re: February 2017 Starters

Hi Zena


re the pain,when did you have biopsy, and did they put titanium markers in before chemo? My core biopsy was 9th Jan, and marker went in 26th Jan, and it's taken until now for the pain, bruising and swelling to go..after all the steroids it was worse. 


It sounds like you are feeling a bit better, but if you need to rest or stay in bed then that's obviously your body telling you what it needs. Everyone reacts differently to this and I don't think it's easy for any of us regardless of how little or great the side effects are.


Ann, hope you are ok. I have moments of wishing I could just walk away from all of this but I can't.



Re: February 2017 Starters

Hi all
Ann I'm sorry and I know how you feel, some days are harder than others and it can take all we have and be exhausting just to be and stay ourselves.

we fight on together X

Go jo !! I hate my hair now it's itchy and cold .. look I'm moaning again!!!

Went to docs about the broken glass feeling in my butt .🍇. got stronger cream 💪🏻
My nausea is doable now and enjoyed a smoked salmon salad .mums Veg soup and French stick and also a packet of frazzles ( gotta love frazzles)
Mum has also made a cottage pie for our tea .. anyone think I'm milking this lol ?????
Anyway I'm still in bloody bed and fed up ... butt hey .. at least I'm not so nauseous I can lift my head of pillow and watch rubbish tv (Netflix Borgias ).. I've read all posts and glad everyone is doing so well and getting out and about.. I find it hard on my phone as can't look through posts as easily.. but wigs sound good and thanks for the advice Tessa and max and jojo ..
I don't mean to miss out anyone , as you are all amazing and I love reading the posts ..
Does anyone feel the pain come back about a week after chemo ? I haven't had op so 6cm tumour and lymph still in me .. they hurt now so I'm worried chemo is not working and just putting my through hell !!
More moaning lol 😂 x

Re: February 2017 Starters

Hi all,

I've been absent for a few days so hope everyone is well. I haven't quite caught up yet. I've had a busy few days with one daughter home for the weekend from uni and my 17 year olds birthday today.

Feeling more like my old self day 8 after chemo. Braved the shave today and I now have a very greying buzz cut which I actually quite like (would rather it wasn't quite so grey!).

Julie, I seem to be having problems friend requesting you but I've tried again. Do you need to add me to the group or can I search and find it?

Ann, sorry you're not feeling on good form. Do keep coming on and chatting if you feel up to it.

Looking forward to meeting you all on FB if I ever get there.

Jo xx

Re: February 2017 Starters

Hi Ladies, feeling sorry for myself at the moment and can't motivate myself... I have joined FB page set up by Julie... thanks Julie great page.... Catch up soon in here. Take care everyone... ANN xx

Re: February 2017 Starters

Yes Tessa, sluggish is definitely the correct word for how I feel, which that I can handle x

Re: February 2017 Starters

Vouchers for wigs seem to depend on the nhs health trust. I opted for chemo via my employer's healthcare scheme as it avoided another 2 week wait on nhs, so I don't get any vouchers. However we don't pay vat on wigs for medical reasons, so if you have to pay extra on top of the voucher then vat isn't charged. I went to a local wig shop that a friend recommended and they said even within East Anglia where I live, the nhs trusts vary with the value of voucher. I was really amazed with the choice and quality of wigs on offer, so many styles and colours it was hard to choose! I also ordered a (different) spare online, which was cheaper but looks not bad, as long as I get my hairdresser to chop the fringe!


Max, yes the jabs to boost white blood cells are GCsf and they do cause some stiffness and pain. Mine wasn't too bad, it lasted about 4 days and was mainly in my bottom, neck and shoulders. Some people suffer more, some less. I had a single slow release jab, but others are daily for 3-7 days. Looking back, I can definitely relate to the feeling of being wobbly and not quite right, a bit sluggish. For me that lasted about 5-6 days and then lifted at the same time as the fluid retention from the steroids. Was very glad to be able to see the bones in my ankles again!




