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Feeling low after finishing treatment


Re: Feeling low after finishing treatment

Hi all,
I have just booked on a Living Well well course at the Penny Brohn centre in Bristol, looking forward to learning new perspectives.
I have also found an active closed facebook group for my county. An amazing supportive safe place for learning abiut local groups and businesses offering amazing support to those with this diagnosis. My head definately has some catching up to do.
Best wishes,
LL xx

Re: Feeling low after finishing treatment

Hello Jenny065

Half term hols going well ,kept busy been out most days

I have a son he is 11 and my daughter is 8.

Feeling a bit better this week trying to think positive ,due to start anastrozole next week hoping I don't have any side effects just wanting to feel normal again . Hope you have a good day with g kid's tomorrow.


Take care ST1

Re: Feeling low after finishing treatment

Hello ST1   Hope the half term hol is going well,  how old are your 2 .  I have 4 g.kids, 11yr.9yrs.7yrs  and 16 months  . they are camping near WSM this week and we are off to spend the day with them tomorrow, I had better make sure my purse is full, They do not know what I have had, but they always cheer me up .I had my mx in Nov 2012 and it has taken me a long time to get back to "me"  still get tired,  but not so emotional now.  So be patient with yourself.

Sending warm huggles  Jenny.

Re: Feeling low after finishing treatment

Hello Jenny065

Thanks for your suggestion of counselling it sounds a good idea

I have been trying to take each day as it comes-school holidays this week so at least I have my 2 children to stop me thinking too much



Re: Feeling low after finishing treatment

Hello St1  so sorry to hear that you are feeling so down. but pleased that all your treatment is done. I had lots of low days and also tiredness,  Can only suggest that you speak to your BCn  or your local GP/nurse. maybe a little bit of one to one counselling may help.  I had some through Macmillan. spent the first session crying, she was so patient.  but gradually it has become easier.  As the other ladies say take each day as it comes. do something nice for your self., and look how far along the journey you have come.

Take Care,  Huggles, Jenny.

Re: Feeling low after finishing treatment

SJ 19, Anxious and Maryland

Thank you all for your advice ,I have read the article by Dr Harvey it makes a lot of sense

I am going to try and take each day as it comes and hopefully things will get easier



Re: Feeling low after finishing treatment

Hi ST1....here is the link to the article mentioned.....long, but well worth a read...


As everyone else says......small steps....breathe.....plan something to look forward to.....it will get better, I promise 🙂 3 years out for me and life is great....take care x

Re: Feeling low after finishing treatment

Yes ST1 I know exactly how you feel. Do as Anxious tells you and read that article by Dr Harvey. It really says it all. I had a mastectomy/reconstruction in January (now on Anastrozole) having been diagnosed in November and even now things are only gradually getting together. It doesn't happen over night and as I have been told take each day as it comes and be gentle on yourself. Everyone does expect you to be back to normal (what ever that is) but your mind is catching up with your body - or that is the way I look at it. I was fine through treatment and then I hit a great big wall and I felt rubbish. Slowly life is coming back but it won't be as before BC. I think about it every day but that will decrease as time goes on, I am reassured. What ever the experiences with BC has been the 'moving forward' can be as hard as the treatment but as each day goes by I do have less wobbles and try to do different things and make new friends and it all helps. Be kind to your self and little steps.


Re: Feeling low after finishing treatment

Hello ST1,

     How you are feeling is perfectly normal. It takes time and everyone is different to how long it takes. There is a really good piece Written by Dr. Peter Harvey entitled "After treatment finishes". I don't have the link but if you google it, it should be easy to find. It certainly helped me. You and your body have been through a lot and you need to be easy on yourself. It's not something you can just put in a box and forget about although over time it doesn't become your every waking thought. Take care Tracey X

Re: Feeling low after finishing treatment

Hello ST1


Welcome to the forums, this must be very difficult for you.  I’m sure other users will be along to support you soon. 

In the meantime, maybe you would like to talk things through with a member of our helpline staff who are there to offer practical information as well as emotional support. The free phone number is 0808 800 6000 and the lines are open Monday to Friday 9.00 to 5.00 and Saturday 10.00 to 2.00.


Best wishes

June, moderator

Feeling low after finishing treatment


I haven,t posted on here before ,I was diagnosed in oct 2014 aged 43  with grade2  I D C breast cancer ,had wle to remove 2.8cm lump followed by adjuvant chemo 6 cycles  of E C ,just finished rads and now on zoladex due to start anastrozole in 2 weeks .

The thing is i feel so down and depressed ,now the treatments finshed everybody seems to think that i can just go back to how i was before all i can think about is what if it comes back .

As anyone else felt like this after treatment