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First visit to ONC after treatment - what happens?


Re: First visit to ONC after treatment - what happens?

I haven't been back to see a doctor about breast cancer since 2005 and I can't say I've missed them. theoretically I think I was meant to go every three months at least for a year but what do they do when you see them? check for lumps, I have very lumpy breasts, send you for a mammogram every year or two (my cancer didn't show up on one) and apparently reassure you. I don't feel reassured as they misdiagnosed my cancer.

Also I have only twice been seen quickly - when I turned up unannounced. Every other time it was at least an hour's wait. Just before christmas I went to see a gynaecologist about a more pressing problem ie continuous periods. I was seen in the clinic over two and a half hours after the appointment time. I was encouraged to complain by a nurse at the clinic, who emphasised how important it was to complain as they needed more doctors. So far no reply from the hospital whatsoever - probably because the delay was nothing to do with lack of doctors but everything to do with poor management and lack of communication with patients. Roll on Darzi and some rationalisation of services in London, and particularly an improvement to the third world services of East End of London. the only decent service is the one for victims of knife and shotgun attacks, where the service is the best in London, I wonder why. If you get shot or knifed, get someone to drive or fly you straight to the London Hospital Whitechapel. But don't go to the gynae outpatients whatever you do



Re: First visit to ONC after treatment - what happens?

I had lumpectomy and rads and am taking Tamoxifin. My ONC asked if I had any problems ,examined my breast, armpit

and back.He said everything was going well and the prognosis was very good. Will be seeing him again next January. So

very easy really.

Am due to see my surgeon in 2 weeks .Does anyone know if he will do anything different ?



Re: First visit to ONC after treatment - what happens?

Hi Jojo

I had WLE and radiotherapy (dx Dec 06) but also tamoxifen. I saw onc 3 weeks after radio finished and he just had a look and feel and since then my 3 monthly checks have been with consultant. He always gives me a very very good physical exam but have had no other tests or blood tests done since pre op tests. Have just had my first annual mammogram since dx and visit to consultant who has now put me to 6 monthly appointments. I think different authorities may do different things though.
Hope it all goes well

Shorty x


Re: First visit to ONC after treatment - what happens?

Hi Jojo

I've just been for my first appointment this afternoon. She examined me and we had a quick chat and that was it. I'm seeing the surgeon in May (a year after my op) and then the oncologist again in August.

It was fine, can't say I enjoyed it but glad it's over!



First visit to ONC after treatment - what happens?

Hello Ladies,
Can anyone tell me what happens on the first 3 month visit to onc. Are any tests carried out, blood taken etc? I have had only radiotherapy following WLE, no chemo and no hormonal (or should it be anti-hormonal) treatment.
Best wishes to everyone