Re: February 2017 Starters

Max, I've not been given info on wigs but know a couple of people locally who have been to local NHS approved hairdressers. I called them to make appointment, and going to call chemo ward about getting a voucher. In Wales we get £90 towards cost, don't know if different in England. Look up the website 'look good feel better uk' there are centres all over country that do these sessions, it's all free, and I haven't a clue how to make my eyebrows look normal lol so thought it a good idea!
I work for council, they're being very supportive but I'm going to try go to work on 16th (chemo 14th). Who knows. It's the constant being signed off and back on again that's flummoxing me! Lucky for us in Wales all prescriptions are free, as is hospital parking!!
It seems there are endless combos of drugs, I'm going to wait and find out what other concoctions I get lol.
So glad you are feeling ok, and you JoJo, a trip to the shops is great and fresh air will certainly help!! Tho you saying TC was tougher makes me nervous lol. I've taken an A4 page a day diary to keep track of SE's and what I've achieved each day.
Rambling again, sorry, back to rugby 😁 Xxx

Re: February 2017 Starters

Hi all,


Hope you all ok today.


Liddy - welcome x


Jules - I've sent you a FB request. I'm Maxine Keane x


Tessa - cheers re your supplement info x


Zena - I like the badge story lol! Hope your toothache & bum pain are easing. Well done on your brave step with hair. The GSCF injections, is that the same as the white blood cell injections I've to take for 7 days after treatment? If so, didn't realise these gave you pain too? x


Mrs Orange cat - Fab news re no chemo!! I've been on Tamoxifen trial for pre-menopausal women for 5 years, with no side effects, Just periods slowed down, until I've not had one now for over a year. So fingers crossed for you x


JoJo - Hope your nausea is easing. I was given Emend to take 1 hour before treatment and 2 more to take home for the next 2 days along with Ondansetron for 2 days for nausea (plus steroids Dexamethasone). Todays is my 3rd day so have finished these & I've got Metoclopramide now to take if needed. I have to say so far I've not had nausea, so not sure if this is due to meds I've had or just lucky so far? x


Sparkydee - I'm on EC-T, 3x EC & 3x T. Took me a while to realise that T is the other name for Docetaxol! No F for me on the FEC. Yes, having the caravan will hopefully be a good place to escape durng this. Lovely area around there. I've never been given any info off anyone re wig appointments or the therapy/make-up sessions. I know I'm trying cold cap but thought I'd still be given info. Not sure who should be telling/giving me this?? My job is accounts, so not a streunous job and I work in an office on my own. My bosses have been really flexible so far through my appointments and operation. I've said I'll probably be off first week after treatment & then go in weeks 2 &3. But we've also discussed getting my work home to do there. Then I'm not worrying about my hair even if I feel ok. I'm taking time off as sick leave.Yes, you get sick note from GP & ask for medical presciption exemption form to not have to pay for any extra presciptions x


Ann - How are you doing chemo buddy? x



Well I'm on day 3 after 1st treatment and so far I've been ok. Dreaded waking up Friday & seeing how I was going to feel!! But was fine. Took my tabs & injections etc & ate ok. I did totally mess up my first injection though......I only pulled the plunger out instead of push, so none went in & was wasted.....doh!!!! So frantic call then to Christie to organise another for 7th day, as had to use another up...what an idiot I am!! Did think today I would feel worse as finished the main nausea tabs & a lot seem to say day 3 hits them worse. So see how I get on. Probably feel more tired than normal and have a feeling inside that I can't put my finger on, like I feel a bit weak or wobbly?? Hope I'm ok to attend my daughter's assembly in the morning. I really didn't want to miss things like this. Plus, the topic is inspirational people and she has only gone & done me! That brought a tear to my eye! But now I'm also thinking is this the best thing to sit in a hall full of kids with colds etc?? Still not washed my hair either, as they recommend not to if possible after cold cap, but I feel minging and certainly wouldn't want anyone to see me. I'm really sorry to those if that sounds selfish, who've lost their hair too.



Take care ladies.


Max x



Re: February 2017 Starters

Day 3 of FEC. I'm not feeling too bad! Stomach still feels sensitive but keeping the food light & coping ok. Put my face on this morning & strolled to shop. Feel much better for doing that.
How is everyone else doing? G-csf injections start tomorrow so I know that will affect me. Looking back on my diary from the TC regime, I was feeling alot less perky! Long may it last (minus the hideous nausea)

Love love
Jojo xx

Re: February 2017 Starters

Liddy, we start on the same day! TCH for me, I'm 42 but no kids.. and never going to b able to have them after this now either....
I'm physcing myself up for it, concentrating on keeping active - with 5 dogs I've got no choice but to keep walking.., but actually want to do more during this to get it out of system effectively ... xx

Re: February 2017 Starters

I've sent you a friend request Julie, Sarah Hannah 😁 Xx

Re: February 2017 Starters

Morning everyone


Hope you are all okay today. Sunday so no appointment and no fecking fec going on!! Hope you are all able to spend a nice day doing whatever you love best today.


