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First mammogram after mastectomy


Re: First mammogram after mastectomy

They don't mammogram the reconstructed breast as far as I'm aware but I'm wondering if the will ultrasound scan my remaining lymph nodes on that side.

My dcis wasn't picked up on mammogram nor was the lump I could feel although that was detected on ultrasound.

Re: First mammogram after mastectomy

I had my masectomy last Tuesday and the thought of a yearly mammogram terrifies me. Do they mamagram the reconstruction breast too? Im scared also cause the mamagrams never showed my DCIS. Only the microdochectomy proved it.

Re: First mammogram after mastectomy

Thanks Ann-M, it's thought of going back in that room. I've had 1 mammogram in my life and that led to 5 operations including mastectomy!

I've left a message for my bcn to see if she knows when it's likely to be, hopefully just having a date will help rather than the constant wondering xxxx

Re: First mammogram after mastectomy

Hi 4 princesses,

I've just had my first yearly mammo, so I sympathise, those feelings do re-emerge.

I tell myself, that it's been treated, so it's far less likely to be a problem & if there is something there, then that's what's the mammo is for, so it can be dealt with.

The radiographer I saw was lovely & said it's quite normal to be anxious at first, but for most ladies, the anxiety subsides at future yearly mammo's.

ann x


First mammogram after mastectomy

Hi everyone, it's coming close to the time when I'll be getting my appointment for my first mammogram since the mastectomy last year. I saw my gp in February and had my biopsy on March 2nd so I'm assuming it'll be around that date.

I'm starting to get quite anxious and not even had the date through yet. I feel similar to how I felt in the early days waiting for results.

I keep telling myself that it's perfectly natural but it's not really helping!

Does anyone have any tips to stop me from going insane!!