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Flexible working: 5 years on


Re: Flexible working: 5 years on

I would also ring the charity and speak to their work advisor specialists, macmillans version of work place specialists or may be even ACAS. Someone will know,,, it is finding that person who knows. Good luck,,, would you up date here if you find out pls ?
Work matters fascinate me, i am surprised how little is seemingly posted re work .(but delighted if all sail thru with no problems)
LL xx


Re: Flexible working: 5 years on

Hi Naomi,

You may get more responses if you posted your question on the Work, Finance and Travel board.

M x


Flexible working: 5 years on


I've been treated for IDC twice (in 2008 and in 2011) and am currently taking letrozole and alendronic acid and calichew/vit D to help prevent a further recurrence/metastese and because I am borderline osteoporotic. I am also talking citalopram for clinical depression.

I have just applied to reduce my hours at work by 20%, from 5 to 4 days, and to continue to work from home one day a week on one of those 4 days, to help me manage my side effects of alendronic acid in particular, and to support my boyfriend who was diagnosed with CVID, anc who self administers regular infusions of IgG.

My questions are,

1. am I covered under the 2010 Equality Act given that I was diagnosed again as long ago as 2011
2. are my caring responsibilities for my partner material?

I am asking because I have a particular view but am ver conscious that I might be entirely wrong.

Is there anemone who has applied for flexible working so long after diagnosis (initial or otherwise) and are other caring responsibilities (e.g parenting or for elderly parents or for partners/husbands/wives) material?

I look forward to hearing from you.