I've set up the facebook page so look for me via broseley totally locally - Julie Owen


Jules xxx

Re: February 2017 Starters

Morning ladies 


jules I've just added you.. I'm Laura Crosbie x

Re: February 2017 Starters

Morning all,


Just sent my FB request too Julie.


Zena, the butt pain will go! I had it for about 2-3 days then it eased off. I also had a feeling like I was getting a cold, a bit of a runny nose, and my lymph glands came up. The GCsf will give you some aches and pains, but if it reduces the risk of infection, I will suffer the aches.


And ladies, don't do what I did, and blow your nose too hard , as we are also prone to nosebleeds.....just what I did not need yesterday .....


Hello Liddy, I am originally from Fife and half of the extended family lived in Edinburgh so I know your part of the country well. Do you know yet what chemo regime you will be on? I think a number of us are on FEC-T, but it depends on many things.


Have a good day everyone! 



Re: February 2017 Starters

Done Jukes. ..I'm jo sheppard

Re: February 2017 Starters

Hi everyone

Sorry - been a bit absent for a few days.

Hello to the new 'girls' too.


I've just been achy today and I'm tired but okay.


I can set up a secret facebook group but you will all need to Friend me so i can add you. Find me (Julie Owen) via Broseley Totally Locally


Jo your friend request seems to have gone - can you do it again.


I'll set a group up and we can all share photos and maybe some fun stuff too. Ann sent me a great email which i'll share with you on there.


Zena - I'm loving the badge idea. I must admit it is nice being waited on. Going down to my Mum's next weekend for more!! LOL




Re: February 2017 Starters

Hi liddy
Glad you came on here . I'm sorry for your diagnosis it's very scary we know ..
and for your kids too Hun.
Chemo seems to be hitting me the worst and all other ladies seem to have varing degrees of SEs .. try not to panic as I'm sure you will be in the latter group.. I've been told I'm in the 5% 😢😂.

I feel less sick today but my butt kills like mad !!!!!
I had aches and pains this morning and bcn said SEs from gcsf injection so that makes sense. It's like flu aches ... ( honestly will it never end for me!!)
I'm upon the night which is a pain but need to sleep when I can do not worried about that ..
Mouth is ok apart from wisdom tooth playing up but I always get that . Seems chemo finds your weak spots !
Shaved my head and it's soooooooo cold I have to wear cap even in bed .. I'm glad it's done tho and kids are getting used to it Already xxxx

Re: February 2017 Starters

Liddy hi & welcome!


You'll find plenty of advice here and tons of support so don't be shy. 

I'm Jo (JoJo, there's another Jo!) & I live in Christchurch in Dorset. Diagnosed in August 16 with grade 3 invasive interductal carcinoma with spread to lymph. Started on the ROSCO trial in September (4 chemo TC, surgery now 4 chemo FEC, then rads,then tamoxifen. Phew. It's a tough,long journey! But we will get through it. 

Double surgery must've been tough for you, plus having children too. Well done you for coming here & getting lots of shoulders to lean on.


I think you'll find you'll get into a routine with you chemo. I strongly advise keeping a diary so you know the following months which days you'll start to recover & make plans. Do you know what regime you're on yet?


Don't hesitate to ask for help, anytime of day or night, and never feel alone.


JoJo xx



Re: February 2017 Starters

Hi all.

I'm new to the board but have been lurking around the Jan and Feb boards until i got my confirmed chemo date. I start on 14th - happy valentines! 

I am 44 and live in Edinburgh. I was diagnosed in November and had a lumectomy in Dec. Cells found in one lymph node and so my Christmas was jolted a bit with the news of having to get chemo - alsonleant telling my oldest child who is 9. I had to have a second op in Jan to imrpove the margins which put back my chemo to Feb.

