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Flying to New Zealand. Am I mad?


Re: Flying to New Zealand. Am I mad?

Mad? Definitely not!


I have mild Lymphodema in my arm or dare I say HAD mild lymphodema. I took a 9 hour flight to the Carribean in May (not quite NZ, but it's on my list) after getting the ok from my Lymphodema therapist. I also travelled business class on the outbound flight but unfortunately it was fully booked for the return journey so was in cattle class! 


I wore my sleeve for the flight and for a couple of hours after landing and was recommended to wear it for at least a few hours everyday which I tended to do when we were relaxing in air con. I managed a few lengths of breast stroke most days and really believed this helped. 


My 1st Lymphodema appointment after we got back showed very little swelling and my last one showed none!!! 


Hope this gives you some help to travel with confidence. Cancer has robbed us of enough. My holiday was a real turning point for me in helping putting this all behind me. I'm not there yet but maybe another holiday or 3 might just do it. Can we get them on prescription?? 


Take care and travel with confidence xxx


Flying to New Zealand. Am I mad?

hello everyone

i have mild lymphoedema just above my elbow.  It came on whilst I was on a coach trip a few weeks post op. last year. I have a compression sleeve which I wear during certain activities, flying, coach trips.  

Ive booked a trip to New Zealand flying Business class so will have plenty of room, only there is no stop over    Just a refuelling break at LA.  Am now worried about the long flight, altho the LSN who are wonderful, say there is no evidence that flying can make Lympho worse.  Have been told I will need to wear a gauntlet as well as sleeve.  Has anyone else done this sort of trip?

thank you