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Fibroadenoma Removal Surgery Question

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Re: Fibroadenoma Removal Surgery Question

Hi sorry you haven't had a response to your questions and I realise your op is tomorrow .I haven't had fibrodema but I imagine the process of removing it is very similar to removing tumour .You will meet the surgeon on the day op your op and you should ask all the questions you have then.Write them down and don't let them go til they've answered them..Everyone is slightly different depending on size and position of lump removed.Depending on the position some surgeons do a cut around the nipple and remove lump so scar is barely noticeable over time .Yes ,you will notice a dent in your breast when they remove the lump, again how noticeable depends on the size and position also on size of your breast .If the look of your breast post of concerns you you may be offered reconstruction. Although it's not a major op it does involve a general anaesthetic and you will be sore for a few days afterwards and will want to avoid knocking the site of your op.I think just taking one day off is rather optimistic ,take a week off and see how you feel.Good luck .Jill.

Fibroadenoma Removal Surgery Question

Hello all, 


I have had several fibroadenomas watched, and biopsied in the past years (3 biopsies in the past 3 years, the first when I was 21). One of the fibroadenoma's has continually been growing and starting to be painful, so my doctor recommended surgery just to be on the safe side, and to eliminate the growing & pain issues. 


I'm currently 24, and I have fairly large breasts (36 DD), and the fibroadenoma that is being removed is  3.4cm x 1.9cm x 3.3cm in size, which is fairly large. It's located in the 10 o'clock position on my breast. My questions are the following: 


 - How big will the scar be, in your experience? 


 - Will there be a dent/dimple in my breast from where the lump is removed? 


 - How noticeable is the scar? 


 - About how much time should I take off from work? I am a high school teacher, and currently only have taken the day of surgery and the day after off. 


 - What is recovery like? 


- Has your husband, boyfriend, or significant other noticed the scar after it's healed and been bothered by it? I'm super self conscious, and don't want the scar to affect my boyfriend, he says it won't, but I just get nervous about it. 


Sorry for all the questions, my surgeon wasn't the best at answering all my questions, and it's been bothering me a lot lately. I'm scheduled to have surgery December 5th. 


If anyone could answer some of these, I would greatly appreciate it! 


Thank you!