I still feel like i am in a bubble and its real but now real. Does that make sense? Am sure the chemo will bring it crashing down to reality tho! 

Anyway i wanted to say hi and pluck up the courage to stop lurking and get posting!


Re: February 2017 Starters

Morning Team!

We'll I'm here & alive after an horrendous day of nausea. Not a FEC fan so far..I was given something similar to Emend but it's one tablet to take one hour before treatment. I don't think it was enough. I'll be having words next pre chemo. Took half lorazepam to help sleep & it seemed to do the trick. I've woken up feeling a bit more human & have downgraded the feeling to queasy now. I've also dug out the travel bands!
So this morning I've had me dex & ondansetron so should start to feel better soon but just don't have an appetite. Although I had cornflakes for brekkie which I enjoyed. Couldn't stomach my usual porridge.
Zena I hope you're up & about soon. My issues seem nothing compared to yours. I do hope they can manage it better next time.
MrsO well done you! What a relief & please don't feel bad for any of us still going through stuff. The more people that can avoid this crap, the better! Keep in touch about the rads. Mine will start in May.
Thanks Tessa for the Emend suggestion, I'll have to insist!

Take care ladies, happy world cancer day!

Jojo xxx

Re: February 2017 Starters

Hi zena , sorry this is hitting you like a rock .you do seem too also be awake at all times , bet you are shattered .so hope mine dont go this way as they are 1 every fortnight instead of 3 weeks .its come around so quickly now little scared about the long list of s/e's .I also going to try the honey anything is worth a shot ..hope you have a better day today xx

Re: February 2017 Starters

Thanks Zena very much, I felt so guilty saying it as you're struggling 😢 I hope they help you with the toothache and the pile pain, both awful. You've been through so much this last couple of weeks and im so glad to hear that the nausea has finally let up. I am sure that they will get your meds right for the next one, no Oncology team in the land would ever want you to feel that rubbish. I hope I don't sound patronising but be proud, you're strong and doing so well.

I got my lovely new prosthesis yesterday, oh wow, how good does it feel. I had a bit of a cry in there, poor lady fitter, tho I bet she sees it a lot. It's made me feel balanced and completely restored my confidence wearing my clothes. I feel normal again. It was affecting my posture just having the one boob and a softie the other side, not wildly I guess as im a 38DD but enough to give me backache so im a happy bunny now. She said that i can make an appointment in 10 months time to go back to get a contact form (the stick on boob) when I have healed more as I wanted that type as I don't want reconstruction. She thought my scar was amazing. It's in the shape of a smiley face and very flat and seroma gone now, so im fine with it now (never thought id be saying that 7 weeks ago as I was horrified by it and couldn't look at myself or barely touch it). True what they say though, time is a great healer, it had to be done and my surgeon did a truly excellent job, god bless the NHS.

With the stick on one you can wear normal bras and I didn't know this before but you can even swim with them on, the other breast forms u can't and have to buy a special swimming prosthesis if u want to swim or you can wear a softie in your cossy. I think id need the weight though else wouldn't you swim round and round in circles 😉.

NHS give you one nice free pocketed bra too 😁 which they order and deliver to your home address. They come in a good range of colours, but I chose white as iv already got blues and blacks and haven't got a white one. I normally avoid white bras as even if I just put the white bra in the washer on its own, it will come out grey and with one black sock stuck to it despite checking machine beforehand 😝 I shall take good care of this one, may even lovingly hand wash it!

Been having a lurk on the radiotherapy threads. Dare i say it but It sounds a lot less involved than chemo. I might have to have it over the mastectomy site because of my age and size of tumour, im 44 and tumour was 7.5 cm. Will see what Oncologist says. Had a read about Tamoxifen side effects and having a shudder, nurse thinks I'll have it for 10 years. I shall knuckle down and get on with it.

Right, id better get up and feed the cat, she's patting my face bless her and is now using one claw to really tell me that its time 😻 ha!

