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Follow up after treatment


Re: Follow up after treatment

Don't know if that helps: I just go to Germany roughly every three months for check ups. They alternate between mammogram and ultrasound every 3 months or so, so you have each every 6 months. In the beginning I also had an ultrasound of abdomen and bone scan to exclude metastases to the most common sites (liver and bones) - they had x-rayed lungs here - though the other ladies are right in my opinion: extra radiation for the bone scan is a risk - (same would be true for CT and PET) - still the peace of mind was worth every penny - the ultrasound of mamma and axilla only cost me 50 Euro anyway, because doctors have strict regulations as to what they can charge. (flight was the most expensive bit as I indulged in luxury of non-stop flight - you can have it much cheaper)

Sue C
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Re: Follow up after treatment

Oh MM, me too......wished I could have ultrasound every month. I don't trust my own judgement anymore! Especially as my b aren't the same anymore, so its impossible to compare😢


Re: Follow up after treatment

Hi Nina Doye


I just wanted to let you know that you are not on your own as I was in the same boat as you although a year earlier. I too had lymph node involvement all the treatments, 2 years on Tamoxifen, currently on Zolodex with Anastrazole.


I too found it very hard to accept that there would be no scans but was told that it can sometimes cause more harm than good to keep scanning as radiation in some tests xrays etc can build up. 


I just have a yearly fumble 😮 and that's it.  I have had about 3 x when due to a lump or other concern I have had to be referred back and had tests or biopsies taken (no scans) but these were not without any reason.  If i'd had my way tbh I would have been scanned every month (or maybe every week) but they wouldn't. 


You are lucky in that you get the transfusions as I could only have if I couldn't tolerate the daily tablet and then my local hospital don't offer it so would have to go further afield for it if necessary. 


Try not to worry.  You will relax and things will improve.  I've been in exactly the same head space that you are now!


Take care




Re: Follow up after treatment

Hello - i can give you the answer i was given but you might not like it!  It’s not (entirely) about money because this is what my private oncologist told me.  I am stage 3a and have recently finished treatment apart from tamoxifen.  I asked whether they would be monitoring me for recurrence/spread.  Answer no: they will mammogram my unaffected breast and examine me physically but unless i have symptoms nothing else.  I asked why not.  My consultant told me that research studies show that identifying secondary breast cancer before the patient experiences symptoms has no effect on survival time.  How long you live if you progress to Stage 4 is dependent on how well you respond to the drugs, not how quickly they find it.  Although he said obviously it is better to pick it up sooner rather than later so report any potential symptoms.  Therefore they normally advise that the risks and stress caused by regular scans is not justified by the potential benefits. Personally, I don’t find that answer very reassuring and would consider paying for additional private scans but that is the advice of an excellent oncologist at a leading teaching hospital.  Wishing you all the best.  Take care. Xx

Re: Follow up after treatment

I'm nearly finished my chemo had surgery before with lymph inv never had any scans apart from mammoth and ultrasound prior to diagnosis have asked lots of times and told don't nerd them so they obviously only scan in certain situations hope that has helped xxx

Re: Follow up after treatment

Hi nina. I also have the same issue that a full reassuring scan was not arranged even after me asking for it loads if time. It gave me a depression of a life. However i had headaches and got a nrain scan and before that some acne kind of stuff around the scar where i had ultra sound for the scar. Those broken bits were very helpfull. Now for quite a few weeks a pain in side waist is lingering. I hope all goes well when i see my gp. Take care

Re: Follow up after treatment

Hi Nina


I am sorry that you havent recieved any response to your post as yet.  It is busier on the Living with breast cancer board.  If you repost there, I am sure you will get lots of support.


Best wishes
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Follow up after treatment

Hi there, I was diagnosed with Stage 2 hormone fed breast cancer in the left side with lymph node involvement in July 2015.

I went on to have 6 cycles of chemo, a double (my choice) mastectomy with immediate diep reconstruction and 15 sessions of radiotherapy.

I have now started monthly Zolodex injections, 6 monthly Zometa infusions and daily exemestane tablets.

My hospital have informed me that my checks going forward will be a physical examination yearly and that's it! I can't get my head around why no scans of any sort especially as I had lymph involvement?

Can anybody tell me if they have been offered scans as follow up? I find it difficult to relax without this form of checking in the future.

Thank you x