Take care all, big hugs Xxx

Re: February 2017 Starters

Hi all
Quick post ..
Yaayyyyy Mrs c I'm so pleased for you hunny .. to hear you don't have to go through this is amazing .. and only come back and check us if you want to, ( think I'd run to the hills from all this if I could )
Sending you massive hugs z xx
Tessa ( so intriguing at which company) anyway my advice for what it's worth as I've been bedridden for a week .. is take the days off after chemo i.e. A week then go back till next one .. as I'm feeling better now and even got up yesterday ( hurrah 😊)
It's very tiring and you need to preserve your strength for it and work as important as it is .. is not your wellbeing and health .. god ! lecture over lol,sorry I sound like my mum x
I'm craving honey now girls x
How are you ? I truly hope that it's not too bad .. but I know nausea is ..
it's a week after my chemo and nausea has lifted finally.
A week is a long time but I didn't know if it would ever stop so it's something..
They are looking at a patch for next time and maybe syringe driver .. if you get very bad, nozinan ( Kardashian pill) totally knocked me out so no nausea but it was like a dead mans sleep for me so not nice .. and woke up to nausea returning within the hour..But at least I got done rest , even if the kardashians did crash my dream 😤..

I now have toothache and sorry to say pile pain ( bit embarrassing) and been told to go in to emergency chemo ward for test .. my mouth is ok apart from that as using salt water / baking soda and water and biotene throughout the day seems to help ..
Blood count starts to get lie after day 7 so they get more worried about stuff ..
Il let you know how it goes xxxx

Re: February 2017 Starters

Hello lovely ladies, iv been catching up with your posts over the last day ot two and I think you are all doing so brilliantly.

I just wanted to let you know that at last i finally had my oncotype results today and they were low and therefore I won't have to have chemo (don't know exact number yet as I was told today by the breast team whilst I was in the unit having my prosthesis fitting), I have an appointment with oncology next Thursday to discuss things in more detail and next stage of treatment, they think it will probably be radiotherapy and Tamoxifen for 10 years.

Thank you for chatting to me and keeping me sane. I guess I'll be dipping my toe into the radiotherapy threads but I shall certainly keep popping back here to read all about your progress. Much love to you all xxx

Re: February 2017 Starters

Hello all,

Jojo do you have Emend? That's meant to be the best one for nausea, but due to cost won't be prescribed in all nhs areas. I have it and have had no nausea but no idea if that's because of Emend plus all the others, or whether I wouldn't have had nausea anyway.


Re working during treatment, I work for a large FTSE100 company and they are flexible re working arrangements. Your employer has to make reasonable adjustments if you want to work, which could be reduced hours, a mix of working plus sick leave, working from home etc. The Macmillan website has quite a lot of good info on it, as I had a look last night. My original idea was to take all the time off as sick leave, but I am now thinking that I might have some of the time each cycle as sick, and work adjusted hours the rest of each cycle, but that depends on whether the side effects carry on through the entire cycle or not, and how tired I get as time goes on. My job is desk based with no travel, and I work from home already so my set up is probably easier than other jobs. Your GP can give you sick notes, or fit notes as they are now called, and they can always state that you might be fit to work with adjustments, and then list what they might be. Your employer should also give you time off for treatment but I can't remember if this has to be paid or not. Mine is, but might not be a legal right.


Max, the only supplement I am taking is ferroglobin otc liquid iron, as I have been prone to anaemia in the past, but not sure how effective it will be ( it's otc so much lower iron than prescription iron pills). My onc had no problem with me taking it so we'll see any effect when I next get bloods on 14th.


i am now day 9 after first FEC and today was the first day I felt kind of normal, albeit a bit breathless going upstairs but that's probably low red blood count. 





Re: February 2017 Starters

Well FEC actually is FECin FEC.

I have horrendous nausea. I think I'll see how I am tomorrow. Rubbish.

Sweet dreams

Jojo xx

Re: February 2017 Starters

Evening ladies, been keeping up with this, Jo, Max, well done on getting through today and Max the cold cap. Glad people get through it, gives me motivation to do the same.

thank you all so much for all the tips, on what helps, side effects to expect- btw, how many here on TCH?

i see more FEC people... I wish there was a glossary page for all the acronyms, the penny has only just dropped today that TAX might be taxotere! 

Max, Pwllheli is on the west of north wales, I'm on the east, nearer Rhyl, or Chester.. about 1hr 45 from Pwll. Nice place to go, maybe a good place to rest after treatment?

ive got my bloods booked in, and wig appointment for the day b4 chemo starts.  I've also booked myself on a "look good feel better" makeup session, has anyone done this? I'm hopeless at makeup and usually go bare/just mascara but some tips on how to make myself look ok ( work on reception) would be helpful!


Those of u who work, are you working in between? Are your employers classing time off for treatment as sick leave? Just curious, and do you get sick note from gp?


Sorry for all the questions, I'm trying not to worry about the SE's til they happen, thinking I might get lucky and not suffer too much.... xxx

Re: February 2017 Starters

Ah right Jo thanks. Might try it neat then when I get some.


Meant to say before, does anyone take any supplements/vitamins? And if so, which do you recommend?




Max x


Re: February 2017 Starters

Hi ann , just lazy staff night before .so come in to picking up there slack x

Re: February 2017 Starters

Hi zena , more lazy staff than my boss , plus i do cleaning before my shift where i work .some customers are horrid pooh on toilet floor like really .. no more of cleaning after this week .but hoping to do few hours here and there if i feel up to it , going to play it all by ear .ill go stir crazy being at home xx are you feeling bit better today ?

Re: February 2017 Starters

Thank you jo .i got confused by the numbers on honey which one from h&b have you got x

Re: February 2017 Starters

Well done Max and good in you for beating the cold cap!

Good luck today Jojo.

Welcome pink (I know I say it every time but welcome seems wrong but of course, you are very welcome).

Zena, how are you feeling? Hope you're a bit better.

Sorry I'm not quite up to date as I've kept myself quite busy over the last few days. Grateful for feeling ok and making the most of it.

For those of you considering Manuka hiney, the higher the number the better...and more expensive. Holland and Barrett do a penny sale do even though it's expensive you can get another jar for a penny. Almost feels like a bargain. I've been told to take it near rather than diluting in hot drinks. I love hot lemon and honey but have been sticking to it raw from the spoon. I haven't got a sore mouth yet but only on day 5. My mouth feels funny today but I'm just drinking some freshly squeezed orange and lime juice and the sharpness is really helping. I think it's because it's stimulating my salivary glands. It's freshened my mouth yo if that makes sense. Hopefully I'll get a big hit of vitamin C too!

Jo xx

Re: February 2017 Starters

Hi Max
Super message .. brilliant it's all on track and funny cold cap story but yes guess you know for next time ..
all the recipes sound so good I can wait to make them ..
Maria ??? What's your boss playing at ?
My friends said they'd make me a big badge saying I have cancer so get out of my way and do everything I want ..
Are you working through chemo you total trooper ? Or just up till next week ? Xx

Re: February 2017 Starters

Hi everyone,


Hope all ok today.


Good luck JoJo today & anyone else whose treatment today too.


Well I had my first EC, no F for me and all went fine. Apparently I've got very good veins! My appt was 12.30 & I got in the chair at 1pm, so not too much waiting around. Then my chemo nurse asked if I'd had my sickness drug, which I knew nothing about & should have had an hour before?! So only took it then, but with getting my cold cap sorted & it has to be on 30 mins before treatment, the hour was soon gone. At least I know for next time! Was a bit wary when she started putting stuff in as she was saying this & that can happen, so braced myself, but all was fine & that's when she complimented my veins haha! Treatment done by 3 but you then have to sit for 90 mins after with cold cap on & another 15mins after that for warming up, before taking cap off.Bit of a mix up at this point with one nurse's wrong info & I ended up with an extra 35 mins!! So finally left about 5.30ish, thought I might feel weird when I finally stood up, but was ok, just desperate for loo! So cold capping does add a lot of extra time on! It was bearable, once 10-15 mins gone it's numb anway, but before that I was thinking can I stand this if it gets worse. The worst bit actually is the tightness of the helmet and the neck strap, as feel like someone is squeezing your head. Me & my friend were just laughing at it though! I had some butternut squash & sweet potato soup (which I had made in morning ready) when I got home. Felt fine. Had a shower to rinse stuff off hair. Started to feel shattered from 8.30ish. Had a great sleep, only waking twice for toilet (due to extra water consumption!). Alarm goes off at 6.30 for OH & I stayed in bed till 7.15 before getting kids up, felt tired but no more than usual really when getting up early. Had my tablets in bed with 2 belvita biscuits as knew you had to eat with them but wanted them as early as poss so can have steroid at 2pm, going by what others have said. Have since had a bagel and I'm feeling normal at mo, but only day1! The thing annoying me most is not being able to wash hair, which I do daily and couldn't style it last night after rinse off, so it's looking delighful, as dries wavy and not how i like it! Anyway 1 treatment down, 5 to go!!


Zena - Hope you feeling better soon. And sorry to hear about you & Tessa suffering with your mouths. Big hugs for your hair shaving later x


Pinkloz - Welcome x


Ann - Hi chemo buddy x. Glad went well for you yesterday too. Hope you feeling ok today. With regard to the genetics, my gran had BC at 50 & had MS but no chemo & then lived till 80 & my mum had BC in both breasts at 42, so had double MS & chemo and is 69 ths year. So positive outcomes really. Do worry on results for me though, as ok I might go for double MS and hysterectomy, which I'm fine with, but I worry for my kids. My son is 15 & daughter only 11, so when testing would start I'm not sure, but sure it will be when they get older & will be monitored very carefully. Even my son would be tested as one of the BRACA genes can be linked to prostate cancer too, if my memory is correct. My daughter is already asking will she get it now after all the family history. It shouldn't be something she has to worry about & that upsets me.



With regard to manuka honey, is that the best way to take it in hot water (think that was you Ann?) or are there any other ways to take please? Jo, I think you mentioned taking it?


Hugs to all and take care,


Max xx






Re: February 2017 Starters

Aww Maria, why is that? Are they not helping you in any way?


Re: February 2017 Starters

Thank you ann , lol close to walking out already today ..me and the boss will be having words later 😂 x

Re: February 2017 Starters

Good luck at the hospital today Jojo.

Have a good day at work Maria.


Re: February 2017 Starters

A massiiiiiiiivvvvvve hug jojo .. Fec is fecin awful ...
But we need it lady : so has to be done ..
Thinking of you and glad you've Been busy and able to put this away for a few days before starting..
Can't help with the honey but it's know jo c can Hun .
Biggg Hun Ann too you lovely lady xxx
And of course all the other amazing ladies
Ps shaving my hair today too so il post ...
I'm still in bed and not coping but nothing new there 🙄

Re: February 2017 Starters

Regarding manuka honey what level do people buy , was looking but confused by the numbering system x

Re: February 2017 Starters

Hi ann , spoke to the lady who put my picc in yesturday she said also it could be anxiety, not something ive suffered with before , but could also be animia regarding lightheadiness or dehydration been told to try up my water intake . Off to work today so hopefully take my mind of things and short haircut later eeek hair not been short inabout 25 years x

Re: February 2017 Starters

Morning ladies!

It's FECing FEC Friday! Sorry so bad at keeping up lately, been so busy!

Sooo I'm off to hospital in a bit after I've had my anti sickness tablet, my millions of supplements & put my face on.

I'll catch up properly later when I'm in wet rag mode. I'll also break out the jigsaws!

Love to all

Jojo xx

Re: February 2017 Starters

Dear Ladies, this is my second attempt at sending you a message this evening as the earlier one disappeared into the cyber world….. was I mad!


So all went well today with my first chemo cycle and the staff at the hospital put me at ease straight way as soon as I arrived despite my emotion and tears.


FEC - 1 down 5 to go Yaay!


 I feel weird/odd with a slight headache but otherwise fine.  Have been given plenty of anti sickness tablets, so hopefully I will be sorted in that department. I have lots of ginger things in the cupboard from biscuits to drinks and fresh ginger for my hot water, lemon, ginger and Manuka honey drinks which I have been taking for some months now.


Jo: thanks for the tips about the ginger products.  I do have most of them but will get some Haribo tangtastics… please try to find me on FB Antonina Cannatella Anderson not sure which Joanne Coward you were. 


Maria: I was feeling down last week as I had a cold and I  delayed my chemo but we have to brave this thing together.  I also was experiencing breathing problems last week.  I do think it was symptoms of the anxiety as it is not a problem this week. If you are still worried call your BCN who I am sure can help you.


Tessa, I am good with the FB group page but don’t know how to do this.  But agree we stlll need to keep the posts running on this thread….. thanks for the great tips re fibre food


Max: my chemo buddy how you doing?   I was just leaving the hospital when you arrived.  I decided not to cold cap. I was interested to read about your genetic testing.  I am worried about my daughter. My mum has had BC twice in her early 60’s and early 70’s there were no lymph node involvement on both occasion and now me….  My mum is 85, suffers with some arthritis but is still going strong…


Pinkloz: welcome to the February 2017 thread.  Keep in touch and I hopefully you will have picked some tips up already.  If not just ask we will do our best to help you.


Zena: so sorry you are still feeling rubbish. I hope you went shopping with the Kardashians in Dubai! And they paid!.........  I have been on a light diet for the past 48 hours.  My mum made me a chicken broth with veg, carrots, onions celery and parsley.  Put it in a large pot and boil away for an hour. I just drank the broth until this evening and where I slowly eating some veg too….  You can add pasta to it too if you wish.  Hope this helps. We had broth as kids, when we were not well so I love it and I feel it will make better.  It did when I was young.  Let’s hope it works again….


Julie, Jojo Swampy, SallyAnn, Sparky : hope all is well with you. Hope I have not missed anyone.


It’s 0030 and I am wide awake hope to get some sleep soon guess it’s the steroids keep me wide away…


Take care, love and hugs to all


Ann xx

Re: February 2017 Starters

Zena and Tessa, sounds like you are both suffering with your mouths. How soon after chemo did it start? I'm only day 4 so a little bit behind. My mouths ok so far but I have been taking Manuka honey for a while. Don't know whether it's helped or whether I have the sore mouth to come?

Jo xx

Re: February 2017 Starters

Hi tessa ,
Yes got boitene it's ok actually.. just weird ! Worth a go to see if it helps you Hun , it's quite moisturising very odd ! Someone wrote Vaseline but that's sounds a bit difficult to get on.
Il ask for the one you mentioned as more the merrier I'm sure 😀And I need something for lizard gums ..
Just had a big pain au raisen and tried a cup of tea but too hot .. the bun was amazing but I know il pay for it ..
Craving all bad stuff ... so Annoying , but I've got to just eat when I feel like it( that's my excuse ) ..
Thinking if my mouth is this delicate now what will it be like after 2-3 ..
Big hug Hun .. this is a proper fight it seems x

Re: February 2017 Starters

Hi Zena, have you called your nurse to see if she can give you anything? On chemo day I was given Difflam mouthwash, which numbs the mouth. You only need it twice a day, and not what it says in the leaflet ( every 2-3 hrs), so not sure if my initial overuse has contributed to my problem. You could also try biotene gel - although I haven't tried this yet. It is very frustrating isn't it Smiley Sad



Re: February 2017 Starters

Home made Baking soda mouth wash helped a bit for an hour ..getting worse though- just had some tinned cold peaches .. lovely and soothing but now I have to brush as the sugar !!!
I wake in the morning and it's like my mouth has turned into the doormat 😩X

Re: February 2017 Starters

Hi all . Someone reccommended manuka honey , and they never suffered mouth soreness , is anyone taking this xx

Re: February 2017 Starters

Ah, Zena, I have exactly the same re mouth. The skin feels dry along the gum line and it's tiring eating at times. Have you tried scrambled egg and avocado? Not a combination I'd usually eat but it's easy on the mouth and quite filling. I tried giving it to my kids to save cooking yet another meal, but let's say it didn't go down too well! Or what about some warm lentil soup?


let me know if you find anything new to eat, I don't have too many ideas other than trawling the supermarket aisles!



Re: February 2017 Starters

Hi, Pink, and all 

good but also rubbish to see you here darl ( know what I mean)xxx

good luck all today.

im still feeling really pants.... 

and my mouth has now gone funny, like lizard skin inside.. yuck!!!!

eating weetabix and drinkng grapefruit juice with water. the odd poached egg and beef stew and dumplings from the freezer section ( not my normal diet but i need to eat bland stuff) x

District nurse said a syringe driver for anti emetic maybe last resort.


Just a note: anyone having crazy strange dreams? I was in dubai yesterday with the Kardashians ( I do not like them) so more of a nightmare.. very odd and like a proper waking dream, lots like that too. all really real..

big hugs to all you amazing fighters xxxxx

Re: February 2017 Starters

Hello lovely ladies!


just thought I'd say hi as I have my first chemo session on 15th Feb .. eek!


any tips welcome ☺


love to you all xx